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  1. Also holy crap, I had 177 posts on this thing? I forgot.
  2. I'm excited for it and will totally be there. Umm, is the chat on a Sunday instead of a Saturday because we all have lives now?
  3. For propaganda purposes: http://jedioutcast.theforce.ru/jediacademy/lec_logo_med_rgb.jpg
  4. Art is when it looks back at you.
  5. I think LucasArts was internally divided over these issues for a while. Lucas Legal was working with a sort of "pre-Internet mindset". Hopefully LucasArts has seen the success of the mod community and will take further steps to support it. This is probably a positive sign. It's better to get actively involved as a company with the community than to send out cease-and-desist letters. The former gives the company much more control, without the negative backlash.
  6. No, this is not the future of adventure games.
  7. There's a difference between graphics style and graphics technology. I think most of LEC's 320x220 games looked better, artistically speaking, than Full Throttle 2. IMHO giving a "gameplay over graphics" speech is a little unfair to those who value an atmospheric, styleful representation of the story.
  8. LucasArts produced only a small number of extremely well-polished games. Sierra churned out tons of games in different franchises. Granted, they were often hit-and-miss, but there was a constant supply of new games. Take your pick.
  9. I sure hope LEC doesn't get trapped in a negative spiral. Putting out bad games doesn't exactly make the place more attractive to talented designers.
  10. re: Syberia it actually sold very well in fact it's sold so well that microids announced it would focus more on creating adventure games in the near future the project lead of FT2 was Sean Clark, but he was co-writing it with someone else
  11. Whoah he wrote those?! I never realized. I'm sorry but that makes me sad. I share your sentiments.
  12. The network needs a Psychonauts fan page. And I'm not talking about that scary church thing. A proper one. (Sorry Kingzjester.) Do you guys all remember that excellent Grim Fandango page around the time it was released? The one Tim mentioned in his developer diary at the time? Well, something like that needs to be done for Psychonauts soon. *looks at Jake*
  13. I've heard plenty of people (weird RPG-loving people, mostly) who are very very excited about Gladius. And am I the only one who thinks the graphics are nice? Gladius totally has the potential to be not a stinker. I guess RTX proves that even a veteran game designer can write two stinkers in a row. Well, maybe that's a little unfair to Hal Barwood. Most of RTX' problems are in the implementation, apparently. LucasArts is a bit of a mixed bag at the moment. I'm hoping that it's just a mountain they still have to climb since they decided to turn the company around a couple of years ag
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