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  1. I think the game has reached it's end. While it was fun - seriously it really doesn't need revisited for another sequel. Now if they want to make more Lego Movie Games - now that would fun.
  2. Hey guys! I think this game is very fun - except that it's frustrating with 2 player. I kept making my husband fall into pits because I was too anxious to move forward in the game before he was ready. I think it does get an 8 out of 10 if only for Chewbacca wearing a storm trooper helmet the way he does
  3. I bought Battlefront II - but the video card that I have sucks. I need to know which one would be best for my PC. Unfortunately I'm limited to only a PCI card. I'm looking at the ATI Radeon 9250 256mb for $99.99 or the Nvidia card FX5500. Which do you think would give the best preformance? I have a Pent 4 - with 512mb mem.
  4. My husband works for Target as some of you know. Any way, he's got 20 at his store for launch day. They did not have pre-orders. I wonder how many people will be getting in line today? Target is not having a midnight sale - so theirs starts at 8am. I think that's earlier than Best Buy. I'm thinking 20 is pretty much the standard number of units for each shipment.
  5. Oh and BTW everyone. This is the best game I've played on the DS. I'm loving it. It's a heck of a lot of fun. I love that you can play different people online etc. If you want something this Christmas ask for it. Or wait till day after thanksgiving and get it from Target at the low price of $28 bucks. Yup that's a Turkey Day secret from me to you.
  6. To get the boost - start reving when you see the 2 and then floor it as it almost fades out. That's how I do it. Although I can't always do it 100% of the time. I got my wi-fi to work. If some lucasforumers want to share friend codes let me know. We can PM them or whatever.
  7. I'm asking for this on my Birthday. Let's exchange friend codes okay guys?
  8. Go here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandman_%28Marvel_Comics%29 It explains Sandman and the ties to Venom. Pretty cool looking.
  9. Wave to me - I'm about an hour away from LA
  10. They didn't have any costumes though they were all too big.
  11. graveyard one is very cool - however I must have a sick mind - because everytime I see the "light" in your pic well I'm just not going to say anything....
  12. My son ended up being Tigger - because of the lack of Starwars Costumes for Toddlers. Next year however - should be a different story.
  13. I think I saw something yesterday - but I didn't pay too much attention
  14. Whomever said an orgy didn't include ice cream and pie?
  15. Didn't everyone else see the Lucas Forums Symbol displayed in the sky???
  16. Can I get some fries with that lightsaber?
  17. hey everyone! Thought I'd say hi! I work new hours - hard to get on the net without everyone thinking I'm a starwars nerd at work. 26 year old mom of 1 son and another baby on the way! All I have to say is ......Flu shots hurt like a bitch!
  18. Hee...he can have shaggy hair but I am doubting the yellow eyes thing - although you never know after too much candy....
  19. Hi guys! I'm in need of your help! I want to dress my son up Star Wars Style this halloween. Most of the costumes I have seen out there are of course Darth Vader. I can't dress my son up as anything with a helmet. He barely will wear a hat - so I can't see him wanting to be in a helmet. So that leaves either battle scarred just before the turn Anakin or the ever present hero Obi Wan. I've been debating on ordering from the Star Wars Shop directly - however has anyone gotten a costume from there and is it good quality? The reason I ask is that they are almost $40 a costume and they have no returns unless its for a size exchange. Also - I can't really tell if its fabric or lots of vinyl. I would like it to look authentic. I saw a pattern for an Obi Wan where I would have to sew it - not a big deal. Not sure if it looks like a good Star Wars representation. Anyway! Let me know your opinions. Also if you've seen an online site with some good SW costumes please leave a link and also if you see it in a store let me know. I live in California and there are lots of stores - and if I can't find it maybe we can work out something out. Thanks guys! Shannon Oh here are the links http://shop.starwars.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=2676;category_id=332;pcid1=;pcid2= (Obi Wan OS) http://shop.starwars.com/catalog/product.xml?product_id=2680;category_id=332;pcid1=;pcid2= (anakin OS) http://www.simplicity.com/index.cfm?cat=4&type=20&sec=0&id=70&startrow=1 (clik on first pic - and it will show all the pattens for Starwars)
  20. If your parents were smart enough - they could figure it out. The smell doesn't just leave the house with Fans. Those that don't smoke can smell smoke pretty easily. That and also by his behaviour.
  21. I forwarded the site to all my friends. I don't think a lot of people had a choice at least the ones that did not evacuate. A lot of people stayed with their pets. I think its horrible for these pets. If I could not take my pet with me I would not have tied him up. Animals are instinctive and maybe could have escaped or reached higher ground. I feel so bad for the pets.
  22. Surfnshannon


    I broke down and bought a DS like two weeks ago. Nintendogs mania I tell you. I got it in a bundle from toysrus for $140. Not too bad. Nintendogs is a very cute game. I can't believe how real it seems. My son loves it - it does get a little monotonous at times - its a very sophisticated Neopet. However, my two year thinks its awesome. you wouldn't think a two year old would understand touch screen - but he picked it up like nothing. I'm actually kind of wary he might stab the screen - but so far has been good. I am looking forward to some wi-fi games as I want to play against people. The two player games are the best on DS. Bomberman and whats that other one popfu or something. That is a lot of fun. I want animal crossing and mario kart - but thats more towards October November near my birthday .
  23. Yes - I find I hardly watch the ones I own. But I have a 2 year old son - so a lot of movies are his - sometimes they are a godsend when their is no Winnie The Pooh on any of my like 5 Disney Channels. I would do it on excel or even make an Access Catalog yourself. You could make queries by type or something cool like that. I'd do it for myself except I do enough of that kind of stuff at work
  24. None of the pumps are working and they have to evacuate the Super Dome of like over 30,000+ people.
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