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  1. Deep Space Nine - Best Trek ever made. Probably the best ever sci-fi series too Seinfeld - even the reruns are funny!! Coupling - hilarious brittish comedy
  2. Pah! I think they should name it Dominique.
  3. Hey Spaff!! You know, I really wanted to get rid of my silly nickname once and for all, but it seems there's another guy named Marek lurking in one of the Star Wars forums The launch date depends completely on our programmer, but I'll make a dangerous guess and tell you that we'll probably be back in business sometime in January. Pray. For. AG. (Now that you don't need it... I might as well use it )
  4. w0000000t! Mojo ownz once again The best of luck from me and the adventure gamers crew! I can't wait to see the whole site in its full glory once again. P.S. More Monkey smileys please!! P.P.S. Quite some crumbtrails you have there "LucasForums > Network > Mixnmojo.com > Community Forums > Community Banter > What's the technical details on Mojo8's server?" lol
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