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  1. Fred

    In a hurry

    Thanks Dinghy Dog, I'm glad to be back
  2. Mine would have to be Herman Toothrot. I hate him!
  3. Fred

    In a hurry

    Guess what? I'm back! I had a great time and really enjoyed myself. Anyway, what's been up while I've been away?
  4. O.k guys, in an hour and a halfs time, I'm leaving to go to Cornwall for a week with the school, so I would post some more, but, well, I can't. Anyway, I'll see you guys in a week. Bye!
  5. Fred


    Ugggh! Don't remind me!
  6. I'm fine, thanks. It's good to see a friendly face here
  7. I really like your monkey signature Brighteyesmonkey
  8. O.k, I saw no.9, what's this Wall thing you guys have got going?
  9. I agree with you. I really like the graphics aswell..... Not that CMI graphics are bad, cos they aren't. You know what I mean!
  10. http://www.escapemi.com http://www.milegend.com http://www.worldofmi.com Are my favourites.
  11. Fred


    Oh yes, Jackass is funny. Did you see the one where Johnny Knoxville picked up that dog turd and put it in the restaraunt food?
  12. Fred


    I like Shooting Stars and Black Books and The Office.
  13. I'm back and I've posted more than once after my returning. Although, I can't really considered being called 'back' as I was never really here......
  14. My favourite thing in the world is life. Without it, we'd be....well.....we'd be dead.
  15. It should have the CMI graphics, and the EMI voices.
  16. If it was actors, I would hesitate before going to see it, cos I think that would seriously ruin the whole Monkey Island feel.
  17. I've only played 1 & 2 and the EMI demo, but what I've seen of it, it's no patch on 1 & 2. Anyway, number 2 is my favourite and always has been.
  18. I think if they make a Monkey Island film, it should be animated in Curse of Monkey Island graphics. It would look far better than using actors, and they could put more outrageous stuff in it.
  19. Hi guys, I posted here once a while ago. My name's Fred (You may have heard of me from Milegend, Fangames, or BSBC. Anyway, I hope to be a regular poster. So HI! God, I love these smilies!
  20. HELLO! I'm (obviously) new here! some of you may know me as Fred from Monkey Center, but that was already taken, so I'm Freddy here.
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