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  1. WWQGD?

    What Would Qui-Gon Do?


    Personally, I don't pirate stuff, I prefer to have a physical copy in my hands as opposed to seeing an Icon on my screen and an empty spot in my games rack next to my desk. Holding a CD is much more fulfilling in my opinion. I lost Kotor II once, for PC. Took freakin AGES, but eventually I found another copy and snatched it as quick as a rat on cheese.....


    But that's just me.

  2. I thought having Han shoot first was a major point in his character development. Being the awesome badass that he is, and always will be, Han shoots first because he know's he'll die if he doesn't. That and he likes the smell of charred Rodian flesh.... Anyway...


    Forward through the events after he meets up with Luke and Obi-Wan, Han discovers a side to himself he never knew existed, or, probably better described as a side that he pushed down because he felt that too much empathy was not a good sentiment for a Smuggler.


    But he comes back just as Luke needs him. The change in his character from the self-serving, kill or be killed awesome badass from the start of the movie, to the reluctant, yet caring and willing to put his life at risk for others, awesome baddass that he turns into at the end.


    Its not that we WANT him to shoot first, its that Han NEEDS to shoot first. It's of the utmost importance to the story!




    Or this could just be a bunch of rambling BS due to three hours sleep, an 8 hour shift and five cups of coffee... Either way, Han shot first. End.

  3. Okay, I'll bow to social pressure :xp:

    Congrats, mate!!!

    Good luck with the new business and I hope the profits outwiegh the losses!


    Also I hope your endeavour into the IT business works out :)

    Starting a new business is always difficult and time consuming, but if you stick with it, it'll work out for the best.


    Once again, congrats, and godspeed!

  4. Ha, Bini. I KNEW you'd put up something about Buckethead, haha. Ah, he is a great muso though.


    Look, Mandalore, the one thing I've realised is that when you're in a stage where nothing can motivate you, then there's nothing you can do about it. There are times when I pick up my guitar and I will have a polished piece of music by the end of the day. Sometimes however, weeks can go by and I will have NOTHING what so ever. It's just one of those curses.


    If the music you listen to now isn't inspiring you, there is nothing wrong with branching out and listening to other artists to get a feel at the different aspects of music. (I myself however stear clear of Country. Do not like it at all!!!) Chemical Romance ain't doing it for ya? Listen to some Nirvana. Not up for some grunge? I recommend listening to the old-school metal bands. Metallica, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and so on.

    Chili Peppers and The Living End are also great choices IMO.


    You need music to make lyrics live, and you need lyrics to allow music to breathe.

    If one of them is not working properly, nothing will come of it.


    Be patient. Don't TRY to write the best song ever, or the next greatest riff.

    As it is said, however corny it may be: "let the music flow through to your finger tips. Don't push at it otherwise it will become jumbled and confused. And kill itself."


    It'll come to you. In time.

    To regurgitate another point: you cannot rush the music. It becomes crap then. Impatience = FAIL!



    By the way ... what instrument DO you play???

    I think you failed to mention that part.

    *Looks* .. Yeahp .. ya did :|

  5. I love this picture, Em. This has got to be one of your greatest in my opinion.

    Especially how you have percieved Atton in such a clearer light, and his memories in the dark and gloomy area. It gives it a whole new meaning to macabre. It's almost scary to look at those expressionless faces! And some don't even HAVE faces!!!


    But I really like the fact that you have everyone hooded, except for one person. And was just wondering if that was supposed to be someone in particular or what?

    I think you've had enough practice at drawing Atton that you have perfected his symmetry and can draw him in any situation - that, IMO, is fantastically awesome!


    Once again, great work Em!

    A flawless piece of art from a flawless artist.

    I look forward to what you will bring next!!!

  6. Yeah, I had a feeling it was used before Revan and Malak I just didn't know how long before. just reinforces my point some what ... Its been there for that long. It would be stupid not to implement that into the game, imo.

  7. Actually it was around long before Darth Bane. He only brought it back into Sith Legacy.

    Read Path of Destruction and Rule of Two, then you will know :D


    Revan implemented it with Malak. I'm not sure how many used it before Revan however.

  8. I'm going to use a quote from a favorite movie of mine...


    Take whatchya can!-

    Give nothin' back!


    They [Revan and crew] took the ship. Davik is dead. Who else is going to use the ship if not you?

    That's the way I look at it anyways.

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