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    Right so you may be a mod, but i'd apreciate it if you didn't use 'gay' as in insult on the forums, or anywhere. Perhaps giving a second thought that some people may actually be insulted by how you use it would help your current not-so-good reputation with some people.
  2. Same goes for Man U Worshippers
  3. oh i am. Still getting over the shock of Remi in charge in fact
  4. One that i use often is port5 , http://www.port5.com , see what you think - no ads, support a varity of scripting stuff, and most importantly, free. - ok just actually checked that - seems they now want you to pay for php / mysql - ah well.
  5. Remi, did you set your time offset option right when you signed up? Might be the server time difference affecting it?
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