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  1. MJ

    Hosted sites

    Hmmm, is Nightlight Productions there? I'm not sure what the subdomain would be (sorry, it's been a while. :S)
  2. MJ

    Hosted sites

    I've got on my 'to do' list for 2016 'bring back Nightlight Productions'. I've got Lost Cause III completely recorded and need to sit down and produce it...
  3. MJ

    Hosted sites

    ... and now I've lost the domain name.
  4. Hi guys. Any chance of the hosted sites coming back. Or at least... my hosted site? I've actually finished the final episode of the Monkey Island radio play I was working on.
  5. Hi all, The next Nightlight Productions radio series, Pharaoh: Walking in Memphis, is currently getting underway. The scripts have been written and cast, and recording is in three days time. Unlike the others this one won't be free on the website, so if you've ever enjoyed a Nightlight Production, appreciate good comedy, or wouldn't mind hearing a comedy radio series, please consider supporting the crowd-funding. Pharaoh: Walking in Memphis And don't forget, there's still plenty of free radio plays tucked away in a quiet corner of Mojo's hosting on Nightlight Productions.
  6. *prods Mojo* Check, check one two... Not sure when Mojo went down... any chance it'll be back before Christmas? I'm hoping to post, believe it or not, new content.
  7. Great to see some life stirring in a hosted site! Wasn't thrillville something to do with roller coasters?
  8. Currently I'm getting nothing...
  9. Nightlight was down for a while there as well. And now it seems to be denying that there was ever a 'Power of Monkey Island, Part 6'. Strange. Heck, the file isn't even there any more. I didn't imagine the entire thing, did I?
  10. Hmmm... how does that work? You get a download code for the platform of your choice? If you buy the 'physical copy' option, do you get a physical mac version? This is the flaw of kickstarter - it's a 'throw everything at the wall and see what sells' option. Of course, I'm just jealous because I'm in Australia and they won't let me post my campaign.
  11. As much as I love the Leisure Suit Larry franchise, I'm bound to the mac. Since, at the moment, they're only developing PC, that counts me out of the kickstart pledge. It worries me a bit as well that what, eight months since the announcement, they finally decide to put it on kickstarter... and they've still only got the one room to show for it.
  12. Yep, thanks for the great feedback.
  13. I'm potentially just talking to myself at this point, but hey... The Power of Monkey Island Part 5 is now online! At least I keep myself amused... With love from the oldest (?) still functioning (?) hosted site on mixnmojo (and prior to that, the Grim Fandango Network).
  14. Part 4 of the swashbuckling radio play 'The Power of Monkey Island' is now online! Listen in wonder as the trial of LeChuck continues, and Guybrush calls his second witness. Meanwhile, Carl the Swordmaster of Jambalaya Island visits the Voodoo Lady after a mysterious summons. Click here for the radio play
  15. MJ

    Doctor Who!

    I liked it, but I'll have to watch it again before I see part 2. As much as I love those throwaway lines, it's a shame that we don't get to see those potential storylines at some point!
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