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  1. Really cool! I missed this, it was probably in closed groups to avoid any legal trouble. Is it still possible to get this? If not, are you planning on sharing the files for us to print our own?
  2. Well, he is getting paid for it. I hope he charges per signature
  3. I would love to have this list, maybe even a flowchart! Maybe we should start by listing the games and whats the connection with LucasArts?
  4. As you all know the amount of new LucasArts related merch is pretty low, so sometimes you have to look into the bootleg/unofficial territory. Recently a bootleg release or DOTT’s OST on vinyl caught my eye, so I had to get it. The thing is clearly the product of love and dedication: Photos are not mine, but they are the most representative of what I got
  5. I kinda like your proposal more, the blue tint has not been used in the series (while the green one is reminiscent of MI1’s box). The black logo gives it that premium feel too. Can you share the marbling pattern? I would love to use it as a wallpaper and as far as I can tell it’s an original creation.
  6. Really nice, I'm a big fan of the new box, specifically of those marbled borders. If @Laserschwert had anything to do with that cover I hope he can share it here. I kinda like the MI2 concept art cover too. I could still do without the shadowbox and the candle holder. The book looks really nice too, a reference to the CMI manual. Edit: too bad they raised the price
  7. I think it's pretty safe to assume that all three seasons will get remastered, as they are listed on the official website
  8. It looks absolutely amazing, and the news two games seem to be confirmed already, since they are on Skunkape's website. I hope this also means more Sam & Max stuff, I would really like a reissue of Surfin' the Highway. Perhaps some physical release too, I believe this is what Josh from Limited Run was hinting at on that Mojo interview. Maybe @Jake has more to share!
  9. This idea has been floating around my head for a long time, but several things happened this year that made me really want it make it happen. I could finally find some time to sit and read Masters of Doom and I couldn't stop thinking about how cool it would be to read a book the golden years of adventure making at LucasArts, done in the same vein. Then we got not one but two books about that similar period of game making at Sierra: The Sierra Adventure by Shawn Mills Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings, by Ken Williams We've heard a lot about that time, from articles and interviews here at Mojo, information from books like Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts and videos like Double Fine Adventure documentary and the recent Monkey Island anniversary stream It would be amazing to read something that captures all that in one place, from the perspective of the developers. I would stray away from trying to be extremely encyclopedic, but I would like to tell the whole story. My main interest is adventure games and we have plenty to work with just that. I would also love to have some material on the Telltale games and spiritual successors like Broken Age and Thimbleweed Park. Of course, getting new interviews would be the best. I have some difficulties: English is not my first language, I don't think I could pull something like this off just by myself. I don't know if writing something like this is even legal. This is some great community, and maybe there is some interest in here to make something like this a joint effort. I would love to hear your thoughts on it
  10. Really interesting stream, and those cut cutscenes from MI2 were amazing. I've never seen them before
  11. I think the criticism for this has gotten slightly out of hand There are some disappointing choices but fan expectations might be yo high to meet. There is a thread about it on ResetEra Also, it seems like LRG is back to the drawing board at least with some aspects of the collection: I think it’s fair to imagine we will some a delay on this (at least in it actually shipping) or even a cancelation
  12. Oh I don't hate EMI at all, it's not a great game, but the community was really active around the time of it's release and I have some fond memories of that time. I would've loved a poster of the alternative cover from the game (silly Guybrush) or even the PS2 version cover art. And about the figure, it has been done before with the Special Edition and it looked great: I know it's more expensive, but the render so far looks like one of those 3D printed models floating around the internet. I hope the people at LRG prove me wrong
  13. I kinda like the Anthology but have some doubts on some of the stuff included The good: The pins are awesome and well done The ticket and Disk are nice touches that show love to the series I kinda like the shadowbox, not sure how it will be (glass or acrylic?), it seems something fragile and clunky to ship I don't mind not having the games on disc and I'm OK with the usb drive. I like the logo too but I miss how the original LucasArts logo is nowhere to be found on these re-releases The inclusion of all five games. Big fan of Tales The meh: The figure looks really weird, I know it's a render, but it seems to be based off the Guybrush from the MI2 remake. I don't know if the remakes are included, I would assume they are, considering the pins. The art book: I would probably choose a complete, properly done artbook over any of these items, but what is that dark, boring cover? The bad: The poster, totally random, and full of mistakes (bronze vs badass) and the monkey with a smile instead of its proper mouth. It's kinda pricey, I know it includes a lot of stuff, but I'm not sure we need it all. The worst: The lack of art on any of the covers for the games. Apparently they couldn't get the hi res art due to the pandemic: But we know they know about @Laserschwert 's work and they even used it for the previous release. Also it kinda worries me about the contents of the art book, but they are saying a lot of work was put into it. Also, what would the "books" for each game include, if there are no discs and we are getting a separate artbook?
  14. It was part of the Grim Fandango 20th anniversary sale from iam8bit.com a couple of years ago
  15. Oh I have that one too, and I agree. But I'm used to PS4 games being lacking anything extra. This was just poorly done, I could've printed the extras at home. On the other hand, the vinyl soundtrack by iam8bit is really well done
  16. I'm sorry to derail the thread again, but going back to the LRG releases, I'm a little bit worried. I was not a fan of the Sega CD special edition, it was a little bit too generic. The size of the box is weird, not reminiscent of any size of big box for PC I've ever seen. The poster was cool (Thanks @Laserschwert) but on the reverse we get a blown up logo of Stan's shop, I found it it be a pretty odd choice. The pin and the coin are really generic as well. And the postcards could've been more inspired, there is a ton of great concept art for MI floating around. I really loved the "Ask me about Loom" pin. I know it must be hard to manage all these LucasArts re-releases at once, and some things needed to be standardized (box, coin, pin) or maybe they were limited by Disney. I feel there is much more to show from the series, and even some releases like the Dark Forces/JK series got some newly written essays to go with the games. Anyway, I'm pretty sure we will get something really better for the complete series this month. PS: I'm a big fan of LRG, and I'm glad to confirm they are the great guys they seem to be online, perhaps I'm too big of a fan of MI for my own good.
  17. Here is some of my LucasArts related collection, it includes stuff from back in the day to some newer things:
  18. Are these gone already? Was looking into getting that Grim Fandango figure...
  19. I'm really torn about printing either the Maniac Mansion poster or the DOTT Star Wars with credits (I only have one free spot on my wall). The MM one looks less "gamey" and has a cool reto feel.
  20. This is such a shame, it really is. Why didn't they do the game correctly to begin with, instead of cancelling it just now. I mean didn't they realize the game sucked when they started doing it? It is like the programer walks into Simon's office with a beta of the game and says "We just realized we cant sell this sucky game" And a lot of money has clearly been put into this, but yet some children don't have anything to eat and this makes me angry beyong words. And Simon Jeffrey only worries about the name of the game, that a bad sequel would ruin a franchise with such a potential, but if the game was called "Bob the guy who rides a bike" they would've sold it to us, and we would be playing and saying "Gosh this game sucks they don't do any decent games anymore, we need more sequels or Ron Gilbert" but we keep buying the games, and bitchin' and buyin'. The thing is that I dont care if Full Throttle was going to be bad or not, everyone was going to buy it only to bitch about it, and then when Full Throttle 3 comes out the same thing was going to happen. It makes me so ANGRY that all those hypocrites out there are saying they are happy about it being cancelled, "oh no dont stain the name of the glorious lucasarts, maker of nothing else but good games" This is a problem to take very seriously, its not only that a game got cancelled because it was bad, its a whole generation of gamers that literally confused about everything. Everyone is happy about Sam & Max 2, why? Because is Pure Adventure, it looks just as bad as FT2, and it has some good jokes, but FT2 did too. See you should open up your mind, not only adventure games are good games. The genre is dead, screw this.
  21. What is dead, dead it is. It can't just come back to life, unless this was some kind of 80's movie about zombies... imagine Remi with a mullet. ¬
  22. Yes please keep making this internet petitions because Mr. LucasArts is always reading them. He browses the forums too, so keep bitching about things you don't like in games. THANK YOU. Angryman.
  23. I just dont like the concept of fangames (the whole "why dont you do something original, ass" idea) I dont know if this count as fangames, but the remakes of King's Quest I & II by Tierra are pretty good. And as for original amateur games I can recommend you Pleurghburg: Dark Ages The fangames that actually look good are still in production, like Zak 2 and Broken Sword 2.5
  24. The Scumm Bar of course! The articles are actually interesting there Also, seeing Im stupid, I voted for WOMI up there (I thought it said "Which site do you totally hate") so please MODs change the vote.
  25. I personally found Egypt very boring for an aventure game, all that sand and pyramids. I would like a sureal adventure game... something like A game really weird... that doesnt make a lot of sense at first sight. Maybe Psychonauts is what I should get.
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