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  1. Just dropping in to say hello everyone! If time permits, I'll drop by more often. If not, let this be a footnote in internet history, lest anyone dare to say that old acquaintance shall be forgot!
  2. I don't really like advertising, but once in a while I just have to do it. This time I'm announcing my IndieGoGo campaign for Mothered, which will be released early next year. It's a dystopian science fiction story with plenty of nostalgic elements, but in my opinion one of the best things about it is that it will feature artwork by Ado Ceric, who also originally came up with the idea the story is based on. I would very much appreciate any pre-orders/donations, and feel free to spread the word!
  3. Unless of course the game will be so successful that it's going to be available in brick-and-mortar stores. But yeah, if you didn't back the project, you'll just have to wait until the game is done (like me).
  4. Awesome! I love your Dial-A-Pirate shirt, by the way. Will you eventually release these as mp3s?
  5. I'm playing Machinarium as well. Also working my way through the Syberia games, as well as Scratches... the only problem is finding the time to finish all those games.
  6. I'm interested in reading A Song of Ice and Fire as well, but at the moment I have enough books on my shelf that are not yet read. Currently I'm reading The Infernal City: An Elder Scrolls Novel by Greg Keyes. As the title implies, it's based in the Elder Scrolls universe, and if I were to give any advice, I'd say don't read it. It's pretty bad. Sloppy editing, silly premises that make me think the writer didn't even play Oblivion or other games in the series, and for a book based on a video game series, it has disappointingly little action or tension. Before I started reading it I planned on getting the second book in the series as well, but unless that's somehow a tremendous improvement over this one, I'm going to steer clear of it. Fortunately I'm also "reading" an audiobook that is actually good, to prevent my brain from turning to mush. It's Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. It's an absolutely massive book, but the characters are great. I love how Anna and the other female characters (but mostly Anna) are portrayed not as stereotypes but as multidimensional characters with their own internal struggles. And although it's obviously an English translation, still Tolstoy's mastery of prose shines through.
  7. Oh crikey, now I know that it includes the movie storyboard, I just have to get this.
  8. I did put together a number of backgrounds that were relatively easy to do (extracting the source images with bgbennyboy's excellent Monkey Island Explorer), but unfortunately the waterfall background wasn't among the easy ones. Still, here are those that I did manage to do: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/4466839/1/MI2SE?h=619b77 (And perhaps someone with better image editing skills could take a stab at this as well.)
  9. Awesome. I've seen this type of concept before in Flash games (like Loved and Depict1), but never in an "actual" game. I love it!
  10. That's what I thought as well. It's pretty clear actually, I mean, Syrena... siren... mermaid... he just thought up a 'mermaidy' name. That said, I found the whole film pretty disappointing. Way too much visual noise, not enough story, flat characters.
  11. I finally decided to get two posters (Curse and Escape) after all. I went with the self-adhesive ones from Posterjack, and I must say I'm very happy about how they turned out. I was a bit worried that they wouldn't stick properly, but they do! Here are the pictures: (Yes, I have blue and yellow walls in my bedroom.) Thanks, Laserschwert!
  12. I think some of the locations in the Monkey Island games would work great as Lego sets... the giant monkey head, Flotsam Town, the Plunder Island fort, Herman Toothrot's fort... just to name a few.
  13. You know, you really should make that game some day, I'd love to play it! And good luck purple_tentacle, your game looks interesting, I hope you can finish it.
  14. Since my last post here I read a short story collection by Chekhov (in which Misery especially stood out for me; if you don't get chills after reading that, you don't have a heart) and Gorky's My Childhood, which is a wonderful retelling of the author's early years. I'm currently reading Quarantine by Maximov, not sure what to think of it yet; it looks like a Ulysses-style novel, in that the book goes beyond the story itself. I also listened to Nabokov's Lolita read by Jeremy Irons. I'm amazed by the beautiful prose Nabokov produced, even though English wasn't his native language. The reading by Jeremy Irons is perfect as well. Another audiobook I've just finished is The Clocks by Agatha Christie. Perhaps not one of her better works, and Poirot has a rather minor role in it (which isn't necessarily bad), but I did enjoy the chapter where Poirot talks about his book collection, gives an insight into Christie's own sources of inspiration. Oh, and I listened to Cat Among the Pigeons as well (also by Christie, and also read by Hugh Fraser). Again a story where it tells that Poirot was almost added as an afterthought, due to publisher pressure. I know he's a popular character, but these books would have worked well without him too... oh well.
  15. Ah, but my little collection also has the character concept art for the special edition, as well as a number of backgrounds from the game. (By the way, if anyone wants to upload those to Mojo, feel free to do so.)
  16. I've extracted a bunch of art from the MI2 Special Edition a while ago, but never got round to uploading it anywhere; now I've uploaded to Dropbox. Also, if you don't like me doing this, LucasArts, please send me a C&D letter.
  17. It's 'whet', dammit! But apart from that, this looks really good. It's nice to see a fan project take shape that looks like it may actually lead to a final product, if it can jump through the legal hoops.
  18. Yeah, we're totally hosted by Mojo, we just have our own domain name.
  19. I did like Sam & Max Season 3 (although at times it was trying a bit too hard to be "epic"), and Nelson Tethers was a particular favourite of mine, mostly because of the Grickle art. And yet, Telltale seem to be losing some of the charm they had when they started out, now that they're attracting such big names. Bigger isn't always better. That said, I'm looking forward to Jurassic Park. On topic, I think DeathSpank was one of the gems of this year (both of them).
  20. DJG is a guy with a paper bag for a head, who inhabited the Mojo lands during the Stone Age. Also, yeah, I really want the Mojo content to come back as well!
  21. You should have just left it out of the video then! But anyway, well done, and I'm looking forward to the polished version.
  22. An episodic prequel, to be precise.
  23. Drop whatever you're doing and go read Crime and Punishment! Although, I'm a lot like you, I want to first finish the books I have on the shelf before moving on to new ones. Right now I'm in a Russian phase, and I want to finish those books before moving back to Discworld or maybe Poirot books. That'll take a while though, I've still got three more books of Russian literature to go through in my boxed set, and then the 3 Dostoevsky books I bought because I liked Crime and Punishment so much (Poor Folk, The Idiot, The Brothers Karamazov), and Diary of a Madman and other stories by Gogol. And I've got hundreds of books on my Amazon wish list... Also, that's an impressive backlog you've got there, Kroms. I hope you'll manage to read through them some time soon! (Although reading shouldn't feel like a chore.)
  24. I've recently finished Crime and Punishment by Fido Dogstoevsky... oops, I mean Fyodor Dostoevsky. A great book; even though it's rather hefty, it's a genuine page-turner, and I loved every moment of it. I'm now reading a collection of short stories by Tolstoy. On the audio book front, I finished the 32-hour Don Quixote. On the one hand, I miss the blundering knight, but on the other, the story dragged a bit towards the end, I think Cervantes just couldn't bring himself to end it, until he finally did. The next audio book I'm listening to is Agatha Christie's collection of (mostly Poirot) short stories, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.
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