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  1. I think the criticism for this has gotten slightly out of hand There are some disappointing choices but fan expectations might be yo high to meet. There is a thread about it on ResetEra Also, it seems like LRG is back to the drawing board at least with some aspects of the collection: I think it’s fair to imagine we will some a delay on this (at least in it actually shipping) or even a cancelation
  2. Oh I don't hate EMI at all, it's not a great game, but the community was really active around the time of it's release and I have some fond memories of that time. I would've loved a poster of the alternative cover from the game (silly Guybrush) or even the PS2 version cover art. And about the figure, it has been done before with the Special Edition and it looked great: I know it's more expensive, but the render so far looks like one of those 3D printed models floating around the internet. I hope the people at LRG prove me wrong
  3. I kinda like the Anthology but have some doubts on some of the stuff included The good: The pins are awesome and well done The ticket and Disk are nice touches that show love to the series I kinda like the shadowbox, not sure how it will be (glass or acrylic?), it seems something fragile and clunky to ship I don't mind not having the games on disc and I'm OK with the usb drive. I like the logo too but I miss how the original LucasArts logo is nowhere to be found on these re-releases The inclusion of all five games. Big fan of Tales The me
  4. It was part of the Grim Fandango 20th anniversary sale from iam8bit.com a couple of years ago
  5. Oh I have that one too, and I agree. But I'm used to PS4 games being lacking anything extra. This was just poorly done, I could've printed the extras at home. On the other hand, the vinyl soundtrack by iam8bit is really well done
  6. I'm sorry to derail the thread again, but going back to the LRG releases, I'm a little bit worried. I was not a fan of the Sega CD special edition, it was a little bit too generic. The size of the box is weird, not reminiscent of any size of big box for PC I've ever seen. The poster was cool (Thanks @Laserschwert) but on the reverse we get a blown up logo of Stan's shop, I found it it be a pretty odd choice. The pin and the coin are really generic as well. And the postcards could've been more inspired, there is a ton of great concept art for MI floating around. I really loved the "Ask me
  7. Here is some of my LucasArts related collection, it includes stuff from back in the day to some newer things:
  8. Are these gone already? Was looking into getting that Grim Fandango figure...
  9. I'm really torn about printing either the Maniac Mansion poster or the DOTT Star Wars with credits (I only have one free spot on my wall). The MM one looks less "gamey" and has a cool reto feel.
  10. This is such a shame, it really is. Why didn't they do the game correctly to begin with, instead of cancelling it just now. I mean didn't they realize the game sucked when they started doing it? It is like the programer walks into Simon's office with a beta of the game and says "We just realized we cant sell this sucky game" And a lot of money has clearly been put into this, but yet some children don't have anything to eat and this makes me angry beyong words. And Simon Jeffrey only worries about the name of the game, that a bad sequel would ruin a franchise with such a potential, but if
  11. Yes please keep making this internet petitions because Mr. LucasArts is always reading them. He browses the forums too, so keep bitching about things you don't like in games. THANK YOU. Angryman.
  12. I just dont like the concept of fangames (the whole "why dont you do something original, ass" idea) I dont know if this count as fangames, but the remakes of King's Quest I & II by Tierra are pretty good. And as for original amateur games I can recommend you Pleurghburg: Dark Ages The fangames that actually look good are still in production, like Zak 2 and Broken Sword 2.5
  13. The Scumm Bar of course! The articles are actually interesting there Also, seeing Im stupid, I voted for WOMI up there (I thought it said "Which site do you totally hate") so please MODs change the vote.
  14. I personally found Egypt very boring for an aventure game, all that sand and pyramids. I would like a sureal adventure game... something like A game really weird... that doesnt make a lot of sense at first sight. Maybe Psychonauts is what I should get.
  15. Iguana Skin (maybe its called different) Kiwi liqueur, Vodka and Sprite My friend made one that he calls "San Fernando", it includes: Banana liqueur, vodka and sprite. Fernet and Coke is nice too. EDIT: Ok now if I had to invent one... it would like one really yellow, served in tall glass with ice.. the name: Pee Pee McGee. ¬ ¬
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