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  1. Around the $210 mark.

    As I said. Expensive, but well worth it.

  2. Bah! Homework was the most .... unwanted ... in school, lol.


    Ah well. Least the ideas are coming along! Hopefully a ground breaking idea that will slam the foundations of the Fan-fiction base will come to you :lol: ... That would be pretty awesome.

  3. I know what you mean with the rap and chipmunks.

    Hence why I like lots of other different genres. I'm trying to bring a unique multi-genre band to the music scene. Something nobody has ever done before. [but apparently that's what everybody else is doing so I have some competition :lol: ]


    I've wrote a few. A few Bon Jovi style ("Have A Nice Day" - "Keep the Faith" type of stuff)

    I've even got some Metallica style songs down.

    I'm just saving so I can enter the Studio with the band when I return to where I was living before.. I had to move for a while. But should be back up soon.


    I'm starting to get into 50's rock style as well, so I guess we'll see where that takes me... Just remember to keep checking the ARIA's or any other big music events... You'll see me in a few years ... That's a promise! :xp:)

  4. Yeah, it's put a big dint in my pocket, lol.

    It's going to take a little longre to get my half stack but it was worth it.

  5. A lot of Metallica, Living End, Bon Jovi, Nickelback ... Yeah, lol. I know a few.

    What type of music are you into?

  6. Ah, OK. "Damn you, Red Bull!"


    Life is per usual.

    I wake up, eat, play guitar, work, play some more guitar, save to go into studio, eat, work some more, play some mroe, then sleep. Then get up and do it all again. It'll soon pay off ... hopefully :xp: )

  7. Jaundice from Red Bull?

    Hnn, who would've thought...





    "They call me mellow yelloooowwww,"


    Ahem, anyways.

    Hope all is well!

  8. I'm trying not too! Haha

    I've ordered the Coffin Box and I want to hear the album in its entirety for the first time while listening to it.

    It's been hard to resist the temptation but I am sure I will prevail! :lol:

  9. Red Bull. Is my one true soul mate.

    It's helped me through, *sniff*..... a.... a lot of hard t-times.

    RB FTW! :xp:

  10. ! Hey burnseyy !

    How have you been? How's the outside world treating ya? [if not that good, do what I always do: Have a few cans of Red Bull, get the trusty shovel and go for a nice quiet walk :xp:


    ... Hmm .. It's sucks being bored.

  11. My bike was destroyed in a freak accident where it tried to kill itself rolling off the back of a ute as it was speeding down the hill.

    It didn't live to tell the tale however :(


    Twas a dark, dark, day.


    Anyways!!! Enough butting in! :xp: Just thought a would drop by and comment... soo ..


    Comment! Comment! Comment!!


    Because I can :lol:

  12. !!! WUHAH !!!

    How goes It, HoP!????

  13. No worries, JS. You're a decent writer and I'd like to read some more! :D

  14. Cheers, Bini.

    Always a nice thing to hear :p


    OH, and did ya hear? September 12th!!!! DEATH!!! ... Magnetiiiiiiiiiicaaaaa!!!!!



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