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  1. @Chev: I feel so wanted..... :xp:


    @CQ: Not much man! Being bored as usual! Yourself?

  2. No much Chev.

    Just the same ole, same ole.

    What about's yourself?

    How's the RP coming along?

  3. Dunno. Never really joined an RP before so don't know what its like.

    I think I tried once, but I wasn't that good at it, haha.

  4. *walks in and notices the shade of hot pink* Hmm ... fair enough....

    Anyways. :lol:


    In relation to the weather: Hahaha, bugger.

    Naw, I still prefer Winter. Possibly because of Australia being a bloody Barbeque of a country. Sick of the heat, lol.

  5. Hahaha, can only imagine. :lol:

  6. Man, I haven't even seen a snow fall! I've been to the snow, but I think it was man made mostly :(


    Its like 40 degree's here! It's bull!!!

    I HATE summer!!!!

    Bring on Winter ANY day!!!!

  7. just looked at it and edited my post :)

  8. Heh, I was just talking to people and totally forgot track of time. I realized that the time was and I was like ... "Ahhh, crap!" *face-palm* :lol:


    Plus, the heat is being a really big pain in the keister.

  9. I was able to have four hours sleep! :D

    But the 2 Red Bulls I had this morning helped a LOT!!! :lol:

  10. Haha, it's both! Bored, and boreder!

    It's a paradoxial world, Apprentice. It's only natural :D

  11. Thinking if I should go to bed.

    It currently 2AM and I need to get up for work in ...... 5 hours!

    Haha, great.

    Tell, it's only been three years since end of school, but I'm starting to miss it, lol.


    Yeah, not getting enough sleep sucks!!!!

  12. :D:D:D:D:D


    Wow I'm tired but..


    Eh, wait ... I'm awesomely .. tired. Check it.



    How is ya? What's crackin'?

  13. Haha, with all my awesomeness, I can counter-attack it with lameness.

    I'm still awesome but :lol:

    Yes, my ego is still intact 100% :xp:

  14. Yeah sure, that'd be pretty cool.

  15. I am awesome.

    I am awesomer still.


    I am ... bored, lol...


    What's crackin, CQ?

  16. :lol:

    Glad you likes!


    ...I AM The Rhythm Schism :xp:


    [Lol, thta was so lame....]

  17. Yeah, I read it online as well.

    Where are you up to reading?

  18. Haha, good to hear.

    I'm starting to get into the idea of Naruto and Hinata ending up together. First I thought it should have been Sakura, but yeah ... Nahup.


    Do you read the Manga?

  19. Tis up and ready to be gawked upon! :D

  20. zOMG! You changed the Avatar! No more NaruHina!?


  21. Just thought of one :D

    I think it sounds pretty coolsome :xp:

  22. Nah not yet.

    Don't even know how to put up a custom title haha

  23. :D:D:D

    Ah thunk ya.

    It took me three years but I got there hahaha.

  24. Hahaha, indeed! Squash the rebellion! Haha


    Yeahp, yeahp! I will completely SHATTER the windows with the 200watts that that will produce! :D:D:D:D:D


    Can not wait!!!!

  25. Ha, but if you're in the mood for a Rebellion. Why not? :xp:

    More of a workout!


    You know, unless, heh .. If someone stronger than you comes along. Then it can get pretty crappy, :lol:


    Not upto much. Just waiting for my Marshall Stack.

    Should have it by July/August! :D:D:D:D

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