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  1. I agree, it doesn't really matter, who would beat who, but, The Exiles force power is not just temporary, and Kreia isn't just using half her power, what kind of bad guy/girl goes half way when thier about to die? So the Exile is a good user in the force.

  2. I figure there is a time to kill, if your life is in direct danger. Or for a couple of other reasons, but I don't believe that you should just kill all willy-nilly. God himself has killed people, and ordered people to be killed so seeing as the state our world is in, it will have to take place eventually.

  3. No way can you get rid of the Hawk, Like ED said, it's like the Falcon, you can't get rid of it. Now, some changes could be good, like if Bao is repairong that section, for the whole frigin game, why can't it get fixed, ever? And where is the refresher that Jolee was complaining about. They need to bring back the empty containers aswell, those were handy. And what is the point of that little room wher Juhani/Mira are? Another good question, where does one control the turret? But the Hawk has to stay around, whether our questions get answered or not.

  4. With the newest Splinter Cell game coming out in 2 weeks, I'm wondering, would it be best for PC or Console,(PS, Xbox). I have the first two for PC and they are awsome games, but I'm not sure about how easy they would be on console. So my question is which is easier to play, PC or console.

  5. MAverick5770’s Submission


    Empire Name: New "Insert continent name here" Union


    Colony Ship Order: Europe, Asia, North, South


    Colony World: Fariska


    Climate and Terrain: -

    Fariska is a lot like earth. 67 % of it is water. There are three main continents, one of which is mostly islands. The entire planet has a winter season, which is warmest in the southren hemisphere. There are some jungle areas, on the island continent, and two considerable deserts. The continent that straddles the equator is extremely mountainous. It has a beach ranging in length from 200 ft, to 14 miles. The countinent slowly slopes upward until is has visible mountians. The mointains are alpine and sub alpine in climate. The Third continent contains one of the two deserts and a lot of rolling hills. This continent is best for farming.


    History of colonization: -

    After several years of exploration the Euro Union Ship found Fariska. The leaders decided to colonize this world then. The first colony was built on the island continent.

    For 200 years nothing happened except for exploration and more cities. Then one of the cities on the Mountainous continent rebelled. For five years they were independant until the government scratched together an army to quell that rebellion and other such rebellions. In another 450 years they made their first post on Fariska's moon. Soon after this post was built they discovered FTL. They didn't experimnet much with FTL for another 300 years. They spent this time streghtening their economy and making sure that they were as sound as possible. After 950 years they began seriously experimenting with FTL. Withthis came the discovery of the other four empires.

    Genetics: -

    General population has not mutated or evlolved in any way. THe government has made about 500 genetically enhanced soldiers however.


    Wildlife: -

    There are some ungulates native to Fariska. There do not differ a whole lot from earths species except the birds are larger. When the colonizers arived they introduced the Earth species they brought with them into the enviorment. They reacted well and now there are many wild species from earth.


    Galactic Expansion: -

    The only colony outside of Fariska is the Moon. There is a military base there as well as a shipyard, scientific research facility a sensor aray.


    Politics: -

    The government of Fariska is democratic. The three continets are dividened into provinces and each continent is semi self governed. They all are controlled by the head administration in the capital city of Fariska.


    Military & Crime Prevention: -

    Fariska has a court system and a police force seperate from the military. Each continent has it's own police force and there is also a World Wide Force.

  6. Well, on the original question, I do not believe you will go to hell for killing someone, or murdering them. God will forgive all sins. God himself told the isrealites to go to war many times in the bible, and I'm sure his people were doing the killing. There is a place for it. Besides, joining S.W.A.T. is a job that helps keep lw abiding people safe, and criminals from hurting people, so if you have to kill someone for that, then i guess you have to kill them.

  7. Question 7: Why are Lasers Limited?

    4) Not Handheld (Wldjedi's Suggestion )- Lasers are only availiable as large weapons and have too be mounted on ships, vehicals and platforms. This makes sense, think about how big these guns would be.


    Question 8: Alternate Weapons (Stinger's Suggestion)... With this question you can select multiples.

    1) Rail Gun's- Projectile-based weapon that use magnetic drive systems to fire the weapons.

    4) None- Only Guns that work using modern principles and laser exsist

    In this case I think both are good choices.


    Question 9: Although Hypergates are the primary use of FTL transport what should be the secondary? (All secondary types have problems, Stinger's Suggestion)

    2) Hyperspace- Hyperspace creates an artificial wormhole to travel. Entering Hyperspace without the use of a Gate is very havardous, you may be unable to leave or could get caught in a hyperspace storm that is destructive.


    Question 10: How is Evoulution Acheived?

    3) Mutation- Some of the species has begun to evolve but others haven't. (Not all the species has evolved... and not always in the same way)

    If theres going to be evoloution lets have fun with it.


    Question 11: Where did the colonists come from?(steven's Suggestion)

    3) Best of the Best(Sleeper)- The top people in everyfield were picked to start the new life and continue the race. Sleeper ships had people chriogenically frozen until they landed.

  8. I think that it would make a better game if they killed off one of everyones favorite character. I t makes it more emotional. I also think that some of the old NPC's should still be alive, but some should have died, like JOlee, from old age, or JUhani, from Katarr. That would be the best. Even if every character goes to hell, they have to keep T3 and HK around.

  9. Honestly I doubt it, there are a few things that seem to hint at it, but theres more against it. And since the Female Exile story seems to fit together a little bit better than the male story, I really doubt it. Besides, something as ugly as kriea having somthing as hot as Brianna, ugh.

  10. Well, the two games that require this upgrade ar Medal of Honor, Pacific Assult, and Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow. I would like Brothers in Arms and Splinter Cell CHaos Theory as well. I checked, couldn't find the ,mobo name, but it is AGP slots, not PCI - e. ANd I am looking to upgrade my RAM to 1024 Mb. With that and a better graphics card I shoul dbe able to handle the PC games I want.


    THinking about my crappy RAM and CPU, I think i moight just buy a new PC more geared for gaming. What do you guys think?

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