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  1. Yes, Sam & Max would definately work as a movie. I imagine the first act would take place in the thuggy crimey underbelly of New York, then the second act could be more of a road movie. Of course the plot would have to be a bit less off-on-a-tangent than the comics. Maybe if the Freelance Police were hired to track down someone on the lamb. Say, whatever happened to the new comic Purcell was working on, where Max gets shot in the ear?
  2. I think Full Throttle (or maybe the Dig) would translate to a movie better than other LucasArts games. A somewhat simplified version of Grim Fandango would also be an absolutely rockin movie for Pixar once their Disney contract is up. Sam & Max could also be a hilarious movie, although it would be based on the comics more than the game. As I've stated before I think surreal minimalistic makeup (like in the Cats play) for the actors playing Sam & Max would suit it best, as I think CGI characters would just be too corny (think the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie) and a full CGI movie would
  3. That's why I think the death penalty should be reserved for serial killers, with substantial evidence or open confession. Especially if it's obvious that they'll want to kill again in the future. If a guy's wife is cheating, the guy gets drunk and kills his wife's boyfriend, he deserves a life sentance at most.
  4. I think my avatar is pretty.
  5. I'm not sure whether we still use the electric chair or not, but if we do I think we should stop. Lethal injections seem a lot more humane. I'm fine with the death penalty as long as it's painfully obvious that the murderer needs to be gone. Some psychotic redneck who killed seven people in his shack, fine, put him down. But some sad hobo who killed another hobo, nah, just put him in jail.
  6. Guybrush guy: That was exactly what people complained about when MI3 came out though. That it was too much like the previous games, and not different enough.
  7. Yes, personally I'm sticking with my Mars Attacks dvd. Now THERE'S a movie no one can agree on.
  8. I guess it's one of those movies that everyone either hates or loves. And the people who hate it think everyone should hate it too, and the people who love it think everyone should love it too, so they get all pissed off at each other and start throwing hand grenades, and before you know it it's WORLD FRIGGIN WAR III.
  9. Mixed reviews already.
  10. ^ The previous post is false.
  11. ^ Is not as tall as he advertises. < Is probably a better comedian than ANY of you. V Disagrees.
  12. Man... I want to play the Dig again. I lost my CD years ago. *Ahem*, if anyone has a copy of the game that they don't want any more, I'd be thrilled if they could send it to me. If you don't want to give up your disc, reconsider the word copy...
  13. For some reason I have the index.html of the msg board after I posted my first message saved on my comp. The subject of the message I posted is "Monkey Island Mysteries". I don't know what the actual message is.
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