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  1. I had this one printed earlier, before the "Revenge". Still awesome!
  2. Hi Zaarin, do you happen to have a backup of Adventure Developers as well? I'm particularly interested in the database, as the forum we used to have contains some valuable information I'd like to salvage, if possible.
  3. Intriguing... I will be following this thread very closely!
  4. If only you had a boxed Zak McKracken... *sigh* ...
  5. You're right. But it wasn't only in the video; several sites mentioned Gilbert as well, adding to what is probably a false expectation.
  6. Oh man. I don't think I've ever been this excited before about a game we don't know a single thing about. - Just that it's a traditional adventure made by Shafer and Gilbert is enough. I'm looking forward to the behind the scenes videos as well.
  7. The MI beach tune lends itself really well for the bagpipes, I must say.
  8. I think I read somewhere they have to use the exact amount of frames for an animation that the original animation has. It's a technical limitation that enables you to switch instantly between the new and old version of the game.
  9. If Telltale wants to stick with comedy games, I think Space Quest or LSL would be interesting properties. Although I think LSL has already been ruined by 2 modern sequels. I love light-hearted games very much, but I'd also like to see what Telltale can do with a more serious story. A Gabriel Knight story by Telltale would be very interesting for sure.
  10. We have principles and standards to uphold, dear friends.
  11. I'm blind! Seriously, though. Where is everyone?
  12. I agree that the rope isn't really convincing. I hope they still have time to polish some of their props a bit better.
  13. Guybrush looks a little pale there. Also, the rope around Elaine reminds me of Sam & Max episode 1.
  14. This new cover makes me want to stomp Guybrush in his smugly face. And let me also repeat myself: WTF did they do with his hair!? The demo movie looks pretty awesome, non the less. They did a great job on the new backgrounds and stuff. Voice acting seems to be all right as well.
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