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  1. Happens to the best of us Right now, I'm in the middle of applying for my bleedin' passport because thats the only ID Dotster will accept for me to retrieve the password for scummvm.org - I swear even the 'nice' registrars (Network Solutions excluded, you poor fools make ya go through hoops to renew your own domain names...
  2. Really, aquadran did most of the work, since he's pretty much our SMUSH (and iMUSE) master
  3. As we've told LEC several times, the ScummVM team is more than happy to help them reissue games through any means (freeware, pay-download, etc). Not flash, but still, ScummVM runs on almost anything It's not really a matter of resources (apart from whatever legal), just non-community orientated thinking. (On that note, I'm working on some New cool stuff - non-LucasArts
  4. At this point, I'll mention that ScummVM runs on a TON of mobile and home devices. PocketPCs/HandheldPCs... Tablets (I assume, never seen one to test it), various Symbian devices (via an UNOFFICIAL port, doesn't function all that well).. and Palms (some, with various limitations). Eg, don't be a moron. If you want a portable SCUMM platform go buy a el-cheapo 2nd hand or reconditioned ipaq. If you want a home PC device, get an modded Xbox and put Linux on it (or run the unofficial and unsupported native xbox port). Or a Dreamcast, although Xbox supports more games with better performance. As everybody else has said, this thread is absolutely silly I hope it was all a really really bad joke.
  5. Oh, and a PS.. One of the secret purposes behind the contest was really to get people to redesign the navigation to remove the Misc menu. It shouldn't have to be there. Note that none of the designs that 'made it' (or 'would have made it' in this case!) did that. None of the entries that did have new menu structures did it successfully. It's a shame
  6. The vote on the website is open again, so go vote for your fave out of the ones that -did- make it in on time. Oh, and spread the word, since people seemed to be pretty late in doing so for the actual contest *grin* Otherwise, Nice site! As for all the other comment - the downloads section will be revamped (eg, simplified) a lot. All this will happen when the polls close and the new website is chosen/made/put online.. If Draven is picked it'll take a bit longer, since everyone else selected submitted HTML templates instead of just a Photoshop file... So it'll take the longest since all the templatey stuff still needs doing.
  7. In terms of remodelling, you are best starting from scratch. Using the existing files as a base is silly. As far as the technical part goes, no, each bone is not an individual file. There are multiple 'costumes' however. If you remodelled correctly, it should probably work. But as exporting models for the original game is quite technically challenging... using Residual as a base gives lots of time to get the remodelling project perfect... since it'll still take us a bit to ensure the whole engine is more or less bug free anyway
  8. ktj is a nice guy, he helped us out with Towns support in ScummVM.
  9. Mind you, thanks to aquadran caving in to my naggin- , er, braving the depths of LUA... Residual should be doing a lot more around Christmas once the next few major elements are implemented. After that it's a very simple matter to add in a slab of code to load whatever format you want. I'd suggest Cal3d, for which there are 3ds max, Maya and Blender exporters at least. If someone seriously wants to do a Grim Fandango: Remastered then ask me again after the save/load support is complete and I'll be more than willing to get you started
  10. Ender

    A SCUMM Site

    The impending new ScummVM site will also have an extended documentation section for file specs and stuff
  11. Okay. In the case of a 1BPP image (thru to SCUMM V4), the only colour used is the talkColour set by the script. Yes, this is script controlled. In the case of 2BPP-8BPP fonts (SCUMM5+), the first indexed colour is the talkColour. The others are mapped somehow, I think into the font data itself. map[...] = ?? map[1] = talkColor; (do RLE loop and stuff...) color = (bits >> (8 - bpp)) & 0xFF; if (color) { putPixel(map); } (...)
  12. My question is whether they gave US any credit
  13. Read all about it at http://www.scummvm.org/ - my fingers are sore again
  14. Not a problem at all! As long as the GPL is included, distributing source is fine. Although, of course, one should read the license, the key points of the GPL are: * You must include the GPL, and not remove the license * If you distribute an executable/binary with changes from the original source, you must distribute the changes under the GPL also.
  15. Yeah, the presentation was a bit confusing. I was in contact with them however and did make sure they were using ScummVM 0.6.0 etc for it We were also featured in a feature article in the UK mag PC Plus this month that they interviewed me for - and apart from two mistakes it's a great article. Scans of PC Plus or a vidcap of the TechTV segment are available on request from anybody who I like *blinks*
  16. Yeah. The original always sounded like that - it's your memory at fault I think
  17. "What do you think about the Adventure genre" would be a good question to ask. On topic of the panel, and it would be interesting to see if the LEC panelist stays suspiciously quiet
  18. Ender

    LAF viewer

    Does anybody have any working code for viewing LAFs? I need it for drawing Grim fonts in Residual, but none of my code seems to work right
  19. The version number is the version of the OFFICIAL LucasArts interpreter used by the original. It has nothing to do with which version of ScummVM to use. 0.6.0 is fine even for Scumm V8 games
  20. And remember, if you borrow any code from ScummVM, you must GPL your own program I need to add AKOS viewing functionality to ScummEx.
  21. We really have to ask that people who use official LucasArts graphics put a disclaimer on them that they are not endorsed in any way by the ScummVM team. LEC don't like people using screenshots, one of their main bitches with ScummVM was that we had *gasp* screenshots on our site! Shoot us! Please!
  22. Our policy is to deny everything. But seriously, yes, it's probably FOTAQ. It's not a real secret (anybody even semi-regular on our IRC channel has known about it for months and months)... we just like to pretend that
  23. Hah, good luck. These games are verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rare. If you don't know Japanese, you probably will never find them. They do turn up occasionally on Yahoo JP auctions, although they only deliver inside Japan so you need a go-between to forward the package on. I did manage to get a copy of FmTowns Zak myself. Be aware that they usually go for USD$100+ each, on the rare occasion you do see one on a japanese auction site
  24. Enhanced Demo Supported now. Remember to use --demo-mode
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