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  1. Will he be involved in the other two films in any way? George Lucas only directed the first film in the original trilogy IIRC, and those still turned out great. Personally I don't see it as particularly troubling.
  2. not much... i took a semester off and i'm working full time now, selling **** to people on the phone. fun stuff, I know.

  3. making stuff in imovie is really hard on a 19" screen. i have all kinds of shiz open and only enough room to view one or two things at a time. arr T.T
  4. Ignore him, that's just Eric's solution to everything. The best way to get through high school is to smoke lots of pot and get laid, duh.
  5. A little over 20 mbps on a good day. Under 5 on a bad day. :/
  6. I saw on the news a while back, they actually got a black guy in there now. He used to be in a British boy band. 0.0 *random*
  7. Major bummer. Crichton was one of my favorite authors. He will be missed.
  8. Lols. I know -_- Awesome! Got it working, Gears of War looks friggin' amazing in 1080p. : D thanks for the links bongo
  9. No hard drive... I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it, I should have just splurged and gotten the elite version. The TV actually came with an hdmi cable. I tried it and it fits in the back, but I noticed what you said, the casing on the AV cable actually prevents you from plugging both in at the same time, which is retarded. At first I thought it was a defect or something until I looked it up on the webs. Will prying the casing open damage the cable or anything though? I don't want to screw it up trying to get it to work. **EDIT** And what's the best way to pull the casing off? I just about cut my thumb off trying to pry it apart with a steak knife.
  10. 47 inches, & 1080p. Pretty neato. Fun fun. Also, I has a question if anyone can answer it: I only bought the arcade version of the xbox 360 (omgz i no) meaning it didn't come with an hdmi cable or anything. Exactly which cable do I need to buy to play in HD? Do I just need to buy this bad boi or do I need to purchase something else?
  11. Ugh. Throwing stormtroopers around is fun enough, but some of the battles with bosses and mini-bosses get me so frustrated I could drop kick a baby off a two story building. I should have just waited for this game to come down in price, it's definitely not worth it to buy it new. :/
  12. holy goat nipples how did I miss this thread?? happy belated birthday broseph. you will get your present later tonight... *bow chika bow*
  13. David Bowie's performance in Labyrinth was oscar-worthy Bowie: If she ever kisses you hoggle, I'll turn you into a prince. Hoggle: r-r-really? Bowie: Prince of the Land of Stench!! *BWAHAHAHAHA* brilliant
  14. flava flav also RAPS occasionally, he does more than just that retarded ass show even if it is the best reality show of all time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zpnHmBt7Gc
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