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  1. I have to disagree with this totally, Homeworld 2 has an abundance of strategies, more so than EaW tenfold. If you were to go online and play any one of the veteran players there you would get toasted alive by either race in a variety of ways. Every unit has multiple roles, if you know how to use them. EaW has little strategic depth to it. It's a lot of build up a big fleet and raid enemy planets, rinse/repeat. Or if your playing skirmish it's a case of grab all the mines = automatic win. There could have been so much more to this game but sadly it wasn't realised.
  2. Galactic Conquest Tournament Background The Galaxy is in turmoil. For centuries, rival tribes have fought leaving scars across countless star systems. Planets and once habitable moons have become wastelands caused by the destructive power of Fleets belonging to some of the galaxy's most powerful Organisations. After so long, and so much fighting an opening has revealed itself. Will one Clan emerge the victor or will the Galaxy burn for all time? Aim Lead your Clan and claim the key systems for your own, wipe out all opposition and take control of the Galaxy. To gain territory in the Galactic map, a challenge must be issued by you to the Clan who owns the territory your after. Once Challenge has been accepted, then a series of games must be played in order to determine whether or not you will claim that territory for your own. The Tourney ends when all opposing clans are defeated and you Stand as the Victor. Rules 1. Games can be played 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 as long as both parties agree to it prior. 2. In order to 'win' territory, a minimum of 4 games must be played. 2 for space and 2 for land. For example; TFL challenge THX for control over Polus. Challenge is accepted and a 2v2 takes place. In order to secure Space territory, TFL will play THX 2 games in space, one as Empire the other as Rebellion. If a draw occurs (a 1 - 1 scenario) then a third game must take place with the defenders choosing which side to play and which settings to use (in this event, the settings the defenders choose will NOT be argued against). If TFL win both space matches (or win 2-1) then they can initiate a land battle that plays in the same way as you would play Land, with the draw scenario still in place. Once all the games have been played and TFL win space and Land then the planet becomes theirs. 3. Challenges will take place in Battle Rounds. For Example, Round 1 would see TFL attack THX and THX attack TWNZ and TWNZ would attack TFL; TFL attack THX = THX loses a planet THX attacks TWNZ = TWNZ loses a planet TWNZ attacks TFL = TFL defend, keeping planet Once all attacks have been completed the round ends and the next round begins. This will keep the tourney in a state of continuation. In the event that more than one Clan issues a challenge to the same planet, then either the Clan who challenged 1st would take the 1st attack or the Clan nearest to the target via the 'map'. So... TFL attack THX for Polus = TFL wins Polus TWNZ attack TFL for Polus = TWNZ wins Polus THX attack TWNZ for Shola = THX wins Shola 4. A clan can only attack a system/planet if they have the planet that links to the target planet. 5. A round will typically last a maximum of a week with any outstanding battles being resolved automatically. This Tourney is a Beta tourney (as I haven't worked out all the bugs of it yet - such as loopholes and rules that need to be added) and will only be open to the 1st four Clans who show interest, if the tourney turns out to be a success then it will be opened to the remaining Clan community. an Example of the map can be found here.
  3. Online skirmish is fun but if your new to the EaW universe then you will get slaughtered by the veteran players. Skirmish is a ridiculously fast paced set up, with the action starting mere seconds into the game. This is good for the action junkies but also bad cos the game can be wrapped up in just minutes with the rest of the battle being one sided for another 5-15 minutes. So, what you end up with is two things; 1. Really intense Clan fights with equally skilled people 2. One sided walkovers where people just quit because they know they have lost within the 1st 5 minutes and don't want to waste another ten while the station gets taken out. In EaW the connection problems forced a lot of people out of the game because they got sick of it, even I left at one point but oddly enough, FoC actually seems to have improved things a lot on the connection side of things. I played 7 games in a row the other night without a single sync or players dropping, and everyone of them started 1st time without even a test. Not sure how this has happened but it's a MAJOR improvement. The majority of all players online can be found in the US server, if you go to options (online) then set the host location to US, you'll find them all in the 1 v 1 room. At peak times there can be as many as 150+ players not counting those already ingame. so there are some things for you to chew on. Most of the downsides to skirmish is the imbalances between races, though I havent seen much evidence of this yet so I can't really comment on it. EaW is pretty Balanced right now as far as space is concerned, I dont know about land as I hardly play land. Space in FoC is apparently imbalanced. Again I don't know about land. If anyone wants to learn how to play the game online to a degree where you can hold your own, just give TFL a shout or some of the more solid clans and they should offer you some assistance, after all whats the point in owning people who dont know how to play it? I'd rather win my games through playing good rather than my opponent playing poor... if you get me?
  4. Your PSU is fine in my opinion, I don't know much about the quality of XFX but a 6800XT will do you (and the game) proud.
  5. This is not a scientific education thread. Out of all the points raised here, Rust Lord and Admiral Sith are the ones who are spot on. Tie Fighters are faster than X-Wings especially in space, X-Wings beat Tie Fighters in weapon/shield/hyperdrive stakes. So in a head to head the Tie was always at the disadvantage but not because of speed. 50-100 Isd's in the Battle for Endor? I somewhat doubt it but either way, the Rebellion fleet didn't know the Empire fleet was there, remember Ackbar 'It's a trap!' moving futher along that point, the reason the Mon Cal's lasted so long was they moved their cap ships right into the mix of it meaning Isd's were limited to targets as other Isd's would be in the way. Also, bringing down the SSD was sheer fluke as an A-Wing pilot lost control and hit the bridge square on. The shield Generators on the Isd's or SSD was notoriously easy to hit and was one of the biggest flaws in the Isd's design. As with feeling acceleration or deceleration, almost all SW ships had something called a 'gravity compensator' which simulated Gravity in the cockpit or stabilised gravity in the bigger ships. In the fighters this was a necessary thing so the pilot could 'feel' the ship when flying in space. Yes I am a Star Wars geek and I am proud In the end, the Rebellion won because they had hero characters that could do the impossible and the Empire's arrogance was it's undoing. One of the biggest reason why Thrawn was such an amazing leader was he never underestimated his enemy (except the one time which also ended up his downfall) and didn't have a trace of arrogance.
  6. It wasn't so much as me being worried that I offended people, it was more of the fact that I was wrong. So I agree with what your saying but in this case, I didn't want the dev's to act on criticism that was badly flawed. Since coming back to EaW, I have had a great time and even brought my clan back into the fray (some at any rate), In all games now, tier 1 is all about macro for 60 seconds while you do a fast tech while attempting to hold as much ground as possible, then micro as you try and get your units into the battle and intergrate them, hero micro is especially fun. It's actually possible to dominate some maps in less than 2 minutes using either Race (although a fair few maps favour the Rebels heavily), TFL have found out by more poking around. Basically the whole point of me apologising was to show that I can admit when wrong and also show others that there is no harm in apologising when wrong instead of arguing when you have been proven wrong. If you get me.
  7. That is actually a sterling idea but I would make it as an option you can select before you start the game than have it set in code.
  8. Darth, you are wrong. I just tried to post a responce here but there is something up with this forum and yet again I couldn't post and the message was lost. So i'll do a quick list of what i tried to say; 1. Delphi said somewhere recently, this game is not a canon representation of the Star Wars universe, so your point about the X-Wings speed being as it should is a mute point. 2. In the game HW2, you could literally counter anything with something yet it worked and some of the strategies made were simply astounding. So you can get the perfectly balanced game and still have a great time. 3. No where in any post have I said I wanted Empire to be all powerful, that would totally defeat the object of criticising balance issues. Try not to twist my words to suit your argument please. 4. Seeing as this site is yours I assume you know I posted an apology thread to Petro way After I posted in this thread so don't you think your attack on me here was a little pointless?? 5. Have you even played 1.5? Because you seem to be blissfully unaware of what is smack bang infront of your face. Yes my opinion has changed somewhat over the course of last night but it doesn't change the fact that Rebs are still better than Emp. Rebs will always take the immediate lead in any game. And if you haven't seen this then you must have played against some real crap opponents. GSwift, like I said, my opinion has changed hence my apology thread, There are ways round things but there is nothing much you can do about X-Wings getting the turrets/mine first. This was all I tried to say in the 1st place.
  9. Oh that match didn't count but someone got the screenie anyway besides we beat you and rico anyway lol [edit] the 3rd best clan at the time?? Thinking back I'm not really sure... You had RsH,TFL,DS,666,Cze if I remember rightly they were the top 5 back in 1.3 cant remember if i am right though
  10. Over the past week, my opinion has been fairly harsh about 1.5. So tonight I decided to go back into EaW and give it another chance. I am still right about Rebs being overpowered but they aren't as overpowered as I thought. A few tweaks in strategy (which I had previously missed) is all you need to overcome it. I have played several games as both Empire and Rebs and won them all with my team mate, CommanderSB. In this, I am wrong in my previous opinion that in a skilled game, Rebs are a cert to win. There are still a few things that bug me, such as; Connection issues, broken units(interdictor), upgrades that don't work(mine 1st upgrade) no skill in deciding the outcome of dogfights, but this isn't the point of my thread. And with that, I apologise to Petro and those who disagreed with me for the unfair level of harshness that came with my opinion in previous threads. If I'm wrong, I'll always hold my hands up and say so.
  11. I wasn't going to reply to this in fear of being labelled as a someone who argues for the hell of it but I assume seeing as I was one of the strongest voices against this patch on this forum, that your post was directed to me as well as others. So I'm replying. Wrong. The Rebs are indeed overpowered to the point that in a skilled v skilled game Rebs will win everytime. They are certainly not losing out. I personally prefer the Rebs but I can't stand a cheap win, which is what it feels like when using them. Also this is the part I feel is directed at me among others. If you ask those who are active in EaW online you may hear that TFL was one of the top 3 space skirmish clans, with only RsH holding their own against us. Plus TFL got so good because we learned the game, we analysed the units for their strengths and weaknesses, I even created a map solely for the purpose of labbing uints. It's fair to say that when it comes to tactics and strategies, I'm fairly good and have some idea of what I am talking about when it comes to balance and unit v unit. In the case of 1.5 people are right to direct their anger at the dev's who admitted to releasing an incomplete patch. The very fact that the devs say this is balanced is beyond belief. As anyone with even a touch of knowledge can see otherwise TFL's trophy room, if anyone cares to take a look; http://tflclan.myfreeforum.org/forum17.php Mods are made to peoples particular tastes, EaW is a game that should cater for the majority not just the n00bs who can't learn a game without uber cheats and lame rush tactics. You have 3 types of gamers. 1, Skilled/professional - Want to win everygame possible or at least try, will learn the game mechanics and unit data to achieve this. Ultra rivalry and competitiveness is rife with this type. 2, Casual gamers - Will play the game at their own pace and their own style, which may include just wanting to play with huge fleets or just even play in a more laid back style. Not particularly keen on rush tactics. May attempt to learn the game to a skilled standard just so they can achieve a skillset to allow them to control the game in such a fashion that they can play in a laid back style. 3, N00bs - Morons who spam the lobbies endlessly for no good reason (there is never a reason to spam the lobby anyway). Morons who drop at the first sign of attack, Morons who flame,cuss,insult,use racist remarks and accuse their betters of cheating at every single opportunity. Will also complain endlessly to anyone and everyone how the game sucks and needs changing after every single game they lose. Have no intention of ever learning any game because they think they already own everyone else even though they never win. The devs should be catering for the top two types of gamers and not the moronic kids who have no idea what they are talking about. It isn't that the x-wing are more powerful, it's that they are too quick and Empire have no counter for this. X-wings can grab all the strategic turrets way before Tie's can even get to them. Your being too specific in what should be what considering that if this game was vanila then Rebellion would have no chance whatsoever against the Empire's war machine. There have to be some concessions or a game like this would never work. The Rebels are certainly not having a tough time of it. They have the advantage in any game right off the bat and keep the advantage all the way through techs. Although I would love to see a mod that can return the balance and give more features, it isn't the mod's job to correct a game. This is muy opinion and should not be considered a flame or insult to anyone including DarthMaul.
  12. Proposal: Revert back to 1.03 with minor changes listed below. Reasoning: Apart from the mine rush tactics (which you will ALWAYS have in this game) 1.03 was by far the most balanced of the patches. Balance: Only the changes that never happened held this patch back. ------- Proposal: Fix Interdictor Cruiser Reasoning: It's useless in all aspects of it's roles. Can't go toe to toe with any ships, does minimal damage and it's abilities don't work. The grav effect isn't big enough to be of use. Balance: Would bring new tactics and strategies into maintaining and protecting Fleets (Should you have one) --------- There are more but I have to go, will finish later
  13. X-Wings and Tie fighters do NOT do the exact same thing, your forgetting the speed difference which is quite an advantage Tech 1. X-Wing owns a Tie-Fighter in a straight fight, never seen otherwise. X-Wing with lock S-Foils will get to mines and Turrets long before a Tie-Fighter will get there meaning that by the time a Tie-Fighter does get there it will have to face a turret that will rip it to shreds. Sure you say Tie's build faster but the speed boost for the X-Wing getting to the Turret nullifies this giving the Reb's a huge advantage in this tech. Tech 2. Rebs own outright in this tech. Vettes can handle Acclamators nicely (I have shown you this personally) while Neb B's will decimate Tartans. The only Advantage Empire wopuld have had here would have been the 2 bomber squads it holds, now it has just 1 and the vettes will wipe them out before they get chance to do any harm. In a Team game tech 1 will only last 60 seconds anyway as everyone will upgrade as soon as the game starts, especially Empire as the Tie-Fighters are worthless compared to the Rebellion counterpart. Once Tartans have been decimated the Neb B's will turn their attention towards the remaining Acc's and rip them apart bomber free. Tech 3. Pretty much a worthless Tech for Empire giving them an Interdictor which is pretty useless (It's missile jamming ability still doesn't work and it's gravwells area of effect too small to be of use). Then you have Darth Vader who is too slow to be of much use unless you have to take care of Solo, which coupled with Fett can be a help admittedly. Rebellion get the Gunship which is devastating in numbers but thankfully not used by the community much plus Antilles, a generally useful ship due to it's speed (Never found out if it's weapon power reducing ability worked though) Also, if I remember correctly the Rebellion also get the lovely Ion Cannon (quote me on that cos I'm not actually sure just thinking about it). So a quick summary of Tech 3 units - Gunboats in numbers do huge damage cos they bypass shields and are also useful against fighters but not as good as the vettes, they also take a beating too from all ships including the Isd. Antilles is just right to be honest nothing wrong with this unit, fulfills his role perfectly as a hit and run unit. The Interdictor has to be the weakest ship in the game and the most useless and can't hold it's own to anything. Vader has his uses but is too slow for a tech 3 hero flying in a protype ship (just me nit picking there - Vader is fine if you know how to use him) The special weapons (again not sure if they are tech 3 or 4 ) are obviously different but the Ion Cannon is way more damaging than the Seige Cannon (is it the seige?) and unlike the Seige Cannon the Ion Cannon NEVER misses. Tech 4. In my opinion Rebs just push the Advantage here, I explain why in a moment but on with the ships. Rebs get the Assault frigate which will lose to a Vic 1v1 cos of the bomber squad but coupled with a vette will own a Vic everytime. This might just be me but the Vic seems to have less of a chance in surviving a fight than the Acc does. The Empire's ONLY advantage here is the Broadside cruiser which totally and without hesitation rips through Space Stations without effort and in only a matter of seconds but as I said before the Chances of you getting to tech 4 and getting enough Broadsides are slim if your in an Expert v Expert game. The Reb's Marauder's are the same but take longer to take down an SS due to the different shape of the Station. So, Reb's just edge this cos by now they will certainly have the advantage and the better portion of Map control (If the game gets this far, again in an Expert v Expert situation) Tech 5. Rebs again dominate this tech. The Rebs get Home One and the Mon Cal cruisers, Home One itself isn't that big a problem to Empire as it's shields can be taken down permanently and it's concentrate abilty is only useful if you have enough ships on your side and near the target. The Mon Cals coupled with a vette or two will wipe out Isd's Everytime and anything else lower than an Isd hasn't much of a chance against this. The Isd is quite weak considering what it is and it's only real saving grace is the tractor beam which is only really usefull against vettes and solo. Piett is a good hero but Ultimately finds himself the target of an Ion cannon rendering him utterly useless. If Piett is around and you haven't got the means to stop him then he can be very dangerous so Empire gets a point here but in the End Rebs still have the advantage. Then you have the pop cap which is 50/50 .. I can't make my mind up with it. On one hand you could say it's balanced cos Rebs have to buy their fighters while Empire get most for free, but on the other hand, after Tech 2 fighters become obsolete and Rebs get a huge advantage in pop cap when buying vettes/frigs/Mon Cals. Which is the lesser of the two evils, I wonder? You still didn't answer my question 'Whats the point in releasing a patch if you haven't finished tweaking or like you kinda said, the patch is incomplete'
  14. I don't understand the logic behind this? Balance changes will come in increments? - Why release a patch that heavily favours just 1 side, or even why release a patch that isn't finished? (I assume thats what you mean by this) Delphi, please understand this, I'm not attacking the patch just because it has changed tactics - it has nothing to do with changing tactics. If the game was altered so the vette rush wasn't the best tactic BUT the game was still balanced then I would have welcomed it with open arms, as I expect others would. Even before the patch was released, it was so obvious what was going to happen. I have already apologised to Sageking over the harshness of this thread (although i'm not sure he got the message) and asked him to forward my apologies but my points still stand. So again, you MUST have known the patch was heavily imbalanced so why release it if you have plans to make more tweaks?
  15. This is nothing to do with players 'floundering', Delphi. This is down to the sheer fact that space skirmish is ridiculously imbalanced. The way you replied is like you have read what we said about the game then said 'well it works for me so tough' I'm glad your happy with it but does it not occur to you that so many people are unhappy with it? After all, You haven't had to buy this game. The way you got your information to make changes is heavily flawed. For a start you say observations influenced you and your team, if this was the case then surely you must have known the imbalances you were putting into the game? Expert vs Expert = Rebellion win EVERYTIME. I showed you myself how the vette owned the acc and you actually agreed it needed changing but there has been no change, so again I ask you, who have you listened to? Cos in my opinion it wasnt someone who knew what they were talking about.
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