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  1. Pssst! Endo!


    Where you be at!?


    (It's BFA; had a name change)

  2. Hey, I clicked on that link but it said the story could not be found! Code 1!

    Soooo, I'm guessing it was removed for some reason or other? : \

  3. Bugger. That was a very good fic! Your other stuff is good as well, but I was drawn to that one for some reason. Ah well!

  4. MsFicwriter!!! I post a question to you that brought itself to my mind just a few minutes ago. I was wondering.... Did you finish the Per'dra's storyline with Qyzen Fess at all? I can't remember ever reading a final chapter....? I was intrigued by that story, but cannot find later chapters :(

  5. Hey. So. Yeah. Just a quick question....


    Where the hell is the next part to TOR?????????!!!!!!!

    I've been waiting.

    And waiting.

    And WAITING!!!!!


    The suspense is killing me!!!! Gah!

  6. Sorry, Mach! You guilted me into it and I've read the first chapter and I'll read the rest soon, haha.

  7. You are certainly most welcome! Sorry it took so long :)

  8. Hey, I got your msg :)

    I haven't yet, but which one is the first part so I can start from the beginning and I'll give it a read when I have the opportunity.


    WHERE U R, B!?!?!


    Lol, anyways ... Hey, Burnesyy... How're ya? Any updates for Hazel Eyes yet? lol

  10. Aye, that's good to hear! Haven't spoken to ya for a while. But that's probably being due to mine not being on the forums, lol.


    Anything interesting going on as of late?

  11. Heyy, Chev! What have you been upto lately, eh? How've you been?

  12. Kaaaaddoooooooo!!!!!!!! :D

  13. Heyyy, CQ!!!

    Long time no see! How goes It?

  14. Being sick sucks.

    I had the flu for a while there as well.

    Bad stuff!


    Lol, I'll go check out Chap 7 now! x]

  15. I'll have to go and read it again. I think I've read chapter 7 before but I haven't been on for a while so I'm not 100% sure, sorry!


    I'm good :D

    What about yourself? What've you been upto these past weeks? (Maybe a better word would be months?)

  16. Hey, Endo!!!!

    Yeah, I haven't been on for a while. Been heaps busy!

    How've you been??

  17. BINI!!!! How the freakin hell are ya, dude?!?!?!?!

  18. W0ot! Awesomenessss!!!!!


    I thank you'd once on your thread and I thank you once again! :D

    For placing me as Patron, and posting such an awesome story! :)

  19. sshh, I'm reading your new chapter, duhhh... :xp:

  20. Just unsigned at the moment.

    We're thinking of just creating and releasing it on our own label and see how that goes.

    Should be interesting, I think.

  21. Hahaha, it sounds it!

    Quite a full on month!


    Yeah, heading into the studio to record first ever album, w0ot! xD

    Can't wait for that.

  22. Thanks! :D


    Yeah, it was very disappointing to hear about Terrorists'R Us hahaha.


    So ... when is the Liberation of Coruscant taking place? I wish a front row seat! :D:D:D

  23. That's good to hear :)


    Yeah, everything is going alright for me at the moment.

    I've got a semi-stable life going, until I hit the studio in December that is, lol.

    Then it's going to be a bit hectic for the better first half of next year.

    Sounds awesomely fun, lol.

  24. Indeed it does, Chev!

    I'm saving now, but I calculate it won't be until around the late October, early November mark before I'll be able to move out. It sucks, but we shall persevere!!!!! :D

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