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  1. Read carefully: Did you understand? I said I don't understand why sex has to be involved with everythung. You said "em...because sexuality is one of the important things in our lives" I said it's not the most important thing in our lives so it doesn't have to be involved with all of it. Nowhere did I disagree that it's not an important part of life; infact I implicitly agreed with you. I'll make this as clear and simple as possible: I say: Why sex in everything? Pleyto say: Sex important. I say: Sex not most important. Sex not have to be in everything. Pleyto say: Read carefully; you must misread and say pleyto say Sex most important. I say: No. All I say is sex just not most important. Agree sex important. Pleyto, if you need to get advice in order to have sex and satisfy a woman thats your own problem; most people don't go to sex psychologists as hard as that may be for you to believe. Most people get the hang of it on their own.
  2. Sex is not the most important thing in our lives. Hence it does not have to be involved with every aspect of peoples lives. And I personally have little respect for the opinions of Sex Psychologists. Feis, I understand where you're coming from but think about it. To appeal to the gay population would just be like appealing to the heterosexual population. The only thing that unites either of them is sexuality; so it's a very limited market. It'd be porn and love stories. Other games don't lend themselves well to it; gay tetris? heterosexual tennis simulators? gay max payne? heterosexual quake?
  3. It works fine with Mozilla... (I will drop it one day... maybe...)
  4. Something that suprises me about that article is that the writer suggests gay people are just another demographic group in the same way as say 18-24 female. Obviously they are a demographic group in the conventional sense, but I think it's impossible to start talking about them as targetable as he suggests with "Developers are smart: Gay people generally have a lot of disposable income." The only thing gay people have in common is that they are homosexual. It's still a hugely diverse group. It's like saying Max Payne or GTA are targeted at heterosexual people. I guess what I'm trying to say that there is this obsession with the idea of sexuality which is out of proportion; an idea that sexuality defines people. While it is a fairly big part of someone; it's no where near the most important quality. But they way sexuality is treated you'd think that everyones obsessed with sex 24/7 and that it defines every person on the planet. I don't know; maybe my thoughts are pretty random and off topic in this thread. I just don't understand why sexuality has to be invoved with everything and what the hell it has to do with computer games anyway.
  5. That quote is entirely out of context; let me make it clear I did not have sexual relations with that woman! Great to see the return of the Bulletin; it means that after two or so years the site is finally back up Edit: btw; I never knew the forums had their own domain; http://www.adventureforums.com I take it this is brand spanking new?
  6. Cool And the Adventure Company Broken Sword website is also very good, and it has even better music!
  7. Yes the official EUROPEAN broken sword website has been launched by THQ! http://www.broken-sword.com/intro.html Theres loads to do on the website; as well as character Bios; Screenshots; a forum etc theres also a Translate the manuscript competition. In the competition you answer the two questions revealed each week and get a mini "prize" like an exclusive trailer; wallpapers, screensavers etc plus a password. Then in a weeks after all the questions are revealed you use the passwords to enter a competition to win some BS3 prizes. Edit: The official AMERICAN broken sword website has also been launched today by The Adventure Company, as mentioned by Java Bean below. Just thought I'd edit my post so people can find the link alongside the european site: http://www.brokenswordgame.com/ P.S. if you look on the american site theres a quote from Adventuregamers hehe
  8. I agree with recommendations for GK3; it's a very rich story embedded in the rich history of the real world Rennes-Le-Cheatau mystery (though set modern day). GK2 is also very good history wise; though most of it is brought out through reading museum exhibits in game. Broken Sword 1 (Shadow of the Templars; aka Circle of Blood) is also an excellent adventure; again a rich story embedded in real world history; specifically surrounding the Knights Templar. Both these games are amazing adventure games; two of the few games in the same league as The Last Express. But they are quite different to TLE and sadly TLE is unique as everyone has said; such a pity. (go on Adventure company; pick up jordan mechnar; he's only working as a consultant on the Prince of Persia games now whereas he is a glorious adventure maker Ah well, worth a try)
  9. Lets have a poll to see which of the four designs we've seen in the other threads (1st Thread and 2nd Thread) we think is best for Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. I've included links for those people who have images turned off (including guests). (sorry one of the images is much bigger than the others; that is not intended as a bias) Design 1: Click here to view Design 2: Click here to view Design 3: Click here to view Design 4: Click here to view or None of the above/Other (please post others, love to see them )
  10. I agree Feisar. Stage one has to be dropping that crap name VUG. They have a stable full of good brandnames; they should just bung the names in a hat and pick one; instead of keeping one thats linked to a major financial crash.
  11. Who ever is running Eidos are a group of morons. Someone said they're trying to sell Eidos off; it's going to become worthless at this rate. Loosing champ man has to be a major nail in the coffin...
  12. Lets have a BS3 boxart competition! p.s. I'm sorry but THIS is what they should stick with. Nice: EDIT: Maybe a Sillouette of paris could go into that black space above the logo. (lol btw I DID NOT make this image; it's from Amazon.com and a link to it was posted earlier in the thread )
  13. While their meaning may be obvious to people who are already fluent in the language, it may not be so clear to someone still finding their feet. People learn English by learning the rules and applying them, so they may not be able to understand at all if we let grammar and spelling slip. People always say grammar and spelling are irrelevant; I vehemently disagree; grammar and spelling are the key to clarity. I agree it's probably not so important among purely native english speakers. But this forum is made up of people from around the world, the majority of whom are not native english writers. Anyway, I hope I don't seem too whiney about this (p.s. I'm not talking at all about Kingz' "authomatic", I didn't even know about it when I posted; I was just answering Novel_T's point. )
  14. Thats the sad thing about GK3, it was hyped as the saviour of the genre, ended up disappointing people and getting bad review. It's only now on replay and in retrospect that we realise what a good game it is. Reading some of the reviews at the multigenre games sites, the reason they seemed to dislike it was because it's graphics weren't all that was promised. Thats a shame because once you give it a chance you realise that theres a hell of a lot more to the game. And anyway, the graphics are still pretty damn good; they just aren't as wonderful as the hype promised. I honestly think Jane Jensen is one of, if not the, best adventure game designer around. Now Jensen's back, we should start working on getting Jordan Mechner back because it's time for The Last Express 2
  15. I prefer the THQ design too; but it needs touching up imo. Looking at it again, it is growing on me. The faces just need altering a little so people don't wonder throughout the game when the two people on the box are going to appear.
  16. I found out whats been sold and whats not. Vivendi Universal Entertainment has been sold as mentioned; thats mainly just the american entertainment assets (USA network, Scifi, Universal Studios and Theme Parks etc). Vivendi still own Vivendi Universal Games, Universal Music, the Canal+ group and two telecoms companies; which means Sierra, Blizzard etc are still part of VUG.
  17. On the Revolution forums I think they said the English release is 24th October while the other language releases (french, german etc) is the 10th October. Apparently this is due to THQ wanting to keep a good relationship with mainland european retailers by preventing them having to compete with english language imports straight away. Fair enough I suppose...
  18. I think it's essential to correct peoples' mistakes, because if you don't no one else will. I don't think it's meant as a statement that someone is better than someone else. On the contrary, it's just helping people improve their language skills, which is especially useful when the language isn't your first. I unashamedly correct people; but it's not through conceit; I'm only literate in one language while most people here are literate in two or more so it's already extremely impressive how coherent and comprehensible people are. So pointing out peoples mistakes isn't intended as an insult but help in keeping them good or improving them further; and that imo is good for everyone because it becomes easier to express ideas clearly and communicate without a debilitating language barrier (sorry it's not on topic; just explaining the other point of view).
  19. That is interesting, so Vivendi re going to spin off their entertainment assests. What is left of them anyway? Apart from the games company, I think they still own Canal+ don't they? Not alot anyway...
  20. £2million isn't bad, if they use that money wisely and cancel a few hit or miss titles they might survive... It's sad things are so desperate in the UKs games sector, considering how profitable it is. I take it the US and French giants are crushing the competition as much as their own incompetence is at work?
  21. Yes YES! I remember having similar problems *cough* not that I ever visit that site... put Moslo into the same directory as the game and run it with the command line: moslo /50 install.exe Where 50 is the percentage of your processors speed you want to make available. (p.s. this is all thanks to the sites own forums; do a search for Queen for a full rundown. As much as some people dislike the site, and fair enough everyones welcome to their own opinion, I have to admit it's a great forum for getting help on getting old games running.)
  22. lol @ Fox thing; I hate Rupert Murdoch so it's funny to think that one of his big competitors is making money of him. Does Fox Interactive right the scripts for Fox News because I hear they're pretty wild; something out of the X-files. (well the paranoia of the x-files without the charming aliens) P.S. I've been thinking about the Sierra thing, and looking at the other media conglomerates I don't think any of them own games companies. Maybe they'll sell of the Universal Games part, though if they did the only companies that could afford it are the already fat bloated publishers. A second hope might be that some rich benefactor could buy back the rights to the adventure games, but sadly there are relatively few people in the adventure community with a few million knocking around... well apart from Ken Williams...
  23. You're right Feis, that is bad news. You're right about the Publishers too, thats a big problem for the developers especially. Infact the only big british based publisher I can name off the top of my head is Empire. Our computer industry will go the way of the film industry if we loose all our local distributors.
  24. I'm suprised that they stooped to that low, talk about incompetent! Coupled with the messes they've been in over the last few years that feisar has posted about, I'm more suprised the shareholders haven't sacked people. I'm not a fan of Tomb Raider myself, but I feel sorry for the fans and developers who seem to have been abused by eidos' management to save their own necks. Not for the first time and probably not for the last. I agree Ys, it was greedy in the short term, and it shows lack of sense in the long term. Tomb Raider would likely have made alot more money for them if it came out on the original shedule.
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