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  1. There are some very strange names out there.... Vagina for a girls name. Yes, I have two baby books and that is listed in there. code: I smoke two joints in the morning. I smoke two joints at night.
  2. Oh yes, she's totally hot. Everytime I see a cutscene of her I have to wipe my desk off for the drool is so thick....
  3. I do agree on that issue of oil. I think that it had a LOT to do with the war and it is stupid of him to deny that it wasn't one of the reason's we went over there. That does piss me off about him.
  4. Time = years afganistan = years This stuff takes years and years of improvement - it is childish to think that it will be an instant change. It is going to take a long time, but in the long run I feel that the Iraqi people are better off and Clinton certainly didn't do anything besides getting laid so...hum. Go Bush!
  5. I don't think america could afford a much bigger aid package. We have to take care of our people too. As far as people starving here...its not like they are opressed. They can get jobs, food stamps etc. It is not like there aren't programs in our country that helps the poor out. And poverty here is not even comparable to what went on in Iraq
  6. Well someone has to stop the people who starve their people and torture them. I don't care if it's America doing the stopping or any other country. Some countries just aren't brave enough to step up to the plate. They'd rather let another country do it and then rag on them for it.
  7. Well...it takes time. Its still a transition. You can't tell me they were better off with the Regime?
  8. He saved those people from poverty! Look at Saddam...living in lavash castles...just how many feet away from poverty stricken cities. His people were living in dirt and filth while he was living the life! I just wish Bush had not used the lame ass excuse about WMD and just made it more of a "saving the people" war instead of all this propaganda.
  9. I like all kinds of music, as long as there is a beat to it then I'm good.
  10. I like the green. Awesome
  11. No creepy is shutt's avatar
  12. No, we are not from around here. Big advocates of inter-forum communication. You guys come visit ours....why not say hello here!
  13. I didn't know we were voting
  14. Thanks Carl, I was just about to create a thread here about it...but since it's here already....
  15. Hey Rogue! This place is great I think I'll stay too!
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