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  1. I just want to update this thread... we're all at irc.gamesurge.net on IRC under #jk there's still 30-50 players who come in and out to play... usually if you're lucky, you can play up to 10-20 games per day. I'm game ALL summer. So look me up on AIM at "Beethovenite"!
  2. haha yea EVERYONE should get together on IRC!!! hey phelan, klav here.
  3. guys, just a fun info for you guys... i've played this level with fighting Darth Vader instead of Mara... I downloaded it from somewhere, I forget. Anyway, with Luke I force pushed Vader during the last fight scene from Episode V. The part where Luke gets his hand cut off. Vader fell off to the bottom just like Luke does. I got Vader to get sucked into one of those slide thingys... then BOTH of us fell on TOP of the Millenium Falcon to duel... it was HILARIOUS! Be sure to keep him alive and FORCE PUSH him!
  4. Guys I'm starting a list of active JK players online right now... Post your e-mail and MSN/AIM screen name so that we can contact each other and play whenever we want to. This is how it is done for Star Wars Rebellion (older game than JK, but still many people playing) because there's an "active" list and people contact each other for a game here and there (http://www.swrebellion.com/forums/postt2335.html). And I think we should do the same. So I'll start... klavier84@gmail.com AIM: Beethovenite
  5. guys... i think im going nuts, i just bought JK a week ago, I haven't played this in about 3 or 4 years... I'm DYING to play. If anyone's reading this on Saturday night, January 28th, IM me right now at "Beethovenite". I'll host one up RIGHT NOW!!!
  6. I'm totally down for this... or we can make a list of players through AIM or MSN or e-mails... and IM each other whenever we want to play and we only need one person to host the game, and others can join... my screen name on AIM is "Beethovenite". I'm DYING to play, if anyone wants to play, im me NOWWWWWWWW!!!
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