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  1. When jedi are not using lightsaber can we see there lightsaber on their belts?
  2. Can anyone develop jedi robe like the main character in the game. Make weapons assassins might have.
  3. Hi Is anyone out there capable of making a lightsaber shoot out of sleeve. Like a thief may have knife shoot out of something worn around wrists. Instead now person hits a button like spederman and lightsaver appears. Not super powerful unless used as a sneal attack. Great on deflecting shots and as defensive weapon. THe force user with this weapon is more comfortable with the force than with a weapon. If possible could it be made for KOTOR mod.
  4. Is it possible to play entire TSL without switching characters? Is it possible to put in more phyiscal characteristic options? Maybe a PC with long hair covers eyes or has a 5 oclock shadow for a beard? Has anyone worked on request about going into jedi enclave(before meeting the masters)
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