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  1. Id like to see the squad initially continue under the Empire's control but end up becomming disillusioned and maybe even end up rescuing a certain individual.
  2. Its got nothing to do with the resolution, because at 1600x1200 and even with the VSync on, the graphics come up fine. Its only when FSAA is turned on do I get a completely white screen. Theres no real excuse why FSAA shouldnt work with the latest official drivers. And correction. FSAA works at x2 and x3 but not at x4 (White screen except for helmet HUD). But thats still no excuse.
  3. Ive noticed most Star Wars games (Specifically games like the JK series and Kotor) give the option to be light or dark but never really go farther than that. Id like to see the next JK game where you play a Sith. Conquering the galaxy is just somehow satisfying. Maybe start as a Stormtrooper or something and work your way up. I think it would be a nice change of pace. Another character that gets very little "screen time" if you will that I would think would make for a good JK game is either Jan or Mara.
  4. The other thing I think was wierd was I saw the video of FoC being shown at the Expo and the LA dude said something about the maps being bigger and you being able to zoom out farther to accomidate for the size of the larger ships, but it doesnt look like they changed anything. I was actually kinda surprised when the Executor warped in and it took up half the mini-map...LoL. Maybe thats why the Eclipse wasnt made playable.
  5. Anyone know what race Urai is supposed to be?
  6. This is a little problem. Make sure that one of the circles above Dathomir is highlighted before trying to move them. Otherwise they might not move.
  7. I happen to agree. The only way it could be a hardware problem (besides incorrect installation which is pretty hard to do these days) was if the Devs didnt make that graphics card or that sound card compatible in the first place so even then it would be a "glitch" with the game. Granted there are so many cards out there it would be hard for the Devs to include every single one... My rule of thumb is if you can run a game like...say...Doom III or some other VERY high end game with no problem, then chances are the game your trying to play (in this case EoW/FoC) is either having incompatability issues, or its buggy. An example of this would be the fact that I can run regular EaW with AA at 1600x1200 with full detail, but I cant run FoC on anything but the default settings without the ingame cutscenes lagging like no other, which is kinda disappointing but I'll live till the patch comes out ^_^ But, I also agree that it is not the Devs fault. After all, no game (except those later disowned) has ever been released perfect and free of bugs, never in need of a patch.
  8. Ive never noticed this problem in regular EoW and thought it would be fixed, but now I am experiencing the same problem with FoC. Ive only had this problem so far with Tyber and Urai, but sometimes when they get killed , the respawn timer does not start up so they never respawn. The hero icon shows up as though they should be alive, but they never reappear. I couldnt really say what triggers that to happen because I really dont know. Sometimes its auto-resolve, one time he got killed just as he was about to retreat so during the retreat "cutscene" his ship was exploding. There was also a bug that occured when I was attacked by the rebels, where they won, and when I sent a fleet to retake the system, the icon for the rebel fleet showed up, but a battle never initiated. I then sent my fleet to a few other systems, and battles would never initiate despite the fact that fleets were present as shown by the rebel & imperial fleet icons on the map. Ive had no problems with skirmish so thats all good, at least to my knowledge. Hopefully this will be addressed in the first patch, because these bugs seriously effect the ability to play the game. No the game is not modded, and yes its a fresh install of EoW and FoC. This is a pure gameplay issue. Both of these problems only happened once each in seperate games of GC.
  9. Dang. I was afraid of that. It seems kinda dumb though that theyd make the completed model for the preview then not have it as a useable unit. Oh well.
  10. Ok, Ive seen the preview for FoC, as Im sure many people have, showing the completed/controlable Eclipse in battle. And Ive read the manual showing that the Eclipse is a new hero unit for the Empire (Though I thought it would go to the Consortium due to Zann's speech in the preview) but I cannot figure out how to get it in either Skirmish or Galactic Conquest. Anyone lucky enough to figure this out?
  11. The Venator is not a new ship. It was in the origional, you just had to know how to unlock it.
  12. Things I would Like: 1) To Play Revan Again! Why? Because after painstakingly crushing the republic and re-capturing the StarForge in a pure and rightious effort to free the Republic from the grasp of the Jedi slime I want to know what the hell Revan found so important that he'd abandon everything! Literally I cant think of a single darn thing. All that work and what happens? It all falls apart anyways and what tatters of the Sith are left are lead by wannabe dark jedi (Well, with the exception of maybe Nihilus and Sion) 2) Keep at least Duxn. Why? Id like to have a story with more than two possible endings (light and dark). Id like to be able to finish reviving the Mandalorian clans, become their appointed leader and then conquer the galaxy as the Mandalorians! Another Bassilisk ride would be nice too.Those things are awsome. I honestly dont know why people complain because the KotoR version of the Bassilisk War Droid is a heck of alot cooler than what people seem to think it looks like (Some robotic animal. Which is actually the Bassilisk War Mount.) 3) More Customization I definitly like that Idea. Id also like to be able to instead of having feats forced on me during character creation. Id like full freedom in what feats I get from level 1-20. Maybe even make it so we can select our characters race and such. 4) More Armor and Better Headbands I definitly agree with this too. The headbands were definitly....meh. Id like to see more helmets and masks and such. Well, thats all I can think of for now.
  13. First of all, there have been several excellent packs for giving you items used by "Revan". However all come with a small price. Redhawkes is excellent, although pretty overpowered, and you are swarmed with more lightsaber crystals and "Sith" items that you can make use of. Then there is also the Revan 2.0 mod that makes it not only possible to have the robes loosely based of the cutscene (with a larger hood to minimize clipping) but also a mod that makes Revans mask its own seperate item. And as a matter of fact T7s version of the mask model (which if I am correct he crafted himself) is even better than the one Bioware released so its not as obtrusive. This mod is very well done although the hood comes off as looking rather bloated. However these items were a bit better balanced in comparison though still gave a fair advantage. But what I am really looking for is something that is not only balanced, but makes it so you can actually enjoy Revans items but not get them too early, or too late (Starforge) to actually enjoy them. What would probably be most enjoyable is getting them at two separate stages. For instance: Recieve the mask when you first learn your Revan (Recieve from Malak during conversation, kinda like he tosses it to you as a taunting gesture) and then maybe recieve the robes from Bastilla at the temple on Rakatan Prime after you reclaim your title as Lord of the Sith. Now just to make things clear, neither one of the above mods are anywhere near what I would consider "below par", I just tend to be very picky about these kinds of things.
  14. For Cygnus Q'ol: You dont have to learn them. Its a sith sorcery trick that allows the sith lord to transfer his soul into another body (Aptly named Transfer Essence)...like the Emperor did with the clones he made of himself. My master would be Revan. After all, hes the epitome of a true Jedi and the Savior of the Republic (Though the naive , self-rightious-Jedi-who-are-never-willing-to-help-people-in-need-even-when-being-massacred-by-invaders would never admit it) The thing I admire most about Revan though is that he realized that the Republic would never survive if it kept on relying so heavily (and even blindly) on the appaulingly naive Jedi. The republic needed to learn to stand on its own and to start thinking for themselves instead of relying on "meditation" and "pacifism" to stop any threat that may appear (Yeah, that really worked against the Mandalorians...and the Seperatists...) And by the time the Jedi are "ready" to act (still reluctant however) they are too late (Clone Wars...order 66...they knew something was wrong but didnt act until it was too late to do anything) Thank God when Luke revived the Jedi he didnt make the same mistakes as Vandar...Yoda...etc. Revan loved the Republic, but he realized that they had become the lapdogs of a decrepid order to concerned with deliberation and inconsiderate of action. His reprisal after the Mandalorian Wars was to save the Republic from the Jedi. Too bad the Jedi won...then they had to go and pull that wretched stunt. Revans only mistake was trusting Malak...or at least keeping him on a shorter leash. If it werent for Malak's betrayal the Jedi would never have been able to pull such a cheap trick like brainwashing. If Malak hadnt been successful who knows how things would have turned out... Revan will lead the us To True Glory! Long live the Republic! Death to the Jedi! Ok...Im done ranting now.
  15. All I have to say is that as a DS player for both Kotor and Kotor II I was really disappointed by the endings (I actually played though as LS to see if they were any different). Heres my main beefs: Kotor I: I mean, geeze, I spent all that time to retake what was rightfully mine (Starforge, Sith Empire, etc) all to have Revan run off to the Unknown Regions and have his empire collapse?! Thats just lame. I mean, if he invisioned some great threat that would still be a waste. After all, what could possibly stand up to an infinite fleet? Sure Bastilla stayed behind, where she may or may not have gotten killed defending Revans Empire from Sion and Nihilus. Kotor II: Again I went to a hell of a lot of trouble to taint my companions enough to turn them to Dark Jedi. But even as Dark Jedi, they b....er...whined about killing innocents and all other things a dark jedi should enjoy. I can understand Kriea complaining, its a perfect way to hide her true identity. Secondly I tainted all these characters and then the Exile "pulls a Revan"!! What the heck! As a Darkside player I hope that they either come up with one hell of an explination for this or make Revan and the Exile return (Revan as player and the Exile as a recruitable). Id also like to see at least a few of the following: -NPC personalities change as they are tainted more and more by the Darkside. -Players can proceed through the main storyline either by helping the Sith [Revan's Loyalists] or by helping the Republic and the Jedi. The enemy (Obviously Sith) would be explained as either a dissenting faction (for DS) simply that the Sith are now under a new leader (or leaders) following Nihilus, Sion, and Traya's deaths. <---This is the one I want most -Bastila return [As either light or dark depending on how Revan was played in Kotor I] Maybe even have her use her Battle Meditation again. -HK, Visas, Mandalore as returning characters. Maybe the Mandalorians can help save/takeover another planet like in Kotor II. Only this time with a few ships and a shower of Basilisks! -Force grip as a persuasion tool in conversations with NPCs -Increase the maximum team size (From 3 to 4) and the number of recruits you can have (From 9-12). -The Starforge (For Dark Jedi), Dantooine (Jedi Temple), Korriban (Acadamy reopened) Explination: You know how after Taris you went to Dantooine and thats really when the actual storyine started? I thought that if you were a DS character the game would start with something in the outer rim, then once completed you return to the Starforge where Bastilla & the Exile (Who found the Starforge in his/her search for Revan) fill you in on the latest events (Dissention in the ranks-> kill the usurpers & uncover their plot). And if you were a lightside character you would go to the rebuilt Dantooine temple (or the Temple in Coruscant instead) to learn about the latest Sith threat. -Capitol Ship as transport (Leviathan for DS, Republic Cruiser for LS)
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