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  1. Please read the post located here Thanks tom
  2. Sorry to everyone who's been waiting ... and waiting... for AD to return. Basically, here's how everything stands: I moved to uni in september, and have had limited time until recently to do anything with AD. Me and Erwin had been doing things with a new design / new features before then, and all the work we did is still there. I personally don't have time anymore to do most of what's required to run all of a site like this. I want to stay and do all the technical things with the site, and manage the hosted sites etc. So if anyone wanted anything doing, you could ask me and I'd get it done fairly soon. However, I cannot re-open the site until I have a dedicated team of people who are willing to contribute 95% of the content (read: reviews, features, news updates etc. etc.) I've asked the community as a whole several times for willing people to help, and every time I've been told people will help, and then I get nothing from them. So basically, this is a last ditch effort to get AD back running. I need to know if there is actually a demand for the site though - there's no use running it if no one visits If you want the site back, reply to this post and let us know. So anyway, here goes, IF and only if you feel you can contribute a lot towards the site, or even fancy being in charge of all this content (ie. managing who does what etc.) then mail me at ct306@gre.ac.uk stating who you are, what you want to do, etc. etc. and hopefully I can get somewhere with all of this. In response to other queries, m0ds, which email was bouncing for you? they should all work ok, but from now use the one i said above. I've not heard from Taxicab in ages either so I can't answer where he is or if he's still involved - me and Erwin basically took over running a while back. Hopefully AD will be back, I hope everyone out there feels the same and I get some good feedback. Thanks to everyone who's helped and visited AD and hopefully will do again soon - Tom
  3. Sorry to see the site go Now i must rely on LTM for all my monkey island news.
  4. Mods: -downloads will be there soon -all the websites are back up now (as long as everyone runs - banners, expect a mail soon ¬¬) -are you going to ects?
  5. I've got a folder of a whole load of articles including yours Squinky so don't worry (i didn't forget Erwin ) They'll be posted once the new "features" have been added, which shouldn't be long. Also, Erwin, gonna be on IRC anytime?
  6. Jannar: check your spelling James: check your e-mail Keep those comments coming.
  7. Who's Tom Courtland And about the tabs thing, there is a menu ¬¬
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments so far, keep them coming!
  9. Ok, we need your feedback. Hopefully if you're a regular visitor of the site, you know what we have, and if you're not, you know what you want. These are a bunch of questions which we're asking you to fill in so we can get some ideas for what you want to see on the site. We know we're missing a lot, and i have a long long todo list , but the more ideas the better. #1 - How often do you visit the site? (eg. twice a week) #2 - What do you mainly visit the site for? #3 - What's missing? #4 - What would you like to see more of? #5 - What would you like to see less of? #6 - Any other comments? Reply to this post with your answers, or if you don't want them to be public mail them to tom@courthold.co.uk Thanks for your input.
  10. While the walkthrough is good, it's in the wrong forum. We only deal with amateur adventure games.
  11. The site looks good, I'll get back to you when i can with hosting details.
  12. and you said on your site The new servers are faster and banner free , but you will have to run a banner on your front page
  13. solidraven - it goes to me heh. I've got a backlog of emails to go through, i just noticed it
  14. if you want hosting fill out the form on the main site. If you have phpmyadmin set up on your current server you can dump the database structure and content and recreate it on AD.
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