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  1. Emalin!!!!!!!!!!!


    I forgot to post, sorry, xD


    The edit for the Padme pic is good. The bold line just looked a little out of place for me, but as I said before it was your picture, your interpretation and I respect that.


    The Kotor II ones are ve-he-he-heeerrrrry good. The Atton and Revan one made me smile and the action one made me laugh. Nice work.


    And for how weird it is for me saying this: I love the picture of the rose. I never really liked drawing, or painting flowers, they just weren't my thing because I could not see the point. Now I do. It is very beautifully crafted, with the detail and symmetry perfectly drawn.

    I also liked how you drew one rose fully blossomed and the other not so. If theres a reason behind that, I do not know but its a well designed idea. You give both of the flowers evened (is that even a word?) attention. Meaning that you can look at the fully blossomed, and still take note of the one behind it.


    Great work and keep drawing! You truly have a gift!


    [And oh yeah ... I'm Awesome xD (I felt that I had to live up to my narcissistic persona :D:D:D)]

  2. Once again, Emalin, you have done a very nice job :)

    You have a gift, and I am glad you chose to share it with us.

    There is only one thing that really stuck out at me that made me plop my head to the side take a more harder look at the picture.

    The side of her face. The shadow, or hair? is covering that edge from the tip of her nose to the start of her hair line. I just looks a little out of place and makes her face a little bit ... bigger, than what I would think it out to be. But this is probably just my eyes playing tricks on me, that have a habit of doing that :)


    Again it's a really good picture and you capture the emotion of fear and sadness that shows in her features perfectly. Keep ... it ... up!

  3. I doubt if you would have to create a seperate thread. This one is titled your various artwork anyway, and not just "non-Star Wars" stuff thread and .... stuff.


    Anyhooo .... Nice drawing. What scene was it? I just can't picture the emotion in his face that would be able to tell me. It seems to me that he's hurt, sad and angry all at the same time, which is great, don't get me wrong.


    Nice detailing. Use of shadows around his eyes provide the illusion of anger and sadness, I think. Overall it's a very good picture. Perspective is good and the symmetry is also good so nothing that harms the picture was done as far as I can see.



  4. I'm one of the biggest Arachnophobics you will ever meet (if you do meet me of course)

    If there is a Spider in the house, which I can see and know is there theres a big chance that I won't be in the house.


    It was funny at school a few years ago (ah school, how I despised it so) when the Science teacher brought in a big, big, bi-hi-HI Hiiiiiiig huntsman Spider and I took out of the room.

    Suffice to say ... girl: "Hey Catto! Are you afraid of Spiders?"

    me: "No, I'm just Arachnophobic,"

    girl: "Oh, OK, then,"

    me: *shakes head*


    And I'm alright with heights but I can't ab sail. I can go in a plane 30 freakin thousand feet in the air, but I can't climb down a small cliff. Not really sure why.

  5. I honestly did not believe when me friend told me that he had died. And when I seen it on the news, I literally froze with shock.

    To think of someone so talented and so god damn fortunate in life suddenly pass away is totally inconceivable I would have thought. I really did not expect it at all. You never do but anyways.


    Prayers going out to Heath's memory, Michelle and little Matilda (poor kid does not even understand whats happened) and the rest of his family.


    One final prayer and drink for the Joker and all of his previous accomplishments in acting! May you have an awesome after-life! (Yes, I believe in such a thing)

  6. Nice work.


    I agree that Lou's is the hardest song and I got all jittery (in an all boyish-hetereo way, haha) when I found out I would be playing that song. (I love that song almost as much as 'One')

    'The Devil Went Down To Georgia' though, I have to admit is kinda like Free-Bird For GH III.


    Try doing THAT one on Expert and still have your soul!


    I was mildly disappointed however when my favorite line of that song was drowned out ... (But I didn't know until after I finished because I was playing and "singing" it at the top of my lungs and my mate told me about it ... I had to play it again [without singing] to believe him)


    "I told you once, you son of a b****, I'm the best that’s ever been!" :D:D:D:D

  7. OK.


    I just completed it on Medium. (I try Medium before I go to anything else)

    And all i have to say is ... That Guitar Hero III has lived upto my expectations perfectly.

    One was absolutely awesome. Tried it on expert ... Got to the second part of the solo then failed.


    Wasn't happy! haha.


    I love it and yeah ...

    It was funny though ... Cause when I was battling Morello and it took me (shame to say) close to ten goes just to beat that *insert expletive*! But when I firsted vs Slash .. It was at the end of the song and I stuffed up his whammy bar. heh heeeeee!


    I love this game.

  8. 8 fingers for the "meedlymeedlymeedlymeedysquidley!" solo at the start of the lengthy solo. :D

    One is awesome, but the solo is only the real hard part I have trouble with playing on real guitar ... Imagine that with the Guitar Controller! I reckon it's easier to play real than Guitar Hero style, haha.


    It's good though ... Can't wait to get it this game.

  9. I wonder how they are going to do the song, "One" - Metallica.

    What with the tap-solo in there it's going to be a trickster.


    Either they give the option of taping the bars, or you have to move all 8 fingers (thats how many you'll need most likely.

    But that's the only thing I'm wary of about this game ... Other than that ... I WANT IT!!!!

  10. Holy crap, if I listed all my favourite bands, I will be here for ages, so i'll just name a few.


    In no particular order:

    Metallica, Cradle of Filth, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, Pantera, Santana, Hendrix (the god himself) Children of Bodom, Evanescence, Marylin Manson, The Living End, Megadeth, Led Zepplin, Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath .... and I'll stop now :D

  11. Hey ... Sorry, that I have not posted yet ... I have been re-he-he-he-he-he-he-heeeeaaaalllly annoyingly busy and have not had the chance to come on here all that often.


    Anyways ... here is my opinion.

    It is a very good concept. I like the general idea but the idea of linear is a little on the bad side for me. Never much liked it to be honest.

    BUT! Saying that, it does not mean I do not like your story (As I have already said)


    @Darca Lar: I just cannot wait until the day when all graphics, (in-game and movies) are the exact same quality. (Take FF: Advent Children for example)


    Anyways, back to topic.

    Well done, GarfieldJL. This is a very good story so far .. keep it up! :D

  12. Well, you read the title. What has been the most stupid thing you have done in your life. It does not have to be the MOST stupid thing... Meaning, can have heaps of other stupid things... yeah you get it... lol.


    So yeah ... Some of the most stupid things I have done are ...


    I once jumped out of the back of a Hilux Ute going about the 70km/h mark (I was under a "certain" influence at the time). Trust me ... once the time to hit the ground comes ... it does not tickle.


    Another time - this was a few months into last year - A couple of friends and I went to our school - yes, our school (No. 1 stupid thing of the night) and decided, because of the end of exams, we would celebrate. So we started the night off with some suicides (Lol, not THAT type of suicides .... I am talking about the tequila, lemon and salt) and then we kicked the night in full gear with some shots. Well, we were having an awesome night ... but some of my friends got a bit "too" carried away and started to smash bottles around the place (no windows or anything was broken, just loud noise ... that was No. 2 stupid thing of the night.)


    A friend and I started to get anxious about all of the noise they were making (a bunch of houses were right next to the school) so we continued to keep an eye out for any suspicious looking cars that drove past.

    After a while, we decided to have a few more drinks and just when things were starting to slow down, a car speeds up the driveway and comes right up close to us with highbeams on ... (OK, now this is the most stupid thing of the night that we did)


    A mate of mine yells out, "COPS!" so ... everybody started to run.

    Me ... I wasn't going to run, but everybody else did, so not wanting to get left behind ... I took off.

    We got the other end of the school and I see when I'm running, my friend who went back to get the bin (yes, a bin, lol.) full of drinks we left behind, sprint past me .... I almost fell over from two things: a) I was laughing so hard, and b) I was amazed that with the weight of the bin, he could still run faster than me.


    As I got to the road, I knew that we had been caught because all up, seven cars pulled up and sped down the street. So I just walked over to the edge of the gutter and sat down. And waited.

    Anyways, I could hear my friend who was a little bit down the road from me, but still in plain hearing distance get pushed down to the ground for resisting and get cuffed. I shook my head.


    But what he said made me laugh though ... The police officer asked him, when he was calmed down a little bit, "What are you going to do if there is a next time?" (meaning that getting caught tresspassing).


    Well, my mate, being who he is, replied with: "Run a little bit faster of course!"


    We got fines. But lucky for us, it was only $20 ea.

    But ... unlucky for my mate ... (the guy who was carrying the bin) he had the knife which was used cut up the lemons for the tequila drinks .... and he got done with a massive $500 fine.

    So, after a half an hour of telling them our addresses and what-nots, we walked home. Each with a $20 fine added to our name. (Not counting the $500)


    That ... would have to be THE most stupid thing I have ever done.



    One other thing though, was when we were at school once, (it was daytime and a school-day, haha) this was about 3 years ago and it had been raining. And out the back of our school are two large-sized ovals. A top oval, which has a small, yet steep-inclined hill, which leads to the bottom oval.


    Well, on the hill, there was a long muddy trail of water and mud that started from the top of the hill and reached down to the bottom of the hill.

    So we had a competition: Who could reach the bottom and still be on their feet.


    Nobody won.

    By the end of the lunch-break we were covered in mud and to add to the mess all over me, I was thrown down the trail on my belly by a group of friends.

    Well .... the teachers did NOT take a liking to this, what so ever.




    Well, thats a couple of the stupid things I've done of the past few years.

    What about you? :D

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