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  1. Well now I'm a really tired 15 year old, who only come here for nostalgia and perhaps to see if jmac does something funny.
  2. Happy New Years RD! :cheers: :guitar1:rock::cowdance:3pdance: Can't have a celebration without a smiley party.
  3. Joker Poster, cause you know. That was a really good movie. Zelda, Silicone Spray for my cubes, WoW battlechest, Samurai Champloo manga. Logitech G5 and Avatar. A new pair of glasses, and a I downloaded a new font for myself. I ****ing love fonts.
  4. Well that's not a very nice thing to say. I regret ever putting that into babelfish. Ваша мама славная персона
  5. Well, moonspeak works for any non-romanic language. Like sanskrit, or hieroglyphs. And that text translates into "Your older sister, booklet of sky".
  6. I thought you of all people would get the reference.
  7. MOONSPEAK!!! And I love swans. They make great foie gras.
  8. I always thought this forum was already a zombie.
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