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    Once I ate this thing and it hatched in me and took over my body, but then there was this accident with a meat grinder and I'm all better now.
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    Destruction, mayhem, painful painful torture, you know, the usual.
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    Taking over the World, with 7 monkeys and a bucket of coleslaw
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  1. Speaking as a software developer, depending on the time frame, the laziest hackiest ways are often the most likely to remove half finished content. Especially if you think there's any chance to get back to it later down the line
  2. EMI above CMI? Having a lot of difficulty comprehending this info
  3. I'm impressed if there is still someone working on it. Dedication. Looks real good
  4. Someone had some free time back in the day...
  5. So did they add anything to this one like they did to the first, or is it pretty much a straight conversion?
  6. Rude people? Someone should take charge there. Pretty pictures by the way.
  7. I saw X-men 3 as well. Was fairly dissapointed with it. THe last two felt like big motion pictures that flowed together, then this one was sort of like a comic book fast, lots of action, and not as much story depth. I have some other issues, but their spoilery and I'm too lazy to type them at the moment.
  8. I saw Firewall, it wasn't bad, not great though either. The best part is Harrison Ford proves he's still got what it takes to do some physical stuff (more Indy anyone?)
  9. I'm looking forward to both of those as well. Seeing the art and basic premesis of Dreamfall was what finally made me play through the whole first game.
  10. I loved this, it amazed me how long they go without food, What Animals!
  11. I think I have a problem with anyone who's anti Sammy.
  12. Any idea when the movie comes out on DVD? I'm kinda feeling like I need to see it again. The more I think about it the more I think I may have liked it more than I originally realized. This time I'll be expecting the darker edge (and will not be in the worst drive in movie theatre known to man)
  13. Does it really sum up their changed attitudes? Maybe I should look into it.
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