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  1. i have them too iain. yeah they ain't so hot. send em to me anyway. haha.
  2. enough of this bull**** fellas. it basically comes down to. Spiffy or sean or whatever bought this nocturnal's comic, expecting some more steve purcell work in it then what really is in it. Regardless of what bad religion said about it. He also personally wasn't feeling the little purcell artwork that is actually in it. He's entitled to his opinion and to express it. this is a message board afterall. Bad religion was offended that his statement about this comic was either misunderstood, overlooked or ignored. and decided to call gerbil out on this one and to inform others that he feels he isn't right. it is what it is. leave it alone. on another note. I'm going to call Bad religion out with my personal issue. I've repeatedly emailed you from day 1 when you offered to sell someone your Purcell swag. and i've gotten no response. Whether you were interested or not, you should have let me know. I thought okay, maybe this guy is inactive. But to see you come on here, post your email once again and see you active, well, confuses me. Since you've made enough effort to respond and post to spiffy over here, i think you should clear some **** up with me.
  3. are you serious? you're not getting them because of 7 dollars?........come on.
  4. nice. i like this. the nipple over the champagne glass was unique.
  5. how did you get him to send you all of that?
  6. french guy willing to pay a high price? sounds like my kinda guy. I'll post up what i have in time. I'm at school right now.
  7. http://www.bluenotesjeans.com if you check girls clothing...and polos and tees....you can see some of the tops has the symbol. not so clear, but i seen em up close. DO I SMELL LAWSUIT MAYBE?
  8. I saw this girl on the street.....and she was wearing this short sleeved shirt. Like a golf shirt.....and the lil symbol on the left side of the shirt.....was a Skull and crossbones max! in pink! it was trippy. It had the bunny head and the "X" under it. I was like wtf is this. i asked her what brand the shirt is, she said she got it from bluenotes...i dunno if that store is in the US....but next time i pass one, i'm gonna check it out.....maybe purcell can sue...
  9. Oh yea, if theres a number infront of the names, it's means how many copies i have.
  10. I finally organized all the sam and max or steve purcell related things i've bought now. I guess i'll just list em. The Adventurer numbers: 9 12 8 Sam and Max #1 from fishwrap (black and white) Sam and Max (Bad day on moon one) from comico 3 Sam and Max FreeLance police special from Comico (The roadtrip one) 2 Sam and Max Special color collection. Gumby's Winter Fun Special (Written by purcell) 2 hellboy christmas specials. Contains "toybox" comic by purcell Oni Double Feature #10, containing Sam & Max "Skeptical Invesitgators" Dark Horse presents Rusty Razorclam president of Neptune. Collaboration between mike mignola and purcell. (Purcell wrote it) Wizard November 1997, containing "In the belly of beast" comic, (halloween joint) Call of Cathulu Horror role playing book -containing illustrations by steve purcell Defenders of Dynatron City, #1 from marvel. "A new superhero fansty from Lucasarts" - written by purcell 5 Fast Forward StoryTellers.#3. from pirana press. Contains toybox comic by purcell. Critters #19 Contains Sam & Max comic. "Warrior of the Mystic Realms HERO" from Marvel comics. Six comic series, contains drawing from steve purcell. I also got the 3 videos, the 2 pins, and trading card, the game, a sticker, and a drawing steve purcell sent me. (Darth Maul Max) I think that's everything. I'm not really interested in selling any of this. I may part with a couple of the fast fowards for the right price. Hmm yea. Later.
  11. yea it will. they used to work on my old computer, very much like that one.
  12. I don't even care. Back in the day, I remember how setion was the man. So what he says, may very well be right. I didn't read into the situation, but yea.
  13. Say what? there was a deal with me? I don't even remember anyone asking me. Hmmm. I got 2-3 of the hellboy christmas specials. But the last 2 cost me dearly. I don't think I wanna part with them just yet.
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