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  1. tze tze. I know... I already listening them, but i it's 96 kbps, I wanna a full quality soundtrack...!!!!!
  2. ...and now where's the COMPLETE OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK !? I want it !
  3. Do you like the new logo in the welcome page ? http://microxel.mixnmojo.com
  4. For a long time I'm trying to find the sound that inspired Michael Land composing the awesome soundtrack of Grim Fandango. These are the bands I found: "SWING KIDS" "ROYAL CROWN REVUE" Anyone knows any jazz-swing-etnic band that sounds like the GRIM soundtrack ?
  5. great game......... The only regret is the graphic... Think at that game with the engine of RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFESTEIN... I say this after seen the nazists charcters... Good game, but LA is not making the miracles that made in the past... JKII included.... evryone is happy because watching the stormtroopers with more poligons than the precedent is surely fantastic, but nothing compared with HF, MAX PAYNE, and the 3d games actually coming. Or already comes...MAX PAYNE is better than JK2 and it comes out months ago.
  6. I update a 3d gallery with shots of a noir city. Inspired by SW and GRIM FANDANGO. http://dansky.interfree.it The site is under heavy restyling... plz report any bugs.
  7. oh sure, the address is: http://dansky.interfree.it
  8. Welcome back MiXnMojo, and greetings to all the staff ! Thanks for bringing back to us the best LUCAS related resource on the net ! Hoping for the hosting on MiXnMojo, the MicroXel Arts site has been restyled. A mini-MicroXel for exactly, because I'm still working on it. However you will find there 2 new artworks inspired to Monkey Island ! On the next days I will update the 3d gallery, the MI section, the Indy's crate, and some more nice stuff.
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