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  1. *Ignites blood-red lightsaber* Let's go hunting then :evil1:


    [i'm really starting to like that emote it seems, lol]

  2. Conquering worlds, killing droids ... I must say that I nod in the utmost approval :nod::D


    Quite a few people are entering Javyers this month it seems. Awesome. It's been a while since there have been a healthy number of entries. Exciting it is.


    What's happening with the next chap of The Company? Coming along nicely I hope?

  3. I seen that. Scion of Darkness. Sounds awesome. Am nearly halfway through reading the first chap now. [it's a BIG freakin chap! =o !! :lol: ]


    Haha, well, if it's the FIFTH rewrite then it's going to be an awesome chapter. That much I forsee. [Don't disagree with the Dark lord :xp: ... Just ask, CommanderQ, lol. That's just something you do not do! x]


    Not upto much ... Counting down the days until I can have my new Marshall Amplifier ... 200watts YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll save up enough so I'll be able to replace the windows after I smash them with just the sound, :evil1::lol:

  4. Hahaha, sounds like a fun thing. I'll join in but I don't know which side to take. I'm a Sasuke-kun fan :xp: But also of Naruto-kun.


    But hey, if Sakura-chan get's left out then I'm happy, haha.

  5. Oy, Apprentice! I demand to know two things!

    They are:


    1. What's goin' on?

    2. How are ya?




    .... I'm bored, leave me alone, :lol:.

  6. Hey, Chev ... What's crackin?

  7. Endoooo!

    What's crackin, fellow pirate?????

  8. Heading over there now :)

  9. Not really sure. I'm just starting out smallish to try and get back into the groove of drawing. I'm kind of anxious about trying to do anything original just yet. I've taken a few steps back in that area unfortuantly :(

  10. Ar, bugger.

    Bloody bar people. They can be so annoying. I know, I used to be one, haha.

  11. haha, please, do tell! :D

  12. Hey, I didn't have a job for most of 2007 and 08 ... It sucks doesn't it?

    You'll get one eventually. Just harrass them until they give up and say, "FINE! We'll give you some freakin work, for crying out loud!!!!!"


  13. Not alot Chev, not alot at all.

    Got a new job at a servo but that's about it. I know, a service station right? Like .. honestly?

    Haha, I know it's not the glamorous job but it pays the bills and allows me to save for a new amp :D


    What about you? How's life treating The Chev?


    @Bini: Mates and I played White Wedding (Murderdolls version) on stage at school a few year back .. It went off so gooood! haha ... Twas one of the greatest experiences at school playing that song. Nearly everyone knew the words so yeah. Was awesome.

  14. Hahaha, onwards to Rabish's profile!!!!

    I SO need to read that hahaha

  15. Congrats on the win!


    New Years was awesome. Despite the fact that I had to work on New Years day..... pfft! lol ... ah well .. good moneyz :D


    How abouts yourself?

  16. Happy New Year to you too :)

    Yeahp, things are good. Work is good. Money .. oh so good :xp:

    All in all, life is going good :D


    Still sticking with College?

  17. Love da Red Bullz :lol:

  18. Lol, a couple of drinks yeah ... A few drinks .. yeah ... A lot of drinks ... Indeed!


    Bad decision lol ... Neer going drinking then work the next day ever again.

    My advice would be to never do it at all lol.

    It was hard concentrating enough as it is! :lol:

  19. Christmas was good. New Years was bettera. Well, that is until I stumbled into work this morning ... ugh ... Not fun at all. But, I downed a Red Bull or two and then it started to pick upp again :D


    What's about yourself?

  20. Bursinator!!! How goes It???

  21. Damn, and I left all my unpluggers in my old Sith robes!!!! Blast!!!

  22. Ha, you stole'd my last job!!!!

  23. Thanks x]

    I thnik it's pretty awesome as well, :xp:

  24. Haha, yeahp. Self proclaimed, as always though :lol:

  25. Lol, I just didn't think that the whole blue and red plumber suit went with the persona of, 'Dark Lord of Annoyingness,' ... Which by the way, I've promoted to, 'Dark Lord of Annoyingness and pest control' :xp:


    How's it goin, CQ? Been blowing up any droids, or space stations lately?

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