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  1. u know, i cant believe i didnt think there was two buffys... everything makes sense now lol.


    also buffy, i will send u a screenshot I took last month, which I'm rather happy about the way it turned out.


    I got about 4 mustafar screens, so i'll probably show u them 4.

  2. ive been around longer than u think. i havent been on these forums long, its true, but ive been playing for AGES, ive seen loads of buffy's screenshots. Im quite a good screenshot taker myself. I put all of mine in a powerpoint collection, its now nearing 30Mb in size.


    What's more is ive been playing on the *VaS* server for ages now, which is buffy's clan!


    So I'm afraid you're wrong, I have been here quite a while.


    Quite a lot of buffy's screenshots are excellent, I agree. Some of them aren't as good as the others.


    And, btw, I actually said her screenshots are good.

  3. i hope these models are out soon, cos they look REALLY good, especially liam neeson (aka. qui-gon jinn). I think obi's face could use a bit more work though, cos to me it doesnt look like ewan mcgregor that much... or maybe im going blind.

  4. it wasnt my fault i wasnt there! besides, the only really turned against you when they saw u had quit! do u see people quitting clans because they acted like an idiot? u didnt have to leave!


    also robert, id like to be allies, seems a good idea to me. also it wasnt ur fault, i dont think you actually knew that warfang had come from another group.


    if you wanna see our forums you can go to:


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