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    Once I ate this thing and it hatched in me and took over my body, but then there was this accident with a meat grinder and I'm all better now.
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    Destruction, mayhem, painful painful torture, you know, the usual.
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    Taking over the World, with 7 monkeys and a bucket of coleslaw
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  1. This brought back a ton of memories. I've been hanging out in various bit of this community since... oh probably 1998. The community has gone through many ups and downs, but I am always thankful that this place still exists, to me it's a cornerstone of the internet, and a real testament to the dedication of everyone involved. Thanks Mojo!
  2. Indiana Jones and the Knobs of Destiny is a different genre of film
  3. The show is designed as 3 episode arcs, so episode 1/4 are kinda introductory 2/5 set up 3/6 big time payoff. So that may be worth keeping in mind, I've found the show to be excellent
  4. That very much looks like the Ron/Dave note in a box ending to me after seeing those images
  5. I love this about it. They feel like two people who very much have their own interests and goals. They both spend as much time together as they can, but also leave each other room to do their own thing. Very realistic adult approach to a relationship. One of my favorite bits is on Scurvy Island where Guybrush describes the fun they've had at various places, like the waterfall. It's like that's their new home and you're getting a personal view of it
  6. I took the photo, but never though about putting it in the frame. That's fun
  7. Fish puzzle was a good one. I did the same thing with putting the spice on in my inventory then putting it in the bucket and running back to Melee. I knew you could sneak a fish onto your plate (as I did it with a spiced one), but the leap to not add pepper until the fish were in the bucket took me a bit. Despite it seeming so obvious afterwards
  8. I do like the way Part IV ramps up the puzzle insanity. The first few parts felt fairly contained, and then this part it just branches uncontrollably. Every one of the many things you wanted now requires these many other things And Bite of a Thousand Needles got me for a bit too
  9. Just finished the game, mostly found the puzzles straight forward to deal with, but of course there's always one. For me it was strangely What about everyone else? Anything snag you for particularly long?
  10. GOG version you say? Well that's something I can work with at least. Thanks Jake!
  11. I didn't see a thread that perfectly fit this in the first few pages, and it didn't seem worth opening a new one. But does anyone know off hand if the Steam versions of Tales of Monkey Island has the Earl Boen version of LeChuck in Chapter 1? I could dig out the disc to install I suppose, but I'm feeling lazy
  12. Speaking as a software developer, depending on the time frame, the laziest hackiest ways are often the most likely to remove half finished content. Especially if you think there's any chance to get back to it later down the line
  13. EMI above CMI? Having a lot of difficulty comprehending this info
  14. This is the thread that just keeps on giving!
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