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  1. Looks nice, although i see you're using RPG Maker 2000 for your RPG game, ick
  2. There'll be several copies of the full registered version of SLUDGE to win in our soon-maybe-to-be-announced contest, so keep a look out for that!
  3. heh, that is quite cool, plus you can kill jar jar binks, always a highlight. I have seen several shockwave engines around which have been quite cool, and our hosted site Wake Entertainment is using shockwave for their game i belive. (correct me if i'm wrong there)
  4. excuse me for one moment.. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee All done.
  5. Erwin, if you're up for it then i'll sort that out whenever i see you next, it needs some explaining Also, there is a rumour going round that AD are making a game ¬¬
  6. shifty eyes have no mouth, they are simply: ¬¬
  7. See, because of the range of prizes we hope to have, i think 2 or more different contests might be a good idea, 1 every few months or something? That way we can use several of the ideas. I still think one that involves embarassing yourself would be cool, but i don't know if many people would enter that (the photo one for example)
  8. yeah me too, heh. Might consider that one.. nice one Scabb
  9. Maybe we'll have seperate contests for different prizes or something..
  10. Ok, i need you guys to give us ideas here. We're hoping to run a contest in the not too distant future, i'll let you know more about possibly prizes when i can. But, we need something that *everyone* can enter, so it couldn't be something like "draw such and such" or "make a small game". Ideas please, and they can be as wacky as possible, so get thinking! If we use anyones idea i'll see what we can do about getting them some small prize too (aren't you lucky).
  11. Yep, it's that time where i nag you hosted site people Most of you have got banners running anyway, but what we ask is that you run banners on either a spashscreen page, or your front page, you may do more than that obviously but it's not essential. Code is as follows: SSI Code: <!--#exec cgi="/mixnmojo/ads.pl"--> PHP Code: <? require("/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/mixnmojo.com/httpdocs/php/site/site-includes.php"); echo topbannercode(); ?> Any probs let me know, thanks.
  12. Wooooo, go Met go Met. Nice job, thanks for doing this, looks a lot better now Now we just need the posts!
  13. Very true, we do need more people taking part Hopefully they'll be slightly closer to the website design soon too ¬¬ Also, hosted forums will be something we're looking into if there's any demand for that, ie. hosted sites get their forum here. If anyone wants to pimp the forums, please do
  14. Well, i don't think the Adventure genre would die completely, but i know there were rumours going round about MS buying the games section of Vivendi Universal - which includes Blizzard and Sierra, so even if not the adventure game genre specificly, MS are trying to expand in the games market.
  15. Well, all valid points, i feel i must defend SLUDGE though 1. Too difficult to use SLUDGE is easier than most i find, but that might be due to php-style code. 2. Hard interface Not at all 3. 500 pages manual (which some are quite hard to read) Long manual yes, but detailed which is always good, and not confusing. 4. Set up to many different programs which does they own thing, like SLUDGE Guess this is down to personal preference, i find it's easier with seperate parts though, then you can be more focused on what you're working on. 5. They are setting a NAG screen if we don't register, like SLUDGE. Register then! 6. They aren't as good or better than AGS No comment or people will kill me None of the others apply to SLUDGE True what Erwin said, its not the engine that makes the game, it's the people, so use whatever you're comfortable with. Keep posting folks!
  16. Ok so i thought, why not start a thread! And the topic today is: What is your favourite engine? Post until your keyboard is smoking, i want to know why you like blah engine, why not blah engine, any games you've made, and what you think of choc-chip cookies. My personal fav (sorry #ags guys) is SLUDGE, probably because the code is very similiar to PHP which i have become.... used to ¬¬ reply or die. mwhahha... ha...
  17. I take it you can't count above 40?
  18. If you hate the idea so much, a) why did you sign up for it, b) why do you have 480 odd posts, and c) cheese Next point: actually it has, so ner. Maybe if you used your PEEP HOLES you would relalise that and love LF as much as we all do. Yes. if LF goes down, other sites don't, and LF hasn't gone down a whole lot since being on new server, and nor have other sites. ¬¬ (You have been shifty eyed) That is all.
  19. Actually infinity (although technically not a number we are ignoring this fact for the purpose of me being able to make a point) is the loneliest number because it goes on forever and ever and never EVER stops. Ever. And it never dies of old age.
  20. The Monkey Island Purple Bar.... hmm.
  21. http://www.fbe.unsw.edu.au/learning/Director/resources/FAQ/info.htm <-- see if that's of any help. Although, it might be easier if you used a pre-made engine such as AGS, AGAST or SLUDGE.
  22. i thought it was about how PT couldn't get broadband, or something. Oh sorry, wasn't i meant to remind him that he can't get broadband? Must be a shame not being able to have all that RAW SPEED at your fingertips. Yes.
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