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  1. You read my mind, I've been clicking around since before the weekend hoping to see someone mention it. I think LucasForums was down for a day as well, but seems to have bounced back. Mojo and Downtime, they go together like peanut butter and chocolate.
  2. Very cool. Definitely going to check this out.
  3. I remember her. I think I found her picture on the internet!
  4. Actually I think this whole thread is useless, and you're all morons since the games not out yet! How about that? But seriously, nothing matters on the internet, so I think we can all just agree to keep playing ball, and none of us should go home.
  5. How about a semi less fanciful version? I still never really bought any of it. Other than maybe some of the code making stuff look ugly. I mean, Brazilian hackers that use free ASCII art generators to do their art work? Thats the opposite of l33t.
  6. wow, when your anger manegment meds wear off, you should really go get a new bottle. no one actaully said anything crazy in this whole thread, other than talking about what we liked and didnt like in the game. youre the only one in this thread to blow up and sound like a crazy person screaming about being right. why dont you take your own advice and **** off? masturbation can help with stress, and until you get more pills, you need it.
  7. Noticed the artworks gone off the main page again. Mojo staff brazilian hackers must be at it again.
  8. Search for lucasforums? You could always just goto http://www.lucasforums.com and BAM your there!
  9. Theyre either really trying to convince everyone, or someone slept with the guy that pays the bills sister so he took his wallet and went home. Site is still downloading for me just fine, database and all, so, it all being gone or broken is BS. Theres no sign of hackers in any of it either.
  10. I never thought The Simpsons episodes that were done that way looked too horrible...But then again, I'm not a professional I guess. Sure I could agree with Gerbil, they could have called for more detailed 2 frame animations. And I was one of the ones arguing with the poll, that I wasnt that excited for MI2SE in the first place. But, I think that like we said, on technical terms, this way makes alot more sense. Also, this whole thread is pretty much the reason game developers stick with 3D. Its alot easier to fix when your fans start bitching. If we were bitching about how this guy looked in 3d, they would take his 3d model, tilt him a little bit, improve the rigging on the 3d model, and make it look better. If you dont like the way a scene with characters looks in 2D, guess what, call up Buttphukistan, and have them re draw it all again, for the same price or more as the original. All of us will never be happy, but since Lucas is making some kind of effort, we should probably at least be semi supportive, unless you really want to fight the Battle of Hoth again.
  11. Agreed, but since the whole site is still up and online, database and all, I have to assume there is no reason to be sad. Just to reassure people, I would like to say I am in the process of downloading virtually the entire site, so, even if they gave up on something for no reason, it will all be sitting on my hard drive in a hour or so.
  12. Exactly. Its a frame by frame remake guys. They advertise it as this. You can push a button, and have it go to the original game, at any time, how would you suppose they let you do this, if a guy snoring has 120 frames of animation in the new one, and 2 in the old one? Without having to reload a whole new game every time?
  13. Agreed, they'll be back soon, mark my words.
  14. Guys, its clearly going to be back, I agree with the resurrection comment on Sunday since we were "crucified" on Friday. That was pretty much the last thing I needed pointed out to determine its coming back.
  15. Yeah, I'm still not convinced, thats some pretty artwork for a dead website. Plus this place is such a community run site, I dont even really believe theres one person that could make the decision that its going down. And hell, if it was, someone like me would just re register the same or similar domain, and it would be back regardless. But yeah, you have to hand it to Mojo, they're trying really hard to make us think something is wrong. If it was all true, I would give the advice that your web server needs more than chanting in most cases to keep hackers away, as no website I have ever worked on ever had hackers able to walk right in. Nor have I seen databases just "explode". Mojo 10, coming soon!
  16. It's also pretty clearly not hacked since the behind page is still up and commenting just fine, along with all the other tell tale (ohhh get it) signs that it's not hacked. Maybe this is a lead up to Mojo 10.
  17. Man, I must say, Mojo pretty much does ALWAYS do April Fools jokes on us, I have no ****ing idea why every year I fall for it I think. I finally had a chance to look at it on my PC at home rather than my iPod at work, and can tell now its all a prank, reading closely you get some strange wording for errors. Whilst the ERROR ERROR might seem severe now, I'm sure it should be back soon.
  18. Wait a minute, God damnit, you cock weasels, is all this site falling apart stuff a long run up to a stupid ass April Fools?
  19. So, looks like out of all the active members here, ive got a majority vote? I vote for myself, just like the Presidents do, so I'm well over 50% here....
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