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  1. do we have lightsaber duels in this game? when and how do we have ? for example emperor against luke
  2. thanks for your welcome but i was at eaw section before this
  3. i mean with rotating map is in a campaign for example i am trooper and i want to see this guy from every aspect(angle) how do i manage this?
  4. i choose campaign and trooper but in game i die so quickly Why? and one more question to you i try to choose hero , i change settings but i can't play with heroes? why? for playing with heroes do i have to pass some campaigns? can't we play with heroes at the beginning of the game? and one question can we rotate map?
  5. i want to know something , for example galactic conquest mode includes different things from skirmish mode and what are they? please reply, i want to learn.
  6. http://rapidshare.de/files/14284862/gwp_empireatwar_1_6.jpg.html so look at this picture who is the guy holding lightsaber?
  7. anyone saw him in this game? the only rebel hero has lightsaber is obi-wan?
  8. for example i wish conquering with obi-wan but not walking i want to see him on a speeder and go to enemys place is this possible?
  9. i would want to see padme(think that is utopia) force crush for everything better character modelization(think current one is terrible) would want to see much yoda saying"the younglings" and other jedis(luke , leia) in my opinion current game is great i think especially vaders taking and giving breath is awesome for a videogame and also obi wans voice so impressive and space combat is more beautiful than land combat thats all
  10. i was playing skirmish game with rebels and i began to produce reinforcements and i didn't see the problem that i will meet i looked at left top corner and reinforcement is 9/9 what should i do? i can't produce any unit but i don't know what i do at this point? Please do not double post to "bump" the thread if no one has replied by then. People here are friendly and will help out, but remember that everyone can't be at the computer at one time. I deleted the "bumping" post. Read the Forum Guidelines for more information. ~ Moel
  11. hey thanks for info but can vader use his force crush or force choke on obi and does he have other abilities than force crush and force push
  12. do we have lightsaber fight in the game? force crush is only for vehicles?(don't make me laugh, really) how do rotate the map? please answer these
  13. i am a dark jedi and i use any techniques against my opponents but there is a problem on duelling for example i duel against a dark jedi master and for example i use makashi technique and i attack during attacking my opponent "saves" himself and first question how does he do that? and when he attacks i defend myself first time but after that my character leaves second defense and my opponent cuts me and my vitality lows down why does it become so during the second attack, in the second why doesn't my character defend herself again is this bug or where is the mistake? please tell me(and my character has master duelling i remind that and level 22) please tell me why don't i save my character or how do i perform this?
  14. i was a dark jedi and i wanted to be on the side of kavar but on dialogues there wasn't any choice is this related to being light or dark i mean if i was light i would choose kavar? what is the most important point of this?
  15. hey is this game worth to buy? on ign, score is 7.8 if am not wrong do you actually play this?
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