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  1. I am as good as an Awesome Fella can be, I guess :)

    Anything interesting/awesome happen at your place in the world?

  2. Not much, CQ.

    What abouts yourself?

  3. Hullo to you, Endo! :D

    How goes It?

  4. Sounds goooooood, Endo! Looking forward to it!

    Yeah, don't like christmas haha

    I mean, the presents are awesome. But the whole, buying presents for people other than yourself is kinda .... yeah .. we don't like that one bit.


    I am absolutely buggered! Played a game of Oz tag today. A little bit more physical than normal games might have been, but yeah ... I am pretty sore, :lol:


  5. I is doing, VERY well, Endo, thanks for asking :D

    How about you? How do the current days fair for you?

  6. Yeah, I was never one for homework x]

    Never liked it, but I did do it nonetheless.


    I know what its like with life being hectic. As soon as you finish something, another thing pops up and then another, and another ... ugh!

  7. Ah you know .. the usual.

    Being awesome.

    Destroying entire civilizations with just the power of my mind.

    Planting my seeds around the community.

    [[seriously .. I'm helped plant some growing tree's [ironic, huh?] ... cause I was bored the other day. :lol: ]]


    Bout it.

    What's about you?

  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's crackin, Burnesyyyyyyyyyy???????????

    How the freakin hell goes It, eh???


  9. I didn't do the whole going door to door myself, lol, but I did grab some lollies for the small amount of kids who did go around.

    Apparently I was too scary for some of them :lol: I was dressed as a demon with a weird, yet awesomely gruesome, face.

    They were going, "You're scary!!!!"

    I was like, "yeah, well ... that's kinda what I was going for, so thanks!"


    I love Halloween. Damn Australia not celebrating it enough as it should!

  10. Haha, I'll do that. It was an interesting day/night all up yesterday.


    Yeahp, staying awake is ALWAYS the biggest problem in doing ANYTHING.

    I find however that I work awesome if I only have like ... 3 - 2 hours sleep. Not sure why.

    So you make all your Chrissy present's?


    Can't wait for the next chap to Sri, and I'm glad you liked the Drunk Revan fic :lol:

  11. I seen a dinosaur yesterday.

    It was a weird experience.


    Anyways ... What's goin on!!!!???

    I'm boooooooooooooooored!

    Like ... seriously.

    True story.


    So yeah. C ya! :D


    Oh, and PS: Apparently, it WASN'T dinosaur .. it was just a tree that walked funny!!!

    Intriguing how that can happen sometimes isn't it? :lol:

  12. Indeed it is Halloween!

    Well .. All Saint's Day here. Was Halloween yesterday.

    Yes, I am from the future.

    Just a tip: DON'T eat those pancakes .. you'll thank me later, hahahaha.


    Happy Halloween to you!

  13. Oh, don't worry. I have that - commanding presence - ..... :D


    Looking forward to next chapter.

  14. Diegooooo!!!!

    What's crackin fellow knight?

    Long time no talk and stuff.

    How's it going?

  15. Hahahaha, point taken!!!!

    I'll just stick with posting and posting in the thread then :xp::lol:

  16. Ahhh, Christmas already!!!!! Noooo!!! I just got over the financial crisis from the last bloody one! And now there's another!

    *deep, calm breath* .. hmm .. OK ... Now that that's over...


    You take your time with the next chapter [ But always know that my voice - or text, whichever :xp: - will always be popping up in the back of your mind whispering "we want chapter! we want chapter! we want chapter! :D:D:D ]

  17. Hulloooo!

    "What is thy bidding?" you ask....

    mmm.... Go and annoy THAT person. *points to the person below* arr har har! I'm a helper! :D


    I'm pretty good. What about yourself?

  18. I knooooow. It did that to me yesterday as well! Damn technical problems! :lol: Oh well, least its fixed now :D


    And when's the next chapter for ASA due out?

  19. Endoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!


    How goes It????

  20. A comment because I can:

    That being said - .....


    - Comment! Comment! Comment!


    :xp: :xp: :xp:


    Just watched the movie The Number 23. Yes, it's been out for a while but I haven't really been watching movie's lately. So, I'm trying to relate everything to that number, haha. The weird thing is though, my initials equal to 23 :o !!!!!!


    How goes It in your place of the Galaxy/World/Country/Place Of Residence?

  21. :D:D:D


    I'll have to stir the CEC pot a little then :xp: Make sure you don't get bored whilst moderating :lol:




    ... Haha, you know I wouldn't do thaaat!!!!


    *insert evil grin here*

  22. Hey, Bee!!!!

    Congrats of becoming a Moderator!

    I'll try and behave myself in the CEC :lol:

  23. Dude, I haven't stopped listening to it since Friday morning.

    I heard the postal guy pull up the driveway and I literally sprinted to the front door, knocking other unsuspecting individuals out of my way, :lol:

    I wore the flag as a cap, I donned the shirt, badge and neckband and put the album on full volume and blasted it through my speakers.

    I could hear it plain as day at the end of my driveway and my room is at the back of the house, haha.


    The least I could say about this whole experience is ....



    Well ....


    It .... was/is ...... AWESOME!!!!!

    It's freakin' METALLICA!

  24. Very nice! I never really had a knack for Biology. (I took it at school for about six months, then dropped it and changed to Ancient History)


    Yeah, it's funny how some big decisions can take ages for you to decide on what to do, and yet, others can take only five minutes. Hilarious when you think about it, lol.

  25. :lol: I used to always wait until Sunday's. I would go out and have a good time, while my thoughts about my homework, and the answers would keep a continuous bubble in my steaming cauldron of a brain, and then I would tackle it Sunday arvo.


    Although, admittedly, that sometimes didn't work....


    ... OK, it didn't work, most of the time. BUT! The times it did work, I still stand in saying, they were the greatest pieces of homework that school had ever seen!!! And i still believe that to this day! :xp:

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