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  1. Slap Shot with Paul Newman. Not a huge sports fan, but LOVED that movie, mostly due to the Hanson Brothers. Brutal mutha-shut-yo-mouf!-ers. LOL
  2. Hanson? As in the group of long-haired kids who brought us that wonderful piece of siege music called "Mmmm-bop"? If so, I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  3. I know that this might sound blasphemous, but I think - after having taken a LONG time to think about it - that the only 'proper' FT2 would be one set in the same universe, but focused on a different character with Ben and the Polecats perhaps only making a cameo appearance. Just my $0.02 thrown on the bar for old times sake.
  4. I got a new movie for my kids tonight - Space Chimps - and thuroughly enjoyed it, especially when the main character, Ham, steps up to the edge of a cliff and looks down upon the villain's forress and says "That's the second-biggest lair I have ever seen." Nowhere else in the movie does it reference him seeing the first lair, and the only supplemental comment comes right after where he smiles and says "I've seen two." Splork/Infinity Probe/Pappy Ham are played by Wally "Herman Toothrot/Pirate 2/Pirate B" Wingert who also starred in Escape from Monkey Island One of the NASA humans, Dr. Smothers, is voiced by Kath "Maureen Corley" Soucie who also starred in Full Throttle.
  5. Well Joshi - It's now been two years since your reply and finally, I have decided to pull the old code from the scrap heap, polish her up, and try to see if the site will crank up.
  6. Bolus put on the jacket to imitate Ben and drove off to make the Polecats think Ben had driven off. When they hopped on their bikes and gave chase, Bolus hid alongside the road, doubled back, and dumped the bike and jacket, knowing that they were going to frame Ben and the Polecats for Corleys murder.
  7. Let's not forget this little word. Yes, it is found in the Bible, and yes, it is allowed on American television, but it's still profanity and FT is one of the few, if not the only, LEC adventures to use it as an explicitive. I can't recall if its found elsewhere in the game or not, but hit the Knife Trick Easter egg (ask Emmet 20 times if you can play, fyi) and stab Ben's hand a few times. He'll certainly spit it out for you.
  8. ...to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Yes, I am still here, in the shadows, trying to find the strength to resume work on the defiled shrine that is Kickstand. The question is, though, should I? I'm still not sure.
  9. I can't believe these were skipped: "I'm selling these fine leather pants." "...take his pants and ride ahead..." "Let out your pants and ride... Full Throttle..." And, sadly, a mini-Kickstand Karaoke entry for this thread... "December 61'. my pants were way too tight Still on my butt you see both leg cuffs riding hiiiigh. Right now if you sniffed 'em you wouldn't breathe very well, you'd need some oxygen to score a break from the biker smell. Is this the legacy of this thread for too many that I see? The kind of boredom that's discussin' the cloth above and below my knees. The "Great LEC's" sequel axe fell on my head Kickstand's dead and vacant now - But, relax, it just looks that way instead. After a while of no wisecracks, updates or rants... I have returned to you and I'm back and so, too are my pants..." F&@k the "sequel sadness" - Time to throw code! "Sorry for the inconvenience" - God
  10. The Kickstand ain't dead - It's just sleeping. Or rather, lying dormant in protest. I still love the original and will still give fans every scrap of ft2 nostalgia I collected during that sweet, brief time we had until the fine folks who chose to cancel the project daisy-chained their heads up each other's asses and pulled, challenging those who held the sword of Damoclese over Sam And Max's heads to do the same. Work has already begun on a better look and interface for the site... that cutesy s**t has got to go. Keep the faith, brothers - If we can't look forward to the future with a smile, at least we can look back on the past with a laugh. Ben Whatsisname, Webmaster of the Kickstand (may she rise again)
  11. I am not a game developer, but I want to venture a guess as to why they had so much of a problem. It makes sense to me to focus on ONE platform, the best-looking one, and then (after the game is near-ready for release, bring in a sub-team for ports. I mean that way, you have all the skins, models, locations, voices, scripts, and music ready - each of the ports just takes the same pieces and uses a different type of glue to put them together. It's always easier to focus than multitask.
  12. King, bison, you both make valid points. King, you're right - Church of Tim *IS* a proper site - for TIM. It's not the Church of Psychonauts, which is what Bison was implying. He would have said the same thing if I posted Psychonauts screeenshots on Kickstand, even if I had every screenshot available in the world. I think it's great that you have all the screenshots though, keep it up - you almost have me talked into an Xbox. lol Bison, you're right - Church of Tim is not a Psychonauts-dedicated fansite, but please...In the future, watch how you word stuff. I was as taken aback as King when I read your post - the wording makes it sound like you're calling his site a joke and looking for a serious site to carry screenshots/news. Beleive it or not, King has put a LOT of work into the Church and his site is no less "proper" than cnn.com.
  13. Wow - this site is becoming a true "comminity-made" site. I am in awe...At this rate, all Scabb will have to do is press the "go" button. lol
  14. Mojo says they are expecting 100% data restoration, which means Mindbent should be safe - if so, I will add the fanfic to it (still have the originals floating around, I think - post me an url to them just in case please). If Mindbent is dead, I shall search my thousands of backup cd's, revive it (I know I saved a copy of the completed site....somewhere) and add your fanfic. Either way, I'd be happy to host it on mojo's Zak McKracken fansite.
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