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  1. thank you for leaving the server as soon as i get on. oh and thanks for taking advantage of my hung over ass when we duel. <3
  2. http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/OJP;90579 so the installer isnt working for me. I get a bugged version of 1.1 where some blocking anims and appropriate point allocations are missing
  3. you should probably give it a few days. Also you should not base judgment on how points you're getting, but how the gameplay works out.
  4. so i just read the review on jk2files. Overall, i found it very unsatisfactory. Despite the long wait for the review to actually come out, this guy wrote a very bland and shallow review, leaving many important details out, giving me a feeling that this reviewer did not go into the mod deep enough. But don't get me wrong, i like this exposure we're getting, and the review is overall positive. The saber system being the gem of the mod, only got a few sentences that barely even skimmed the surface of its potential. Is it just me or is this guy out of his mind? Did he read the manual? Did he play enough to actually realize that there is more depth and meaning to thesee features? Instead of getting into the saber system, this reviewer decided to focus on the gunner system, which is an important part of OJP, however I would like it not to overshadow the saber system. Regardless, this is good exposure, is good for the growth of OJP, and the review is generally positive, but I just cant help but feel like we're being misrepresented by a poor review.
  5. as far as i know, gameplay aspects of OJP are not supported in SP. I think the mod just happens to affect SP because of graphical changes associated with the mod
  6. in the OJP context, by "bringing back" drain is to add a new force power to the overall game.
  7. lets not bash on moviebattles now, in my opinion, they've done a very good job and revamped the gunner system in a way that has brought jedi academy to a new level. The point is that movie battles is not the same as ojp, thus a class system is inappropriate for our type of gameplay. either way, emotes, grappling hooks, and the like have no place in ojp.
  8. i can push a guy off the top of the catwalk on the imperial shaft map and he falls to his death. there was also an instance where i would jump really high and pull, making my opponent fly in the air and die on impact.
  9. i think this is one of the eye candy things that really isnt a top priority right now. After gameplay issues are sorted out, then i think we can concentrate a less significant visual aspects of the mod
  10. unless there's the time and energy to create a realistic grapple hook, im against it.
  11. try downloading the stuff from maxstate's sig
  12. i have pretty much the same issue. what happens is that, initially, i am able to enter duel mode. The problem is that if i were to go back to the main menu, and then return to duel mode, it goes into this stuck position.
  13. open the console and type /rate 250000 or higher
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