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  1. Hello there, forum people. I'm the webmaster of Nightlight Productions, and I was hoping that a talented reader might be willing to help out - I've done one Monkey Island radio series already (Beneath Monkey Island) and I'm about to start casting on another one. I was hoping that there's someone willing to draw some cover art for me if I post a concept or two - I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the talent. **NB: I didn't draw the above picture. I wish I could draw like that!** Any generous takers out there?
  2. Ha, brill. I'm a bit the same! To the best of my knowledge, and I'd have to do a bit of checking... Tierra de los Muertos was made back in 2000! Just updated Wordpress, pulling a new podcasting tool together called, funnily enough, 'podcasting'. The poor old 'light needed some serious behind the scenes maintainence.
  3. There might be some way to play them on a mac, some kind of emulator, but generally iphone games are for iphones only. Having a go at it now, it works really well. In the PC game is there a narrator? There's none in the iphone game, but the dialogue is spoken.
  4. I don't have a PC - I have an imac at home, a macbook, and an imac at work. My fiance has a dell laptop, I've commandeered it to play Tales of Monkey Island. Used to be interested in gaming... not really any more though. There's too many other things taking up my time these days.
  5. It's out! Click here Because I don't have a PC, I am loving this! Can't wait 'til I get home to download it.
  6. As of today, I'm commencing the 'Rebuilding Nightlight' project. I'm not sure that the design will change terribly (I'm not as adept at photoshop as Metallus is/was, and probably can't top what he's done) but there'll be major tweeking. Wordpress needs an update, and there'll be a few new plugins going on. Do people have some good plugin suggestions? The 'one podcast feed' might be abandoned in favour of 'a separate feed for each radio series'. So this is your chance, people. I'm looking for suggestions: what do you want out of Nightlight?
  7. 3:30am... that wasn't worth the wait. Going to bed.
  8. Hey there, amigo! Glad to see you back in one piece! PMI part 1 is bubbling along, I'm waiting on lines from Guybrush at the moment. Besides that, work and searching for an apartment is keeping me way too busy!
  9. They're dragging their feet releasing the last part of 'Last Chance to See', eh? Having said that, I'm only just finishing off the last part of 'Beneath Monkey Island', so I can hardly hold that against them...
  10. I had some problems with both Hogfather and Colour of Magic, but I'd say that's because I like the books so much. They weren't perfect, but you know what? They're good. I've been trying to get a copy of Colour of Magic on dvd for a while now, but amazon.co.uk won't send it to Australia for some reason. As for the dodgy special effects, the only part I really didn't like was Rincewind riding the horse. Does no one remember it? It was the most painful green screen shot I have ever seen. That's clearly the point that they ran out of money. So yes, I'm looking forward to Going Postal (even though I don't think the book was all that good) but I'd much rather see some City Watch movies. I get the impression they might be a bit too scared to approach that. Oh, and Masi Oka would have made a brilliant Two Flower.
  11. ... Wow. This is the first I'm hearing of it. And I'm... a bit shocked. That's terrible. I don't want to read it, I really don't. I might... but I don't want to. It'd be like someone other than Terry Pratchett writing a Discworld novel. Or even your Rowling analogy, if someone wrote another Harry Potter book. I can't believe someone had the nerve to do this.
  12. I thought everyone here would be right into twitter! I work at a university, and I make the podcasts for them. So it's rather handy so that everyone knows what's out, and what I'm working on - at the moment there's seven different podcasts regularly updated and counting.
  13. Hola, amigos I just joined twitter, so I'm looking for some active people to keep me company. If you want, I'll make a big list of us all in this opening post. @nightlightguy - http://twitter.com/nightlightguy
  14. Thanks so much for this, Tingler! I can't believe that after all this time, I have these... I got a first edition copy of the book off e-bay, I'm lovin' it!
  15. There's 'Salmon of Doubt', Adam's last and unfinished book. It was a Dirk Gently one. It'll probably be loosely based on that.
  16. I thought they were both released recently... Tingler, can you get the fur seal episode please? I think there's only one more episode after this one...
  17. Huh. I thought I read in his autobiography that the studio shots went out live. Wonder how they saved that. Come on BBC, surely that's worth a dvd release...
  18. I wonder if it's the complete episodes then, with the wildlife footage and studio footage, or just the first? Someone watch it.
  19. Hello, mixnmojo-ers. Sometimes, I'm really jealous of you citizens of the UK! For anyone who, like me, grew up watching David Attenborough documentaries, BBCOnline have put up all six episodes of 'Zoo Quest for a Dragon', one of David Attenborough's first television series. It's the only way to watch this brilliant piece of history, and it's only available to people in the UK. I have a first edition of the book, signed, and the audiobook version as well. I thought the television series had been long lost! It must have been recovered recently. I feel like flying to the UK and sitting in an internet cafe to watch these things... hopefully they'll come out on dvd one day! http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/attenborough/index.shtml
  20. My hero. Thanks. Can't wait to hear this one! The next one is Search for Southern Fur Seals... you know, I'll really have to read this book again, probably before the Stephen Fry show starts would be a good time to do that. I went to my friend's house last week and saw that he had a first edition hard cover of the book. Very jealous!
  21. MJ

    Doctor Who!

    Matt Smith... but... that's MY name. For the briefest of moments I thought I'd somehow been given the part and they'd neglected to tell me about it. I would have made an awesome Doctor.
  22. Thanks, Gabez. The praise from you guys is prize enough.
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