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    I cut off the hand of a florentine standard bearer, it seemed like a good idea at the time. :-(
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    Circle 8, Round 1 (don't ask)
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    gratuitous violence
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    I'm a model scout, as in I model for scouting magazines

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  1. sign me up for a moderator position as long as you're indiscriminately giving them away to people who have been around here way too long.
  2. sheaday6

    oh no

    I know the game isn't out yet but my cd is already scratched, where might I download a free version? because my cd is already scratched.
  3. i've been tearing the pages out of my copy so that I could pick up dead roaches and flush them. Seriously, roaches are really gross you guys. And ive been using the cover as a coaster for my gin and laxatives. Oh, I have money invested in the Hot Topic franchise, so i'd appreciate it if you wouldn't speak poorly of the store in front of the impressionable youth.
  4. I leave for one second and the cultists come flooding in.
  5. as long as we're sharing pictures of ourselves:
  6. not enough! vote, damn you!
  7. Oh hi everybody, I know i haven't posted in a while, but I must request a favor: Being the corporate tool that I am, I entered a half-baked Geico contest in which you are asked to submit a 15 second movie trailer starring thier loveable mascot. The grand prize is $5k and a trip to Hawaii... I must win. So what i would ask of you is to click HERE and vote for my lovely animation (note: it may not work on some computers, in which case you might have to find it yourself on the website. Its called "Geckzilla") In return for your votes, i am willing to accept verbal abuse. Your's truly Shea Von Gutenhiemer III
  8. i have enough time for both, i assure you
  9. oh my god, we can all speak italian, thats so awesome
  10. actually area bombing was first theorized by Italian General, Giulio Douhet, in the 1920's. Here's a quote from him: "A volte desidero che potrei coprire la bomba col tappeto questa stupido forum!" Here's a quote from his long time rival, Gorgio Ruldolphini: "Lo ho pensato al bombardamento della moquette in primo luogo. Smetta di rubare le mie idee. Quanto piccolo."
  11. sometimes i wish i could carpet bomb this stupid forum
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