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  1. Some updates on the triangle box: Either regular editions or collector edition preorders count Game cases won't fit inside the box, since it's based on the original DOTT triangle box dimensions It's not clear if it is a "one per costumer" deal or if you get multiple boxes if you order multple versions of the games Sales made at any point count It will probably ship with the last game (Grim Fandango)
  2. I agree, the extras felt pretty cheap. They were just carboard and paper stuff. But this was $30 back in the day and comes with more stuff than LRG standar edition that costs $35 What was really cool was iam8bit's vinyl soundtrack:
  3. I had to make this thread just to end my triology (DOTT, Full Throttle) Grim Fandango just got announced as part of the physical releases the Double Fine remasters got by Limited Run Games. I wasn't sure this was going to be a part of this, considering the recent iam8bit PS4/Switch releases, but I'm glad it is. This is the standar release, with the new artwork that was used in the remaster. I'm not particullary a fan of this cover, it always felt like concept art to me. Since we are on topic, I do prefer the iam8bit cover without the sleeve (right) And now to the collector edition: I think this is by far the best one yet. It respects the original cover, the poster and print are in line with the game. The postcard is a nod to the original manual. The piñata USB drive is super orignal and I personally love the bone wagon replica. With this being said, it's almost $100 dollars. As a bonus, to tie everything together, if you preorder the three games you get a triangular box reminiscent of the DOTT one back in the day: I think it's a nice extra, but I think that the artwork is so different between the three games that it clashes. Plus it's not clear if this is a bonus of all the editions or just the regular ones, of if they will fit in the box.
  4. I feel the same way, I genuinely don't know what I would've done different. It captures the spirit of the original release. I would love an art book too (there are some cool pages dedicated to the remaster in the Double Fine Book) but I don't think it should necessarily be something to be included in a release like this. Getting two LucasArts classics in all their big box glory in 2022 is pretty good news
  5. I know, but with the game being a digital-only release until now, the yellow art was the only thing we had to go by. It was also the banner on the Steam page and the the cover on the Steam Library. I totally agree that calmy driving thru the desert is a little off-character for Ben.
  6. Yes, you are right. I meant to say it's in the spirit of the original.
  7. That yellow cover has always been the "box art" for the remastered version. It's the one used on Steam and as an icon on the console digital releases. They also changed the logo text from yellow/fire to red. Double Fine changed the cover art for all of their remasters, and I do agree that I'm much fonder of the original art. At least they kept the OG cover for the the big box release, something that didn't happen with DOTT.
  8. It has happened again. Shortly after the initial announcement of a physical release for DOTT remastered, Full Throttles follows. The options are pretty similar to DOTT: A big box version with goodies (PC or PS4/Xbox) or regular game cases for the PS4 and Xbox versions. The big box versions comes with retro inspired goodies: - The classic bandana from the original release - The Corley Motors keychain that was a promo/internal item back in the day It also includes: - Poster - Soundtrack CD - Patches - Tattoo sheet - USB drive shaped like a key (PC version only) From what I've seen only, the reception to this seems kind of lukewarm. I'm personally pretty excited, it's very faithful to the original release (horizontal box included) down to the promo items. I've seen some people online saying it's just another box full of garbage, but that was only the point. Fans of the game probably already played the remaster. It's a collector item to put in your shelf, that tries to evoke the nostalgia of getting the game back in the day. So what's your opinion on it? Do you think Grim Fandango will follow or maybe the deal with im8bit gives them exclusivity?
  9. I think that point and click games are best played on PC with a mouse, However, every time I sit on my PC to play something I get distracted. I end up doing some work stuff or browsing Twitter or watching something on Youtube. Switch has became a more focused gaming device for me. I played Thimbleweed Park on the Switch too and it was very well done so without the verb bar, I think RTMI will be even better
  10. LGR tends to release multiplatform titles, I can't think of a PC only release they have done. So, realistically I would expect Full Throttle to be the only other candidate so far
  11. Yes, that caught my attention too. I doubt they will do too different versions of the CD, so most likely the console version will get a free PC version as well?
  12. This just got announced and personally it came as a big surprise. DOTT Remastered was released back in 2016, and with Double Fine's adquisition by Microsoft, I thought that a physical release was not even possible. But here we are. I like that the box, with the bubble borders, is very similar to the original one. I think that the cover art is alright, but I do miss the LucasArts logo. The purple tentacle USB (PC version only) looks really good and the soundtrack is a nice addition The rest of the items I find a little bit uninspired and cheap. I think that I will get it, and I'm tempted to get one of the simple console releases too. It's seems like something so rare I would hate to miss. But I can't help to think it could've been done better. So what's your opinion on it? Will you get? Do you think we will get Full Throttle too?
  13. Absolutely. It’s been a while since I want to play a game so badly. It’s not only nostalgia or the fact that I love the franchise. It actually looks really fun to play and I’m genuinely curious about the story and character development
  14. So apparently Bill Tiller likes the new art direction: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfWrjkPpGT4/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
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