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  1. I agree that ideally they should have used some other method to rid the earth of the point system, but there was a lot of anti-point sentiment going on behind the scenes with nobody willing to act, worried that they'd offend posters who liked the point system or something? (but as we know, the only people who really really liked the point system were the people who liked being rewarded for spamming and begging). What can you do really? Anyway! Let us get back on topic. As for the "treatment in a substandard fashion " and "closed circle" business, I disagree. Of course, I really haven't been paying attention, but hell this is LucasForums, so that fact is hardly relevant. It seems like RayJones' treatment might have become a little personal towards the end, but in my opinion he had it coming. His comprehension of english or whatever is not an issue. That's not why anything was asked of him. He was a regular spammer, with occasional lapses into normal-land, yes, but constantly spamming. A decent example. As Gabez said, "I know this is an off-topic forum, but that just means that you can post about stuff not related to Monkey Island, not that you can spam all you like." That doesn't sound like Ray's being treated in a substandard fashion. It sounds like someone laying down very very standard forum rules. I'm not saying anything for sure since I'm ignorant, and RayJones probably got a bit of crap for it afterward, but my guess is that he got said crap because instead of deciding to behave rationally, he went even crazier after receiving warnings from moderators. It's hardly fair to be offended and lash out if a mod replies to your post or sends you a PM asking you to cut back on the spam. Even if you're annoyed, it seems like the last choice of action would be to rant about it. Again, I don't entirely know what happened between anyone but it looks to me like everyone is just looking for an excuse to jump at everyone elses throat. There has been a lot of animosity (sp?) between the "Star Wars" and "Adventure/Mixnmojo" communities for a long time, especially amongst the moderation staff. This is just one incident and the only reason we heard about it is because it got personal. The fact that it got personal means to me that it should be about those specific people (whoever they are?), and not about this forum versus that forum or this forum versus its own users. That is ridiculous. If we all cared enough, and we had enough irrational posters who took it personally when it was pointed out that they were spamming, I'm sure fingers could be pointed in the direction of pretty much any forum on the server. And finally, I don't know how this thread got started as a discussion about how the "MI and Mix-n-Mojo boards are blatantly insulting the members of 'Star Wars' forums." Where do the Star Wars forums fit into this, really? RayJones was a MI Harbor forum regular, at least to a point, and he was warned by MI forum moderators. Was "MI vs Star Wars" dragged into the openings of this thread just to fuel the fire and get everyone a little more riled up? To quote myself from earlier: Guess I'm done. Thanks for reading. - Jake, using Sarah's computer.
  2. I didn't know there was even a Mac CD version of Monkey 1. Wacky. - Jake, using sarahs computer.
  3. Though you'll get a far better answer to this question if you ask in the Mixnmojo help forum (go here), you might want to try using some "3rd party software" such as: ScummVM. Probably your best bet. If you don't know what ScummVM is you should definitely leaf through their site first, but it's basically an emulator of the SCUMM engine used to power The Dig, Monkey Island, etc etc. You should just be able to install ScummVM, add the dig to its list of games on the main screen (via the "add game" button), and then enjoy proper sound and music. If that doesn't work properly you should try... LEC Quick & Easy. A huge assortment of tools by bgbennyboy (the moderator of the Mojo help forum) designed to help get the sound working and solve other crashes. Despite it being called "quick & easy" you'll definitely need to read the documentation on this stuff. - Jake, using Sarah's computer.
  4. The bit after the credits... actually -Jake, using Sarah's computer.
  5. Not to steer this conversation off topic, but the point system was a terrible idea. It wasn't fully discussed or agreed upon by the people who run LucasForums, or the 6 principal "owners" or LFN, or whatever we're called. I don't agree that the abuse that happened was necessary, or even a good idea really, but I do know that they weren't "defending the obvious raping of the point system" because they liked the point system. I know for a fact that they disliked the point system. It promoted spam, promoted clogging the forums with stupid blinking things and giant sig images, and generally ticked off anyone who wanted to use the forums for actual discussion besides "LOL yeah!!! ." Their methods were a bit insane and probably retarded, but they didn't break any rules. No haxoring was done. And whoa what was the end result? The ineffective annoying point system went away! It cut through all the stupid indecision from LucasForums' bloated supermod populus and finished it. You should be thanking them, really. Aside from that they are elitest jerks though. From, Jake (LucasForums administrator and LFN partner ) using Sarah's computer.
  6. Not understanding the reference jokes in a Monkey Island game can prove hazardous to your health, and opens you up to be made fun of. For instance my friend Bill had never heard the classic pirate shanty "Blow the man down," and when he finally did hear it (actually, he only heard the MST3K parody "slow the plot down") he wondered why on earth they were making a reference to the Rumm Rogers theme from the drinking game on Phatt Island. My point being, if a joke appears in Monkey Island and also somewhere else, odds are Monkey Island is referencing it instead of the other way around, or they're both making reference to some third thing that you've never heard of. While Monkey Island's jokes and scenes are top class, they're pretty much the bottom rung on the global pop culture reference ladder. In my opinion, even Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl, while sharing many things in common with Monkey Island, made zero intentional references to the game. Instead, they both drew on the POTC ride from Disneyland, and the general rules of a good adventure story (goodness, you're telling me theres a good pirate and a bad pirate and a woman in distress? gasp they must be the same!). Of course, I wouldn't be completely blown away if in a list of 20 odd things, the production designers listed the art of Monkey Island, but that's unlikely (and what's even less likely than that is that the screenwriters and director threw MI references into the jokes and characters). You never know, though. ... Unless Remi interviews someone. - From Jake using Sarah's computer.
  7. Dare I ask why this didn't appear in the August 2nd news roundup on the main AG page? Seems like freeware BASS plus future support for BS 1 and 2 would warrant front page news If it does get mentioned be sure to take a jab at LucasArts - Jake, at Sarah's house
  8. Sam & Max 2 will probably end up getting delayed too, you know that Though from what I saw at the San Diego Comic-Con it seems they *have* been fixing things up a bit with that one. For instance, Max's teeth are now their rounded lovable selves, not those triangular terrors we saw in the E3 video. - Jake, at Sarah's house.
  9. Even though Mojo isn't really back yet there is at least some real content coming up in the next couple days.
  10. Yeah, there's definitely the occasional "fuck" in TLJ. Not just Burns Flipper, but also that other guy, Zack (the guy that lives in April's building in Newport). And April tosses off a curse word here and there, herself. Weird that this thread popped up, I've started my annual TLJ replay today.
  11. 1. Some cute boy gave me an autographed/drawn-in copy of Surfin' the Highway for my 19th birthday. That's definitely my favorite item. 2. I've also got so much autographed LEC stuff I don't know what to do with it all, but I guess my favorite autographed game is the DOTT that Tim signed and put "vs." over the "and" in "Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman." It's the best, if for no other reason than the fact that he signed it in my presence. 3. I like my EMI pirate hat/grog/inflatable monkey, too. It's as if I just ripped off their entire display. 4. (yeah I know it's supposed to be the top 3) I forgot, I have Dom's first E3 pass that he used the title Guybrush on. That's kinda cool too.
  12. Who knows, this could be the dawn of a new day for Mojo and its constituents. It's like spring cleaning, except completely unwanted and unintentional. If nothing is recovered, well, those who don't have local backups will get to spruce up their places with redesigns, or throw in the towel. Either way, theoretically things'll be less cluttered *trying to drag everyone tooth and nail over to the sunny side of the street*
  13. It's beautiful... I ... I think I've got something in my eye...
  14. Oh, well since I'm the richest bastard in my town, as long as I can get a new one I'm cool with trading. I'll get right on that... just as soon as I sober up ... um maybe tomorrow.
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