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  1. One of the Petro guys said that the Wookipedia article isn't correct and/or complete. I believe they are still holding back on parts of the complete unit list. Two more weeks and we'll know for sure. Edit: IGN claims to have the 'official' complete list of 'new' units here: http://pc.ign.com/articles/738/738196p1.html Keep in mind that not only are new units being added, but we'll see changes to existing units, structures, and tech upgrades as well.
  2. So, when they steal units from the other factions, will they be identical to the original unit or will Tyber customize them for his faction? P.S. Delphi, are they making you work seven days a week now?
  3. Wow, the Vengance is cool. Stealth it up next to the Victory, take down the shields with standard weapons, then just before they can kill it, self-destruct. Massive carnage. Muahahahaha!!! I noticed that in the demo there are 5 different taunts when you hit 1 on the number pad. Have more taunts been added to all the factions (and the other buttons for the Consortium)? It would be cool if each side now has a total of 15 different taunts. LoL "Not even a challenge". Taunts are one of my favorite parts of the original in game. Thanks for the demo guys. Totally cool. Just enough content to let us know how the corruption and sneaky tactics will work, without giving too much away.
  4. FoC demo says that I must have dx9.0c to play, but I already have it installed. After trying several times to re-install the demo and dx, I ran the FoC help tool and found the problem. Although I had the correct version of direct x, I was missing the following driver file: d3dx9_30.dll . FoC requires that file in your windows/system directory, and the file can be downloaded from a number of different sources for free (but it's not included in the microsoft dx-9c install, and EaW doesn't require this driver). Thanks to Petroglyph for the excellent help/diagnostic tools included with the game. Good work guys. I would have never found that problem on my own. I can send you the syscheck file upon request.
  5. The community wont be the same without you Darth. Good luck and farewell. PS: Where are the moderators/site admin? This off-topic post needs to be moved! lol
  6. Houston, we have a problem. The demo file doesn't seem to be available on xfire RTS channel yet. However, I guess there's still a few more hours of Oct 3rd remaining. I know it's just a partial file download, so it doesn't matter if I get it now or not, but I was just wondering if there was a problem, or if I'm doing something wrong. I'd like to get the bulk of the file ahead of time so I don't have to contend with server overload when the whole thing is released. P.S. I want to make it clear that I'm not complaining. I think it's really awesome that they're releasing a demo!!!!! Thanks for the extra work Petro/Lucas. You guys rock!
  7. Couple of my buddies had the good fortune to play against three of the Petro guys yesterday 10/03/06. Here's a screen shot of the final results:
  8. Wow, the unit breakdown and the interview with Delphi are really cool. I was thinking that the number of new features in FoC made it worthy of being called a sequel rather than an expansion, based on the information released more than a month ago. Since then they've release even more surprising new info. They could have easilly called this a sequel and charged full price.
  9. Just a guess, but I think it's an educated one.
  10. There's a screen shot of what I believe is the MC-30 here: http://pff.swrebellion.com/index.php?topic=3365.0 It's shown in the second picture, on the load screen for FoC. It looks like a smaller version of Home One, but with towers sticking straight out from both sides.
  11. The Darth Vader/Executor enigma has been untangled in another thread. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=170959 These two threads seem like the same subject now that we have those answers, since we now know the SSD is a hero unit.
  12. I'm sure they thought of that and they'll make sure it's balanced. In skirmish games, I'm sure he's mega-expensive to build and takes a long time to build as well. In campaign, different heros have different timers, so I would imagine that his is longer. However, if his respawn time is going to be that long in campaign I wonder if he's still going to be available in ground, and IF SO then he'll need to really powerfull on the ground as well as space (otherwise you'd be crazy to use him on land and get the SSD killed by a few artillery peices)
  13. WOW, I've been following the news about FoC fairly closely because I'm almost a daily online player. However, MANY of the things stated above are news to me, and I therefore assume that a major 'freedom of information' threshhold has been reached with FoC. The extra content and major changes in the game mechanics seem more like what I would expect from EaW2, as opposed to an expansion. Based on the amount of work going into this expansion, I'd bet any amount of money that we're not seeing the end of the EaW series, but rather the BEGINNING of the EaW FRANCHISE. Look at the longevity of the Comand and Conquer franchise for example (same key people working on it, for the most part). How many Star Wars fans would be happy to see the EaW (Petro/LA) partnership last as long and produce so much great gaming as did the CnC series (based on Star Wars though)? There's NEVER been a great Star Wars RTS/Strategy franchise. It's about time for one to exist. I'll keep buying EaW games for as long as they continue to appear, that's for sure.
  14. Okay, my lore knowledge is a little lacking when it comes to EU stuff. What class of ship is the Admonitor supposed to be? The Executor is the SSD, right?
  15. That was surprisingly informative. I'm glad they take the time to do those things. Thanks for the great info Petroglyph. 40 new units, mirror games, more upgrade options, new turret types. Wow!!! Playing skirmish games is going to be like playing a whole new game. I'll have to learn how to play all over again, almost from scratch. Hmmm, they STILL haven't said anything about how many new skirmish maps there might be, and they're still keeping a BUNCH of the new units a secret. The NY Times seems to be good about disclosing top secret US government information, but not even THEY have been able to crack the security over at Petroglyph. Darn! I think I need to employ some Bothans to 'acquire' a copy of this game for me a little early. Edit: Chris said 40 new units. I wonder if that includes heros, or if it's 40 new units, plus all those new heros? Based on the number of existing units in the game (space+land+heros), and the new units they've shown us so far, I'm guessing that the 40 new units are in ADDITION to new heros. For example, the empire will have three new dark trooper units, a ground transport, two new tie models, and the SSD. That's 7 regular units, and at least two new heros (ground+land), probably more. So on a low-side estimate, that's at least 9 new units for emps and rebs, bringing them up to about 36 total. So if the Consortium will have the same number of units, then it's 9+9+36=54 total new units? ...or more?
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