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  1. Well now I'm a really tired 15 year old, who only come here for nostalgia and perhaps to see if jmac does something funny.
  2. Happy New Years RD! :cheers: :guitar1:rock::cowdance:3pdance: Can't have a celebration without a smiley party.
  3. Joker Poster, cause you know. That was a really good movie. Zelda, Silicone Spray for my cubes, WoW battlechest, Samurai Champloo manga. Logitech G5 and Avatar. A new pair of glasses, and a I downloaded a new font for myself. I ****ing love fonts.
  4. Well that's not a very nice thing to say. I regret ever putting that into babelfish. Ваша мама славная персона
  5. Well, moonspeak works for any non-romanic language. Like sanskrit, or hieroglyphs. And that text translates into "Your older sister, booklet of sky".
  6. I thought you of all people would get the reference.
  7. MOONSPEAK!!! And I love swans. They make great foie gras.
  8. I always thought this forum was already a zombie.
  9. It was rather unusual. Though Mr. Bale has been exhibiting some rather cannibalistic tendencies lately.
  10. The correct way to spell that is incorrigible That's a bit ironic considering the very definition of incorrigible is "unable to be corrected or reformed."
  11. Those are all quite ballin. It is sad my photoshop skills are too newbish to produce such fine quality commandos.
  12. Back in my day, we didn't have them fancy contraptions like Magic 8 balls, and Rubik's Cube. All we needed for mental stimulation were some bricks. And we liked them!
  13. I'm listening to some random smooth jazz. And then Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix. And then some Classic to create a music sandwich of Intelligent Music, and mind numbing European Technopop.
  14. Well, Congratulations Smon. This is a very good achievement.
  15. To tell you of 2 Girls 1 Cup is like RickRolling you 7 billion times. I just don't have it in me to do something that cruel. You don't want to know.
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