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  1. lol its ok i found out i could sell them then change it to ysalamari hehe... thanks .. anyway i found he campaign too short and so ... uncanonical espcially at the end..
  2. yes.. and what if i used all of them , like a noob, to ake missile launchers to kill the dark troopers?
  3. I'm stuck in the imperial palace on coruscant... That dark side adept who's teleportating just won't die... i keep on hitting hi, silri is sucking his life but still ... what do I do ? what do i do omg...
  4. dude your graphics are even worse than mine !!!
  5. Come on, the expended univers is already huge enough . there is no room for new stories..
  6. i can't play the game.. it appears that there is an interface bug. i cant build anothing etc on skirmish . and on galactic conquest , it says ive lost after a few sseconds... OK i spend 50€ for nothing ... you guys better make somepatches to fix that
  7. ill get mine next mouth as i am outtacash lol and i wont be wating for BF3 as BF2 really sucked
  8. Hi devs . I really wanted to tell you that i usually never suscribe to any game forums ( only clans hehe) and that it has been really great to far to see that you guys have been really close with us, active and always been there whenever weve had a question . Not everybody is doing that , i have never seen this before ( being so active and close to the fans) and i really really apriciate, and personally, that was what made me so addicted to this forum and thus EAW : because we are really being listened to . I have a proof : Honoghr was placed next to Kessel instead of the Maw . I notified it and it was changed right affter a dev said i was right!!! well with that being said , i hope you guys will get some extra motivation to male a new X pack .. why not a post Rotj one named Imperial remenants or even a Yungzavon one which would be the first ever YV game or something with the new jedi order... plainty of possibilities... hehe
  9. and garm bel iblis.. we had no information about him so far..
  10. yes you THINK , but there has been no confirmation so far. and what about garm bel iblis?
  11. i saw in gamespot on the spot video that thrawn would be in campaign but he didnt mention if he was on skirmish/ galactic conquest as well? can we get an ansver? what about garm bel iblis? we doont have news about him too ..
  12. I looked at the description of the TIE interceptor and it says "replaces the aging TIE fighter. Does that mean the original TIE fighters will be removedfrom FOC and be replaced by the new onces? or are we going to be able to upgrade these TIES at a certain Tech level ? likein Tech3 there would be a "upgrade TIES" upgrade ?
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