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  1. that would be pretty cool, if it was possible
  2. hullo, i dont have the exp or time to gain exp in modding just yet , so i was just wondering wheter any of you experieced modders out there would be able to make a prestige class for if you stay neutral for most of the game, you have your prestiges for light and dark, so wy not neutral......you could be a grey jedi or something, or even seens though krie stays neutral, you could be like kreia's apprentice or something like that, but a different name, add like 3 or 4 new force powers and feats or something, its a pretty good idea i reckon but its up to the modders if they want to do anything. also im not sure if this idea has been posted before, sorry to the people if it has...
  3. I'm pretty new at this, but all the same, ill have a go at it......it may not come out as it should, but ill have a go all the same, just hope itll come out as planned lol
  4. hullo, i couldnt play kotor before prior to not enough ram...i got enough ram today thinking that i would be able to play but i stil cant play it without lagging so much ive got a ATi Radeon XPRESS 200 Series, and im getting catalyst 4.3 now becasue ive heard thats the best one to play it with so will that do any good?
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