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  1. lol ive never had anydifficulty with this bit and i have the PS3 version just wait until the tie has fired its first shot dodge that then you can usually kill all but about 2 ties on there first pass and if you get it green the first time and down a bit it will stay at that lower level rather than move back to the compleltly original starting position
  2. i always used the dash push to get behind it then just hacked until it started to turn then rinse and repeat
  3. that would cirtainly help being able to avoid the scarlacc have you ever jumped and been hit bya tenticle going up i got killed in about 10 seconds because i kept bouncing of tenticles
  4. the only thing that can keep games fresh is multiplayer which is why imstill playing an Un-Upgraded warhawk rather than this or MSG4
  5. well i think they wernt exactly thinking big at that time perhaps Garm gets his battlegruop or half of it Mon Mothma would of been able to speak to the people of her planet so i dont think i mean after all its the old casacade things Monmothma gets say 5 they each train 5 and so on the same for Garm
  6. and i dont think vaders does that until the point where you smash off most of his armour and therefore he an use it at least in the PS3 version
  7. i would prefer one with Bane or kun or an new jedi that fought in the battles of russan
  8. well acording to gamespot the PS3-360 versions are getting downloadable conten of skins and a jedi temple mission
  9. what console do you play battlefront on and can you help me get on a team?

  10. yep and the little bird moneky thing is jabbas bird money thing
  11. what about the robot costume does that have anything special about it
  12. theres a jedi interceptor on Raxus that you can toss around
  13. yea i was thinking what the hell are all these teeth and digestion pools doing here then it just shows this huge scarlacc and i was thinking cool i wonder whats going to happen now
  14. i think GOW was harder but because of the puzzle sections i never died once in a fighting bit (on GOW)apart from the gorgon freeze slash attack, and the Bosses on GOW where easier aswell i mean Ares was a push over, both have good storys and a nice twist in the middle-end section, in GOW1 who wasnt shocked when you saw kratos get hit by a log, and if you had stayed away from spoilers the vader stab though the cheast bit on this was shocking as well. So they are both good games another thing they have incommen is that i think the best level was the first on both in gow the Hydra was the best in FU the sheer destructability in kashyk made that one the best i think
  15. how do you edit stuff when your on the Shadow?
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