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  1. Very strange...did the Anhilator (Super Star Destroyer) jump in with it's escorts (3 or 4 ISDs)? If not, sounds like you need to restart the mission. Also remember on Medium or Hard difficulties the enemy builds A LOT more ships...or at least, they did in EAW and do seem to in FoC too. Best I can suggest is that you re-start.
  2. Nope, no option to set their angle to my knowledge. Trust me, if you could, I'd be using it all the time to trap those pesky smaller ships...
  3. Space certainly, however, I think ground battles have been incredibly improved in FoC - especialy given the fact most of the maps seem larger or at the least, much more interesting in terms of environment. Still, space is my favourite. Afterall, this is STAR Wars.
  4. My first impression is so-so. Firstly, the campaign is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. So well written and the missions make a brilliant change from the orginal EAW all-out-conflict. And the finale mission was brilliant. I'm VERY disappointed the Eclipse was not included fully in the game, bar as a special weapon for one mission. Whilst one could argue the Death Star II fills that capacity, I disagree. Also not pleased that the Eclipse lacks any kind of hard points anyway - I'm not saying it needs to have weapons for unbalancing reasons, but it should have shield generations, engines etc. I'm also extremely disappointed in the lack of new ships for the Rebellion, even though I normaly play the Empire. I love the fact we can now customise what units we deploy entirely, as opposed to having to basicaly send our ships on suicide runs so we can deploy more capital ships. Love the Executor, however, I fully believe it should of become Piett's new ship and have him bumped up to Tech 5, and replacing the Accuser's slot entirely with Thrawn. Love the Corruption system, except it annoys me to no end that it seems to make the Consortium overpowered. Also really annoyed that the consortium is capable of destroying the Death Star and subsequently an extremely valuable planet... (well, I think so, given the fact it randomly exploded on me at one point during GC). Also, Vader's voice is horrific. It sounds like his life support unit has been filled with hydrochloric acid. And you can barely hear what he says on the Executor. Anyhow, my first impressions.
  5. You have a shuttle displayed with an arrow marker pointing to it. Send it to the Eclipse and once it's in range, it automaticaly begins bordering and you'll shortly have it under your control. I recommend taking out the first two stations atleast, and then leaving the Rebels to handle the third so you can pick them off suddenly. And a side note: if you have trouble ending the mission (destroying all remaining imperials), a TIE squadron is usually stuck in the top left hand corner. I had to restart the thing three times before I realised, so just a notification.
  6. *cough*Wrong forum*cough*. You were meant to wait for the Death Star to make its approach. Or do you mean the Death Star fleet?
  7. The SSD was meant to be, to my memory, nigh on invincable. The A-Wings suicide run was(to my recollection)an accident, due to a blast from an anti-starfighter laser. Albeit it would be nice to have the suicide run ability, all you'd have to do is port in A-Wings en masse and the SSD is dead in seconds, therefore rendering the SSD completely useless. I think prehaps Home One's "Concentrate Firepower" ability will be what you have to use to get rid of the SSD. EDIT: I do hope the Eclipse has anti-laser weaponry though...
  8. I think it makes perfect sense to develop alone the Episode V - VI timelines. Sure, if you go for Clone Wars you can have fancy dancing lightsaber wiedling Jedi who accidentaly hack half their men to death. But everythign is allready in place for an Episode V - VI expansion. Map sizes would have to be increased substantialy so that they matched normal RTS maps for space mind, so that the Executor(and any other possible SSDs, assuming multiple will be permitted)will fit in. The game is called Empire at War, not My Secret War With my Evil Brother Me: A Biography of the Emperor Volume - MM...and while I'm sure the latter would be a hit in the 501st Legion, it makes perfect sense to continue with whats allready in the game and release a Clone Wars sequel. Blizzard's expansion for Warcraft III carried on from the original game for both plot reasons and because it's an Expansion Pack, not a Total Conversion. Besides...that Venator gives me lag like Armageddon had come and gone...
  9. The laser aern't MADE of light. To my knowledge, they pretty much charge up huge amounts of energy in a power generator to fire super-charged blasts. Hence forth why they have a slower fire rate than a normal anti-infantry/veichle turrent. That and not many anti-veichle turrents make a dent in a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Besides, if you want the turbolasers shooting at ships in space, invest in a hyper velocity gun - both cheaper and more deadly.
  10. Do you mean Victory or Imperial Class(Victory is smaller, Imperial bigger)? I'm guessing you mean Victory by your message, what tech level are you? Still 1? I think the AI will advance with you on easy and medium. Besides, on medium and above the AI tends to mass-build cheaper ships, sometimes in the hundreds - that could be why.
  11. It seems then the autoresolve health line does virtually nout... I hate it when I go in with a fleet of 24 ISDs and loose 6 to a starbase and few dozen corvettes...yes, modded GC pop cap.
  12. It's actually a fairly common issue in several RTS games. Hammering the keyboard(but not violently)or the above typicaly work. Sometimes non-ball mouses lock to the side of the screen too - just keep shifting it and it'll go back(assuming you have one).
  13. Have you destroyed the Death Star then? If so...well, sounds like your game's doomed.
  14. I havn't had many connection issues in comparison to most and have managed to join about 9 out of 14 games iniated. I seem unable to host a game sadly. Ofcourse, I havn't played alot of MP because of the small mods I've made for myself. I do get bad lag on high detail but if I reduce it to the lowest setting there's hardly any lag really. However, whena large number of ISDs and Mon Cals come on(usually the ISDs alone are enough), my computer becomes a slideshow. I've found Norton can be bypassed for a brief time too but eventualy blocks my connection, but once I'm on MP it seems to work just fine with or without Norton. Over all...I'd say it hasn't kept me away but it's making me play less than I'd like.
  15. Has Alderaan been destroyed yet? If not, wait for the cut scene of the Death Star destroying it. If it has, wait paitently for Red Squadron to spawn. Normaly, I fortify myself at Mon Cal - the DS has a tendancy to remove your shipyards there. EDIT: Oh, try loading your previous autosave, sometiems that helps.
  16. The message might be old. Sometimes the droid is behind or repeats old messages at random. Check your tech level(Bottom left hand corner of the screen). You get the upgrade to Space Station Level 4 at Tech 3, but you can't build Mon Cal or A-Wing till Tech 4. You only rech Tech 4 at the very end of the game, on the second-to-last mission.
  17. I think he CAN spawn for the Rebels on the Imperial Campaign, because The Avenger(Moff Kalast's ISD) respawns at one of the last five rebel bases on Medium for me. Could of been a game bug mind. Mind, I don't think Vader is on any Rebel land engagements, so Obi-Wan wouldn't exactly be entirely useful.
  18. Garrison kills only register as a Starbase kill. Besides, if you sent in a spy before hand, you'd of probaly seen these numbers. I've engaged systems with 194 rebel ships in earlier today, excluding the garrison...I've never been so thankful for Kuat Shipyards... I think deppending on difficulty level and the AIs production, the starting deffense fleet at newly revealed planets changes. On easy I find hardly anything. On medium, every fleet consists of atleast 45 ships. Gotta love the Death Star...
  19. Just browsing round forums and noticed the topic. I used to take breaks, often long breaks from the game but never actually quit SWG. The NGE ruined it though - it's not an RPG anymore but a poor quality FPS. Yes, the combat was improved some ways. Besides, the skill tree may of been awkward but atleast you could work towards different goals, push yourself to just get that last xp to move onto the other profession. If I wanted an FPS, I'd of gone back to Matrix Online.
  20. It deppends - on some maps, the Emperor and Mon Mothma both respawn eventualy. Check your objectives on the holocron(Galactic level) and it will tell you win/defeat conditions. The Emperor is good for using against large numbers of infantry though and has decent health.
  21. Rebels don't get fighters with capital ships, they have to buy each squadron on the GC screen. However, their Y-Wings are generally well worth the cost considering the damage they can cause to capital ships later on.
  22. Be wary of Airspeeders. If their on the battlefield, guard Palpatine with AA - 3 or 4 speeder squads can kill him by the time he's across the map. Ofcourse, if he doesn't have to survive on battle or GC, not too much of a concern unless you need him to deflate costs. I agree. It's frustrating if you only want to move AT-ATs, and deployed stormtroopers left behind to guard the landing zone have to be selected just to move the AT-ATs with Veers.
  23. Use Red Squadron(Luke) to "kill" the Death Star. If you destroy the escorting fleet and Luke survives, he'll automaticaly do the trench run and blow it up. The Death Star also is a one man wrecking crew. If it goes to a system that Luke ISN'T in, even if it looses the space battle the enemy fleet will be destroyed/flee to the nearest planet. Which IS realistic I guess. If they do build a death star, send out stealth units to watch the main paths to your system, you should catch it on the approach.
  24. It's a sequel(obviously) to it's predecessor. I owned the original and it was a very good, allthough nothing like Imperium Galactica. I've got GalCiv2 and it's a giant improvement. There was SOME news released across little bits of sites but nt alot to my knowledge. IGN has a pretty decent review. Just search for "Galactic Civilizations 2", go to the normal one and click on the 1st review. 4 pages of info for ya.
  25. This happens to me all the time in the Imperial Campaign. I never have this issue on easy, only on Medium and Hard. Admitably, it makes hard...well, harder, but on Medium it can get ludicrous. The AI seems to build and build and build at all times. It's build que is ALWAYS full it seems. For example, on the Imperial MIssion for Jabim, as more Rebel bases were revealed, each one had atleast a fleet of 10 Nebulon-B Frigates, 5 Corvettes and 10 Y-Wings. On my most recent battle, towards the end of the Imperial campaign, I engaged ninty four rebels ships. In the end, I had to raise the planet pop cap in the XML to stand a chance. I went there with 100 VSDs. 64 came back. (No, I have not cheated by adding more ships in the XML, just raised the pop cap so it matches the AIs production levels, balancing my games out more. That and I was rich by careful management of my resources.) Over the course of the campaign, massive rebel fleets have cost me somewhere around 300 VSDs. That's roughly 900,000 credits spent on building and rebuilding my fleets from devestation. It seems to still be an issue on GC but not as much as it is in the campaigns.(Note, numbers include many auto resolve battles which often have extreme losses well above what would be lost if I commanded the fleets myself) Thank the maker for my high income rates...
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