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  1. There's all this ballyhoo about the screenshots indicating in some way that the environments are not 3D - I don't see it. The environments in the screenies could very easily be real-time 3D rendered. They're too blurry to be sure either way, but I don't see evidence to contradict Stemmle and CGW. If they say its all real-time 3D, then so it shall be. Oh, and hi everybody, btw.
  2. I agree that Grim Fandango stands very well on its own, but there is plenty of room for new stories. For instance, Glottis could get into trouble in the 8th Underworld, and Manny has to return to help him. Or Manny gets to the 9th Underworld, the Land of Eternal Rest, and finds that it's boring. People do nothing but sleep and be lazy all day, so he decides he wants to build a night club, but he has to contend with the stuffy 9th Underworld powers-that-be who want their world to be quiet and dull and unexciting. See, if I can come up with ideas, I'm sure the Lucas peeps can knock our socks off. g
  3. I'd eagerly anticipate both games, but it would be very hard for GF2 to live up to expectations. Grim is an epic masterpiece of a game, and I can't imagine a sequel coming close to matching it. Loom 2 is a different situation. I think too much time has passed to just pick up the story where it left off. It would have to be accessible to people who never played Loom or it wouldn't be very successful. But the style and gameplay is so original, and with today's sound hardware the musical interface could be very spectacular and fun. g
  4. Just so I can say I contributed to "that really long thread" . . . F - "FIRE!!!!!" - Thomas Jefferson
  5. I'd like to think it's safe to assume Soucie will reprise the Maureen role, assuming Maureen does in fact appear in FT2. Since Soucie just did voices for JKII, we know she's still involved with LEC.
  6. More than anything, I'm looking forward to hearing Maureen's voice again. That voice is damn sexy. Soucie voices a character in JK2, but she sounds very different from Maureen. I'm guessing that the woman who knocks the bikes over in the trailer is Maureen. gorb
  7. Commands with a + in the front are supposed to be ON (+) when you hold down the key, and then turn OFF (-) when you release the key. In your case, the game is not receiving the key release message so it knows to turn taunting off. My only guess is that you may be binding CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK to this command, in which case it may consider it ON as long as CAPSLOCK is on. If you bind a regular key, it should only taunt until you release the key. If you try everything and nothing works, you can bind another key to -taunt which will turn it off. That's just a workaround, it shouldn't stay on normally.
  8. Oi! I can't believe I forgot my favorite quote! The bleeped Guybrush quote reminded me of it. It's in Sam & Max when they're talking to the foul-mouthed tool-bending gypsy guy in the revolving restauarant atop the Biggest Ball o' Twine in the World... Sam: Percent sign, ampersand, dollar sign! Max: Colon and semi-colon, too! Tool-bending gypsy guy: What are you f<bleep>ing doing? Sam: Swearing in long-hand, asterisk mouth.
  9. Another good Murray quote: "Oh, sure... I know a lot about curses. That's why I'm a disembodied talking skull sitting on top of a pike in the middle of a swamp!"
  10. What's your favorite puzzle sequence in any of the LEC adventure games? Mine is in DOTT, when you have to switch Dr. Fred with Dead Uncle Ted. The whole sequence is fun in a silly, cartoony sense that I get a giddy enjoyment whenever I get to that.
  11. Psh... bleh. Just another Indy Tomb Raider game. I hope they have another trick up their sleeve. I'm growing weary of the movie tie-in games even though I am looking forward to DF2. Where are the original adventures?
  12. I forget who says it, but in S&M someone refers to Sam as a bear and he shouts, "BEAR?!?" That cracks me up every time. Anyone remember the details? Some others I like: S&M: Almost everything those two say is funny. God, I wish they'd do a true adventure sequel. Max: I've got more hair on my furry little butt than you do on that hollow country head of yours! Sam (brandishing a ticking time-bomb head): Where should I put this, Max, so it doesn't hurt anyone we know or care about? Max: Out the window, Sam. There's nothin but strangers out there. Sam: I see old Mr. Bosco is generously giving away his profits to the underpriveledged, ski-mask-wearing youth of the neighborhood again. Max: I think that punk learned a valuable lesson, Sam. Sam: I agree, Max. I didn't realize the lower-lip could stretch completely over the head. Amazing. CMI: Welshman: Sure, mist (MYST) is pretty... but egad is it dull! Lemonhead: Shut up. Or I'll eat you. DOTT: Laverne: Ooh, a hampster. Just what I need for dissection lab tomorrow. Hoagie: I think I need that for the band, Laverne. You know, we could, like, bite it's head off or whatever. EMI: The chef: WAH DO YOU MOLEST MAH KITCHON!!??
  13. My first experience was the LEC Archives Vol. 1 on an old 286. The first game I played was Monkey Island, although I enjoyed all five in the set: MI, Loom, IJ&TLC, MM, & Zak. It was an eye-opening experience.
  14. Greetings friends and strangers, I haven't been posting here much, but since I'm bored at work I decided I'd come and play here. Problem is people are always walking around behind me, and if I'm going to be playing on the web it needs to be something that isn't so ostentatious that it catches their eye. So you can imagine my unpleasant reaction when I surfed my way here and saw that everything is... PINK. Why PINK? Has it always been PINK? I registered here quite a while ago and just never got around to posting, but I don't remember it being PINK. How can I covertly post messages here while at work if the page is bright PINK!?
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