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  1. Also holy crap, I had 177 posts on this thing? I forgot.
  2. I'm excited for it and will totally be there. Umm, is the chat on a Sunday instead of a Saturday because we all have lives now?
  3. For propaganda purposes: http://jedioutcast.theforce.ru/jediacademy/lec_logo_med_rgb.jpg
  4. Art is when it looks back at you.
  5. Go to http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/
  6. Our new forums are located at http://www.adventuregamers.com/forums/ (or alternatively http://www.adventureforums.com) Please migrate to the new forums as soon as you have a chance. This forum is going to be closed for new threads pretty soon. We'll close it for new posts when the current discussions have died out. (Possibly another week or-so.)
  7. I haven't seen The Sixth Sense (not properly, anyway) or Signs, but I thought Unbreakable was extremely well-directed, and that's often more important to me than the plot. I thought it was great how the director chose very low, claustrophobic viewpoints. I think the first scene is already great because it's sunny and nice but you still know that something bad is about to happen, thanks to the great camerawork. Seeing Unbreakable wasn't a waste of money. Though I wouldn't pay to see it again on video.
  8. It would have helped if you said this was about the forum. I just checked this with the new forums and it doesn't appear to give any problems. (click)(type username) TAB (type password) ENTER .... ... works fine.
  9. Yeah or little up and down arrows (green and red, possibly). Good idea. Will discuss.
  10. The "tabbing order" is all client-side (i.e. done by your browser). I don't see why you wouldn't want to go past the radio buttons anyway, cause you need to select one of the options for the "submit" button to work. To be honest, I've never even considered people tabbing their way to links when I design a page
  11. Very soon. I know you've seen those two words a lot on this site, but we're actually testing the new forums right now. Doug and I have been tweaking it for the past couple of days. You'll love it.
  12. Egarthen: More at: http://www.adventuregamers.com/about/siteprofile.php For the sake of simplicity, I don't think that page is going to have any mention of "The Dark Age, Part 2". Let's just pretend it never happened Now excuse me, I have to swim in my pool of gold.
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