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  1. Interested in the life of a Jedi? Tired of searching around for moderate Role Playing clans? Want to experience in full the lifestyle and training of a Jedi? Then ::JEDI:: is for you. We are a very strict role playing community based on the planet of Lehon. We are a Jedi only Force clan with several Role Playing features. We have our own Mod, very very different than the ordinary Mods out there; allowing you to level based off of Experience Points gained by joining classes, missions, or various lessons taught by our Masters. If you are interested, stop by at http://www.thejediholo.net/ and give us a viewing. If your taken by what we offer on the Forum, feel free to try us out on our server (( Read rules and tips section before joining. )) is one of our Server addresses. We have two servers, one for Academy life, and one for our missions. See you soon!
  2. Hey, I am Asheron Levistrone, and am currently clanless. Might there be any Clans out there with their own Private Server and is recruiting?
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