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  1. Oh a thread about Mojo Art! =) I have for a year or so, been wanting to bring back Mojo Art to life, but this time "web 2.0 friendly" aka no more manual updates in code. :S I have been looking for a CMS that is free, and has: - A gallery where you can sort pics by: Pictures: -- recent pictures -- most viewed picture Picture Comments: -- most commented picture -- recent comments -- most commented - Useful user profile panel - Avatar, website, birthday, the usual - Your recent comments - Your recent forumposts (perhaps) - Your recent pictures - A newspage / Blog - News if any. I intend to make the gallery self-updating by users, and the gallery to be "sortable". I have found one that has not all but many of these features. I will give it a try this month hopefully, and can let you guys know when its ready.
  2. Thanks a million for the hard work and effort Laserschwert. *bows* ^^
  3. Very well done sir! You nailed the atmosphere (lightning & colors) ! :-) Even though the video have shaders and HDR the colors/graphics still fits in. It just feels more fresh without ruining the old feeling. I think nailing the colors right allow it to have lots of shaders and HDR without ruining it. I could seriously play this and be a happy MI2 fan. I think that is a very high grade. :-) So again well done to say the least! When I viewed the video I noticed the colors from the original concept art, and I thought "Woa its from those MI2 concept art pics. How did he get those 2d pics into 3d so well done? Awesome!" Thanks a lot for doing this! I love it! :-) Edit: I also wish LucasArts could _afford_ (hah) to make MI games with licensing such a nice engine. Or that heads at Crytek would be uber MI fans, and would let Telltale Games use the Cryengine for free. Hah. xD The 2d pics. http://www.mixnmojo.com/galleries/gallery.php?gallery=111&image=743 http://www.mixnmojo.com/galleries/gallery.php?gallery=111&image=742
  4. The new trailer for MI-remake (the 2d one) on the official site did only "meh" me. But this dialog scene at gametrailers.com gave me that old Monkey Island atmosphere again. Sweet! :-) I thought those days of experiencing the "old lec atmosphere" were lost and forgotten. Im glad they arent!* :-) *Im kinda assuming how the whole game will be like from a 1 min scene. So what? :-) Im a MI fanboy heh. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-09-the-secret/50120?type=flv Edit: Btw: Hi! Been a long time since I visited & posted here.
  5. Can I get help getting listing images from somethingawful.com photoshop friday? There is lots of cool LucasArts/starwars/indy related images there. I wanna make a page for all the pics on mojo art. Would be nice to have them archived and easy to view all at once. Here is one: Dott from: http://www.somethingawful.com/d/photoshop-phriday/paintings-light-ii.php?page=5
  6. From http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/ Most screen recording programs record cut-scenes in LEC games with stutter in my experience. And how did he do it? How did he record/extract the cut-scenes from The Dig with video getting so smooth? I asked for if he could do some sort of a guide, so others could perhaps make more excellent smooth videos from scumm games. And here is the guide: http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/fan-art/stefan-sundin_san2png.txt
  7. Wonderful stuff! LucasRadio is a bit retro. Is it 1997 again? Request: Can we have a playlist somewhere to look at what songs are up?
  8. This cloud reminds me of the "The Dig Intro" cloud http://www.fotocommunity.com/pc/pc/cat/3427/display/5883648 It is very pretty!
  9. I might be able to do some good. Wait, I'll come back with a link.
  10. DOTT / Hentai crossover Woot!? Hentai is manga pr0n isnt it? Hmm, were the purple tentacle a female?
  11. What is Ortakornz? The Double-costume made me laugh. Kinda makes it into another level. Thanks for the links to the funny pics
  12. Thanks for the links! I hadnt got he Dott logo in EPS before. Thanks.
  13. pray for mojo lol Edit: I dug up the past. Sorry for the old skeletons, and what not. Click this link http://mojoart.tripod.com/prayformojo/foot.gif , when mojo is back. Where is our mojo 8 anyway? Or did we get it already? http://mojoart.tripod.com/prayformojo/_art_jbraa_voodoo-lady.html Oh yea we did. Mojo 8 roxz Good job!
  14. My first experience of a russian site that writes a little about my own site and about the Mixnmojo network of sites and with it links. In russian http://www.computerra.ru/play/ http://www.computerra.ru/play/links/287785/ In translated russian to english http://www.online-translator.com/url/tran_url.asp?lang=en&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.computerra.ru%2Fplay%2Flinks%2F287785%2F&direction=re&template=General&cp1=NO&cp2=NO&autotranslate=on&psubmit2.x=68&psubmit2.y=14 Nice job on the LeChuck image Jake.
  15. Lame: Pirates of the caribbean movie, but with edited in a Guybrush head infront of the real actor's head all the time. And so there for makeing fun of the whole movie, and at the same time giving lam0rs like me some good fun. The sound of the Guybrush character should of course also be "real" CMI-type of voice to Guybrush. And not just only Guybrush. Do this with some other characters aswell. Haha, this idea is absurd!
  16. When only looking at the topic... Did you mean "Skyfox" Where is that guy anyway?
  17. The Dig: Deep Space Adventure by Sean Clark..... Yes it the same game.
  18. LOL! 23,799 views, on this thread! ^^ Popular enough to have its own fourm! Sorry for the spam.. Back to topic: The LucasArts Soundtrack site rocks!
  19. Looks great. Im impressed by "the dig feel" atmosphere you've done. Please finish it
  20. Well said! Haha take that psycho-boy! =)
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